Hartz doesn’t just hurt cats, it hurt my dog Summer, too

We applied Hartz 2 in 1 Flea and Tick killer on our dog Summer on Monday night, and by Wednesday, it almost killed her. She is not out of the woods yet, because just last night we had her at the pet emergency. The vet there said that it was not the flea spray–even though the reason I mentioned it was because of a cat of mine having problems several years ago. Anyway, my dog’s breath smelled just horrendous! The diagnosis? Chronic Renal Failure. Most likely would have to be put to sleep. My son, who is 15, and my two daughters ages 8 and 7 heard all of this, and when the vet left, we were all sobbing uncontrollably. Summer is only 18 months old, and our family FRIEND. Anyway, we took her home and called our vet today. Plus, I called two others to get their opinions. The consensus was DO NOT EVER EVER EVER USE HARTZ PRODUCTS ON ANIMALS. They THINK Summer will make it, as she is eating and drinking. But, there is not a lot they can do until the POISON is out of her system. We just keep praying she will be okay. Tell all your friends not to use it on their dogs either.

two of my cats traumatized by hartz 4 in 1 drops

Last week I noticed that my three adult male cats were scratching alot so I figured that I would give them a flee treatment. I was at Target one day and picked up some of the Hartz 4 in 1 drops for cats 10lbs. or more. The next day I applied it to all three of my boys following the directions very carefully. First in line was Simba who is 6yrs old with long tan and white hair. I got it on him pretty easily because he was in one of his attention hungry moods and I walked off to hunt down Baby who is 8yrs old and is a very BIG but handsome tuxedo cat. He wanted nothing to do with the drops as soon as I got near him and luckily for him I don’t believe that I was able to get that much of it on him. He immediately ran and hid from me so I moved on to the last one of the group, Linkin who is 3yrs old and black shorthaired. He didn’t seem too fond of the drops either but one of my brothers helped to hold him still and I was able to get the full dose on him, but as soon as we let him go he ran off seeming very agitated and scratching at the application area. When I followed him downstairs all three of my beloved boys were trying their hardest to stay away from me while giving me some of the dirtiest cat looks I have ever recieved and Simba and Linkin were running around scratching vigorously at their necks. I stupidly just thought that I had gotten the fleas worked up like the earmites do when you use eardrops so I was only slightly worried. I went to work and the next day when I was checking on them they still didn’t want to come near me, but with them that is nothing new since they all go through their “don’t touch me” phases. Over the next couple of days they slowly started coming near me and Simba actually seemed overly friendly which made me wonder especially after I felt some weird bumps on his neck. Since they still live with my mom and I only get to see them for about an hour every day before work it took me about a week to see the extent of their injuries from the treatment. I called in to work an Monday and said that I would be late and immediately got Simba and Linkin into the vet’s office which is a terrible ordeal itself since all of my cats despise leaving their home and they truely hate the vet. So after alot of struggling, hissing, growling, snarling and $100 the very ugly and nasty looking sores on both of their necks were looked at and now everyday I have to try to put antibiotic cream on them and keep them from hating me even more for all that I have put them through just because I didn’t research before I treated them for fleas. I am one of the lucky ones. The strories my vet told me and the ones that I have read here have made me relieve that my cats and I could have been through something alot worse than we did. I just have to keep a close eye on them to make sure that their sores are the only problems that they will have.

Two Kittens Nearly Died

Last night I noticed that my 6 month old kittens had a few fleas, so I decided to use the Hartz medication that i had bought from Target. I followed all of the directions, even making sure that the two brothers didnt groom each other, or lick it themselves. after a few hours, one of my kittens started shaking uncontrollably, kicking his feet like he had stepped in something, and lurking around really low to the ground. I immediately called my vet to ask her if this was normal ( I had never de-fleaed them before) I said the word Hartz and she told me to bring them in right away. I could tell by the sound in her voice that she was worried, and had dealt with cats with symptoms like this before. I was in hysterics after I had scoured the Hartz website to find information (THEY DONT EVEN LIST THE PRODUCT ON THEIR WEBSITE!) there was nothing, not a warning, not a recall, nothing. Rushed the boys to the vet where they were immeditaley bathed twice, and then gave them robaxin to counteract the phenotherin toxicity. They responded well to the treatment, and the vet thinks they will make a full recovery. I picked them up less than an hour ago, and have already filed an official complaint with Hartz, emailed everyone in my address book warning them of Hartz, and written up a document to pass out to the managers of the stores that distribute these HORRIBLE products. I am determined to help stop this insanity. My heart goes out to all of the pets and their owners that have been effected by Hartz. No amount of money can make up for your loss, but together we can help the innocent owners and their babies.

