*Hartz Recall–Response from EPA**

I have posted on this site before, as my cat suffered adverse reactions from the 4-in-1 flea product. After I found out that the product was at last being recalled, I was filled with mixed emotions. Great that it was happening, bad that it was happening so late, and that the process of completely taking the product off the shelves would take so long, knowing that other animals would be harmed in the meanwhile. Well, I sent an email to the EPA expressing my concerns, and I thought it would be appropriate to share their response:

Thank you for contacting the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
regarding the recent agreement with Hartz Mountain Corporation to
relabel and phase out uses of several flea and tick products that may be
associated with adverse reactions in cats and kittens. I want to assure
you that EPA shares your concerns about these products and wants to make
sure that consumers are alerted to the potential risks associated with
use of these products.

As you may know, under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and
Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), EPA is responsible for regulating pesticide
products in the United States and ensuring that they can perform their
intended functions without posing unreasonable risks to humans, animals,
or the environment. EPA has the authority to cancel a pesticide product
if it determines there is an unacceptable risk that cannot be reduced by
other actions such as voluntary cancellation or changes in the way a
pesticide is used. While cancellation of a product is always an option
for EPA to remove a product from the marketplace ? a process that could
take up to five years if contested by the manufacturer ? voluntary
cancellation is the most expedient. At the same time, EPA believes it
is important to seek interim measures so that immediate steps can be
taken to alert the public to the actions being taken. Also, the process
followed by EPA must be based on sound science.

In November 2002, due to safety concerns stemming from Hartz flea and
tick control products for cats and kittens, EPA announced that the Hartz
Mountain Corporation had agreed to enact measures to reduce potential
risks to pets from using these products. EPA sought this agreement due
to concerns over safety issues based on thousands of adverse-effect
incidents reported to EPA. Under this agreement, Hartz agreed to
implement a product recovery, label improvement, and consumer education
program for the affected products. EPA continued to monitor these
products through our Incident Reporting System to evaluate the
effectiveness of these changes. Since that time, EPA has received
thousands of new reports of adverse effects from pet owners around the
country, including hair loss, salivation, tremors, and numerous reports
of deaths in cats and kittens. Thus, EPA determined that further action
was needed.

As you know, at EPA?s request, on June 3, 2005, Hartz Mountain
Corporation signed an agreement to cancel uses of several flea and tick
products. This agreement marks the conclusion of a rigorous, multi-year
review of these products. Hartz agreed to voluntarily phase out the
products of concern by March 31, 2006, and for the short term, they
agreed to provide new labels for products leaving their facilities after
June 27, 2005. This action ultimately gets the products off the market
faster than the Agency?s cancellation process, which can take three to
five years if the registrant chooses to contest the action.

EPA took several steps to inform consumers about the phase-out,
including a news release to the media, which received broad coverage.
In addition, detailed information about the agreement and information
about alternatives was posted on EPA?s Web site in order to allow
consumers to make informed choices about whether or not to continue
product use during the phase-out. Additional information about flea and
tick control for pets may be found at:
http://www.epa.gov/pesticides/factsheets/flea-tick.htm. Information
about the agreement and alternatives may also be found at:
http://www.epa.gov/pesticides/factsheets/flea-tick-drops.htm. As with
all products, EPA encourages consumers to always read and observe all
label directions and precautions, making note that different products
vary in their intended uses and effects.

I hope this information addresses your concerns. Thank you again for
contacting us.


Claire M. Gesalman, Chief
Communication Services Branch
Office of Pesticide Programs

Sent by:
Julie A. Chao
Communication Services Branch
Office of Pesticide Programs

Class Action Lawsuit

Hi all, My kitty Cottonball is a new “victim” of this horrible product. As I sit here writing this he is in the hospital on IV fluids, catheter and undergoing extensive blood tests.
I’d like to know who all is involved in class action lawsuits (especially for CA) as I’d definitely be interested in getting involved!!!
Hugs to all those who have lost a pet, and good thoughts to those with pets in the hospital like mine.

