20 Years Later and Hartz is STILL Harming Pets!

Sender’s Name: Kelly McComb-Williams
Sender’s Email: [email protected]

Message: Want to hear something that makes all of this even harder to phathom? I had a serious problem with Hartz (then Hartz-Mountain) flea control products back in 1987! To know that Hartz is still doing “it” blows my mind – almost 20 YEARS LATER! Unbelievable.

I had used the Hartz flea-control product exactly as directed on a kitten that was well beyond the “…do not use on kittens under 12 weeks of age….” caution statement. The Hartz product that I had used on my new kitten came within a fraction of a centimeter of killing her!!

If it had not been for one of the most wonderful vets in the world (that – and about $500 bucks in 1987 dollars), my little kitty (Rudy) would have been burned to death. She lost all of her hair and had burned, blistered flesh on over 80% of her tiny body.

The vet had to heavily sedate her and then soak her in (what they described to me as) a “creme rinse” solution to keep her skin hydrated so no more of it would come off. It was awful. She survived though. Needless to say, I was UNDERWHELMED with Hartz. Besides that, I was broke and could not afford $500.

To this day I am certain that the vet helped me with the cost and just didn’t list her services on the bill. Great, great lady with a true love of animals, God bless her wonderful soul.

Since I had taken the bottle with the remainder of the Hartz product with me to the vet – she agreed to have it analyzed by a lab. I can not remember (after all, it was 18 years ago!!) the exact breakdown of the findings, but I DO remember that the chemicals in that particular product were enough to take out a medium-sized dog – let alone a tiny 6 month old kitten!!

I was so angry – and for the life of me, I could NOT get anyone at Hartz to pay attention to me, my vet or the findings of the lab. I know now that to do so would have been admitting a certain amount of guilt. Well, I sat down and drafted a letter to the mangement of Hartz describing my ordeal and the costs associated with trying to rescue my animal from their product. I had the letter checked over for accuracy by an attorney prior to sending it certified mail w/return receipt.

To my amazement, Hartz sent me a letter in reply – and a check for over $500 – with a statement that said basically, “you cash this check and you can no longer have any claim against Hartz”.

How I hated having to cash that check, but I needed the money. When you’re in your early 20’s, $500 is a lot of money! :O)

Well, that’s my Hartz story. I still can NOT believe that Hatz is still peddling the same poison after all these years. I still, to this day, will not use ANY Hartz product.

Feel free to post this on your site or wherever you see fit. Kind regards, Kelly

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