luckily not a victim…

thank you to whoever created this site and to all the members. i bought some of the hartz at target last night, but thankfully found this site before putting the garbage on my dog. i bought it last night wondering why i have never heard of it or seen it on any of the websites that i frequent. i too was lured by the cost vs 14 bucks a month for advantage. luckily at work i started investigating other sites and found it on petco’s website. i thought if petco sold it it must be ok. then i went back to the search page and found this website. thank god i clicked on it and saw the picture of the cat’s neck on the homepage. i wanted to throw up, i cannot believe that i almost put that stuff on my dog without asking a vet. thanks again to all of you have made this website available. does anyone know where i can donate money for victims or to help with the site?

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