[email protected]

Ekia–my cat

Today I applied the Hartz flea 3 in 1 to my 7 month old cat….about 2 hours later she was acting funny…so i picked her up and her eyes were twitching…her body shaking….like having seizures almost…it was terrible….so i called the vet and he said she was having an allergic reaction…i took her to get a shot right away…I am glad i caught it in time…because i almost let her go outside…but she was walking funny…tonite she is back up on her feet walking around some…still having some twitching all over….I am sorry to hear about all the animals that didnt make it..and that have became very ill… i will never buy Hartz anything again…i just pray she doesnt have any long term affects from this medicine..and i hope they will pull it off the shelf quicker than their letter states…i think it said up until march 06 they would continue selling it…how many more pets must they make sick….i dont understand.

To the Author of

I was just curious as to what “chemical” was found in your cat? Because the chemical or active ingrediant in the Hartz Flea and Ticks drops is a chemical that cannot be detected in the blood stream or in anything else for that matter. I would love to know where your vet got that “there is a chemical in his blood,” or where you got that from. Either way, if you people would do your research you would know these things and wouldn’t make yourselves out to look like you don’t have all the information you need. I have posted some other things on this forum, some very truthful and helpful advise, telling people the facts about what this stuff really does. You people are telling me that you have your facts together and you know your facts……..sorry, I just can’t believe that when here is someone who honestly thinks that you can test for pyrethroids in the blood stream? What kind of vet are you seeing? Whoever it is, you need to see a new one, or quit making up things that aren’t true.

Possible victory thanks to EPA

Not really media, but best I could think of. According to this blurb on the EPA website, Hartz will be discontinuing their 3 in 1?, 4 in 1?, Once-A-Month?, and Advanced Care? flea drops for cats at the insistence of the EPA by September 30, will cease taking orders by December 31, and will halt all distribution of these products by the end of March 2006; the dog products will remain unchanged at this time. This has been a result of continuous reports coming into the EPA from other victims of their products. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have a victory.

The story of my cat, Yoda

I got Yoda in June of 2002. She was a very loving and cuddly cat that loved as much attention as she could get. She would play fetch, and just liked to lay with people. In December of 2002 I noticed that she had some fleas so I went to PetsMart and got some of the flea and tick drops for cats. I followed the directions to the “T” and eveything seemed fine, that is until it came time to give her the second dose a month later in January of 2003. Just a few days after she was sleeping peacefully on my pillow and all of a sudden she started shaking really badly. I found the number to an emergency vet and told them what was wrong, before I even had a chance to tell them they asked me if I had used Hartz flea medication, and I told them I had. It turns out the “medicine” caused her to have sezeiures. They told me to imediately give her a bath and bring her in as soon as I could get there, I did as told and got her to the vet where they gave her and anti-toxin and a shot of valium. She was never the same after that day. She wasn’t cuddly anymore, she was having sezeiures more and more frequently, and then she started having strokes. She wouldn’t play fetch, or play with the dog anymore. You couldn’t get near her without her freaking out at first. She no longer wanted to be petted, and she started sleeping in the kitty litter for days on end.

Here it is, two and a half years after giving her the medication, and I had to take her to the vet to be put to sleep. The vet tech was not at all surprised when I told her what had caused her to become so sick with her only being 3 years old. It was the hardest thing I’ve had to do and I started bawling as soon as I tried to tell the woman what I was there for. Hartz did pay for the vet bill those 2 and a half years ago, but that doesn’t change the fact that they destroyed my cats quality of living.

I will never ever buy another Hartz product, I just wish there was a way that I could make sure this never happens to anyone else because I know it has put me through hell watching my loving cat slip farther and farther away.

I found this website when I was Googling “Hartz” and I am very happy that I found it, I can take a little comfort by the fact that there are people that are trying to do something. Thank you.

My baby Simba ( he is a cat my love) was poisoned by Hartz flea & tick repellient. He had a seizer and was not in very good shape. I was lucky my Vet took good care of him and he has survived. He has heart damage they are not sure of the long term effect. I had to leave him at he Vet and racked up a big bill I couldn’t afford. I am very upset that the products are still on the shelves. I can’t beleive that Hartz has so many bad effects on our pets and they are still on the shelves. WHY?