This Garbage Killed My Woobie

My large, healthy 8 year old neutered tom was killed by this garbage. His name was Jonah (aka Woobie). He was a strong, young cat that had developed fleas this summer from just a few 1 or 2 hour trips outside while we were gardening.

He became sort of “strange” after we applied the drops but we missed the signs until after it was too late. We thought he was just sulky and withdrawn because he’d never had fleas before so he sort of began to keep to himself. It was clear he was miserable but we just thought it was the fleas!

Within 3 weeks he was dead. He died opening and closing his mouth and gasping for air. Prior to that his fur had begun to shed a TON MORE than usual and he just wasn’t himself.

These people should be sued to hell and back.

luckily not a victim…

thank you to whoever created this site and to all the members. i bought some of the hartz at target last night, but thankfully found this site before putting the garbage on my dog. i bought it last night wondering why i have never heard of it or seen it on any of the websites that i frequent. i too was lured by the cost vs 14 bucks a month for advantage. luckily at work i started investigating other sites and found it on petco’s website. i thought if petco sold it it must be ok. then i went back to the search page and found this website. thank god i clicked on it and saw the picture of the cat’s neck on the homepage. i wanted to throw up, i cannot believe that i almost put that stuff on my dog without asking a vet. thanks again to all of you have made this website available. does anyone know where i can donate money for victims or to help with the site?

Mr Bojangles

Hi, think my kitty is another victim. Mr Bo is a sweet, shy little black kitty that I rescued from a shelter. I say I rescued but he rescued me as well. My husband is in the military and he got deployed right after we got Bo, so it was just me and Bo. He has been my little friend for 3 years now. I noticed he had fleas, so I got him a flea collar from Hartz, I thought it was less traumatic than a flea bath. Well, Bo is at the vet clinic where he has been for 3 days now. He had no control of his bowel movements and had diarrhea several times, when I saw blood in it I was really worried. He wasn’t eating and lost 3 ounces in just a couple of days, that is a lot for a cat.
So I took him to the vet and he finally started to eat yesterday, hopefully I can bring him home tomorrow.
I am just heartbroken at what I did to my baby. He trusts me to take care of him, and I gave him poison. I will never buy anything from this company again. How do they sleep at night?
Forget what this will cost me in vet bills. It cost me more in terrible guilt and sadness.
Thankfully Bo is expected to make a full recovery and I will bring him home tomorrow, and will never use anything like that on him again.
Thank you

I feel so guilty…

Well, last night was from hell. About four months ago my wife and I brought in to our house a stray kitten. Looked healthy, vibrant etc.

About 10 days ago I put Hartz flea collars on all of my cats (some were scratching once and a while and assumed they had fleas – probably didn’t). When I put the collar on this cat about 10 days ago it got a little excited as it probably never had anything around its neck before and started to bit and lick the collar. This went on for about two days.

Gradually over the course of the 10 days the cat started getting lethargic, drinking lots of water and just not its usual self. I assumed it had a cold of some kind as it seemed to be getting better. Last night I came home from school and my wife was very upset as the cat was throwing up any food, including some broth she made it. It was constantly at the water bowl. A few times I went over to it and she gave me this really sad meow.

I was hoping it would make it through the night as I was going to take it to the vet but it seems to have taken the ferry ride around 4:00 am. Very sad. Woke up around 4:00 am (waking up every couple of hours to check on it) and noticed all of my cats starring under the bed – bad feeling. So I took it outside and buried it.

Here are some of the symptoms:

whitish gums
some weight loss
drinking lots of water
throwing up

I called the vet and asked them what they thought. They said it could have been an allergic reaction to the collar or worse yet a disease such as FeLV. Now if it were FeLV or similiar would it have brought a healthy cat down in less than 10 days? I wonder if I inadvertently poisoned it with the flea collar?

After searching the net and coming to this page I almost want to puke. I feel so guilty knowing that I possibly poisoned this animal. I will never forget this cat. I have since taken all of the collars off of my Persians and will be throwing them away as well as washing their coats down.

