Hartz doesn’t just hurt cats, it hurt my dog Summer, too

We applied Hartz 2 in 1 Flea and Tick killer on our dog Summer on Monday night, and by Wednesday, it almost killed her. She is not out of the woods yet, because just last night we had her at the pet emergency. The vet there said that it was not the flea spray–even though the reason I mentioned it was because of a cat of mine having problems several years ago. Anyway, my dog’s breath smelled just horrendous! The diagnosis? Chronic Renal Failure. Most likely would have to be put to sleep. My son, who is 15, and my two daughters ages 8 and 7 heard all of this, and when the vet left, we were all sobbing uncontrollably. Summer is only 18 months old, and our family FRIEND. Anyway, we took her home and called our vet today. Plus, I called two others to get their opinions. The consensus was DO NOT EVER EVER EVER USE HARTZ PRODUCTS ON ANIMALS. They THINK Summer will make it, as she is eating and drinking. But, there is not a lot they can do until the POISON is out of her system. We just keep praying she will be okay. Tell all your friends not to use it on their dogs either.

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