Mr Bojangles

Hi, think my kitty is another victim. Mr Bo is a sweet, shy little black kitty that I rescued from a shelter. I say I rescued but he rescued me as well. My husband is in the military and he got deployed right after we got Bo, so it was just me and Bo. He has been my little friend for 3 years now. I noticed he had fleas, so I got him a flea collar from Hartz, I thought it was less traumatic than a flea bath. Well, Bo is at the vet clinic where he has been for 3 days now. He had no control of his bowel movements and had diarrhea several times, when I saw blood in it I was really worried. He wasn’t eating and lost 3 ounces in just a couple of days, that is a lot for a cat.
So I took him to the vet and he finally started to eat yesterday, hopefully I can bring him home tomorrow.
I am just heartbroken at what I did to my baby. He trusts me to take care of him, and I gave him poison. I will never buy anything from this company again. How do they sleep at night?
Forget what this will cost me in vet bills. It cost me more in terrible guilt and sadness.
Thankfully Bo is expected to make a full recovery and I will bring him home tomorrow, and will never use anything like that on him again.
Thank you

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