20 Years Later and Hartz is STILL Harming Pets!

Sender’s Name: Kelly McComb-Williams
Sender’s Email: [email protected]

Message: Want to hear something that makes all of this even harder to phathom? I had a serious problem with Hartz (then Hartz-Mountain) flea control products back in 1987! To know that Hartz is still doing “it” blows my mind – almost 20 YEARS LATER! Unbelievable.

I had used the Hartz flea-control product exactly as directed on a kitten that was well beyond the “…do not use on kittens under 12 weeks of age….” caution statement. The Hartz product that I had used on my new kitten came within a fraction of a centimeter of killing her!!

If it had not been for one of the most wonderful vets in the world (that – and about $500 bucks in 1987 dollars), my little kitty (Rudy) would have been burned to death. She lost all of her hair and had burned, blistered flesh on over 80% of her tiny body.

The vet had to heavily sedate her and then soak her in (what they described to me as) a “creme rinse” solution to keep her skin hydrated so no more of it would come off. It was awful. She survived though. Needless to say, I was UNDERWHELMED with Hartz. Besides that, I was broke and could not afford $500.

To this day I am certain that the vet helped me with the cost and just didn’t list her services on the bill. Great, great lady with a true love of animals, God bless her wonderful soul.

Since I had taken the bottle with the remainder of the Hartz product with me to the vet – she agreed to have it analyzed by a lab. I can not remember (after all, it was 18 years ago!!) the exact breakdown of the findings, but I DO remember that the chemicals in that particular product were enough to take out a medium-sized dog – let alone a tiny 6 month old kitten!!

I was so angry – and for the life of me, I could NOT get anyone at Hartz to pay attention to me, my vet or the findings of the lab. I know now that to do so would have been admitting a certain amount of guilt. Well, I sat down and drafted a letter to the mangement of Hartz describing my ordeal and the costs associated with trying to rescue my animal from their product. I had the letter checked over for accuracy by an attorney prior to sending it certified mail w/return receipt.

To my amazement, Hartz sent me a letter in reply – and a check for over $500 – with a statement that said basically, “you cash this check and you can no longer have any claim against Hartz”.

How I hated having to cash that check, but I needed the money. When you’re in your early 20’s, $500 is a lot of money! :O)

Well, that’s my Hartz story. I still can NOT believe that Hatz is still peddling the same poison after all these years. I still, to this day, will not use ANY Hartz product.

Feel free to post this on your site or wherever you see fit. Kind regards, Kelly

Where will it end?

I work at an animal hospital and 24 hr emergency. We see many pets comming in stumbling and or haveing seizures after appling hearts to their pets. One would think that a company that is geared for the pets would actually care about the pets they kill every day with their products. I have often thought about pickiting the stores that sells these products. Every time I go into the Walmarts’ and grocery stores I make it a point to go down the pet Isle and say, ” yup this product killed another cat today” and stike up a conversation with the consumer whom was going to buy that product. Now however, they are going to get Advantage, Frontline,or maybe even Revolution ( for those outside babies) because I educated them on the fact that these products are causing death in many. If people care enouth to have a pet they should care enough to go to the vet and get the proper heartwom and flea medications. OTH counter product for pets are just not the proper way to treat our babies. I want something that is safe and suggested by my vet. Would you give your human baby something OTC before consulting with your peditrician? I know I would not. I feel for the people whom have lost their pets. I wish stores would discontinue carring such harsh products, but mostly I wish people would educate themselves.

My cat is sick! Because of Hartz and at the vet.

I have a beautiful cat named Tigger who is at the vet right now because of Hartz flea and tick drops. I put the drops on him on Sunday by Monday evening he was acting really strange walking around shaking his head and his ears were twitching. I did not have any idea what was wrong. So on Tuesday he was no better and seemed to be getting worse, my husband said -He did not act like this until you put those drops on him. So I got the drops and and read the back and called my vet -They said to immdiately wash him that is was a reaction from the Hartz, so this morning my husband took Tigger to the vet and he is having Seizures!!!! BECAUSE OF HARTZ!!! They said the damage is already done, they have given him 2-shots and are bathing him in some kind of oil soap. We will be able to pick him up this afternoon. But they cannot tell me if he will be okay or not. My cat may die from this. As a pet owner I am furious!! I tired to help my cat and I have quilt now because I have hurt him instead. Thanks to Hartz ! This stuff is killing our pets and needs to be taken off the market now !!! Thanks for listening… I will spread the word to every and any body I can!!! Deborah Sewell