I feel so guilty…

Well, last night was from hell. About four months ago my wife and I brought in to our house a stray kitten. Looked healthy, vibrant etc.

About 10 days ago I put Hartz flea collars on all of my cats (some were scratching once and a while and assumed they had fleas – probably didn’t). When I put the collar on this cat about 10 days ago it got a little excited as it probably never had anything around its neck before and started to bit and lick the collar. This went on for about two days.

Gradually over the course of the 10 days the cat started getting lethargic, drinking lots of water and just not its usual self. I assumed it had a cold of some kind as it seemed to be getting better. Last night I came home from school and my wife was very upset as the cat was throwing up any food, including some broth she made it. It was constantly at the water bowl. A few times I went over to it and she gave me this really sad meow.

I was hoping it would make it through the night as I was going to take it to the vet but it seems to have taken the ferry ride around 4:00 am. Very sad. Woke up around 4:00 am (waking up every couple of hours to check on it) and noticed all of my cats starring under the bed – bad feeling. So I took it outside and buried it.

Here are some of the symptoms:

whitish gums
some weight loss
drinking lots of water
throwing up

I called the vet and asked them what they thought. They said it could have been an allergic reaction to the collar or worse yet a disease such as FeLV. Now if it were FeLV or similiar would it have brought a healthy cat down in less than 10 days? I wonder if I inadvertently poisoned it with the flea collar?

After searching the net and coming to this page I almost want to puke. I feel so guilty knowing that I possibly poisoned this animal. I will never forget this cat. I have since taken all of the collars off of my Persians and will be throwing them away as well as washing their coats down.

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