Paralysis and death to older cat

My home was visited by an old stray who had obvious skin problems. I spent some time online learning about mange mites after my own cat began to lose hair on his ears later that week – I had fed the poor scruffy old thing several times, and if not for fear of transmitted diseases, would have tried to bring him in. I discovered that many flea and tick drops also kill the mites that cause common mange, and not having a lot to invest, purchased some of the Hartz brand drops. I put them on the old cat’s neck that evening, with a hearty meal and a good snuggle session, and left him to sleep in the box of old clothes I’d brought him. The next morning on my way out to work, I found him stiff and cold, his eyes open – I assumed he had died overnight, and felt so bad. I felt immeasurably worse when I started to pick him up and he forced out this thin moan. He was paralyzed so completely that he could barely breathe, and couldn’t even close his eyes. He couldn’t blink. He couldn’t meow-his jaws were frozen open as if hissing or howling. I was horrified, and called in that I’d be late. I ran to the vet with him, where they told me Hartz flea drops often cause paralysis in weaker animals, and recommended that I put him down if was just a stray. I got the impression that there wasn’t much they could do, and what they might do would be extremely expensive and possibly ineffective. I have since been very reluctant to use ANY Hartz product, no matter how simple. I also have some fear of the drops from the vet, although they may be necessary if my other pets are to keep their fur in this flea season.
This has haunted me ever since, and my only consolation is that at least I gave him one good week at the end of his life after who knows how long on the street. He ate well, was warm, safe and was loved at least a little before he died this horrible death. Please tel anyone with pets to avoid this hideous secret killer of young, old and weakened pets.

Read packaging!!!!

Soon after i applied hartz one spot to my cat, he seemed to be irritated in the spot i applied it, so i came online to look for answers. this site popped up before anything else, so i got scared out of using hartz one spot. since then i have researched the main ingredient methoprene. when researching it, i found the e.p.a report that investigates the deaths apparently caused by its flea products. the majority of deaths involved the cat getting exposure to the product in this line for dogs, not cats. there is some controversy as to whether there was a product mix up at the company or not. the other deaths involved an allergic reaction to the product, and there are a couple of deaths that have not been substantiated either way. anyway the point is, read the freakin label!!!! dont use a dog flea killer on a cat, theyre designed specifically for either or, not both. if you kill your cat cause your too dumb to read the label, dont blame the company!!! also, just like people, you arent going to know youre allergic to something till you try it. how is hartz supposed to prevent allergies? and how are they going to force you to use the product properly? or the right product? the highest incidence of problems with this product, have been skin hypersensitivities, where the cat acts kinda bonkers, cause its trying to get it off. this happened to my cat, but i no longer blame the product, i blame my little guys sensitive skin.i wont be using one spot for him, but i also wont discourage anyone else from using it either, its probably great for lots of cats, just not mine. From now on, i wont be taking peoples ignorant, uneducated opinions for fact, i’m going to look for solid investigative facts. theres also a study done by the national animal poison control center, that found similar results to the e.p.a’s. care about your pet enough to READ THE LABELS!!!!!!

my cat was bald

my dog and cats were scratching, every pet owner knows what that means FLEAS.
so i went to the store and picked up three Hartz collars and put them on my pets.
the scraching did stop, all seemed great and in total it only cost about 24$, but not for long. after about a week i noticed blood on my living room floor, i immedately checked my rottie’s paws they were fine, i checked the cats paws they were also fine, then when i was petting my dog i almost screamed. she had a huge open wound under her neck, it was about a inch deep and 2 inches in width. right away i took the collar off hailey because i thought maybe she was scratching at it, i cleaned her up put peroxide on her as well as antibiotic cream, she seemed better. later i was on the couch petting my male cat clyde when i noticed by the collar his hair was gone, my husband said it must have seperated because of the collar. he was wrong, when i removed the collar about 2 inches around his whole neck where the collar was the hair was all completely gone, and he had sores all over his skin. i looked up hartz problems, or reactions and i could not believe my eyes grated i did catch the problem fast enough before major problems i couldn’t believe there were so many other pet owners who experienced the same symptoms. and problems. im so lucky they are all ok and for the people who lost animals due to hartzs my heart goes out to you. of course i took the other collar off my last cat with it on bonnie, she was fine no problems thank god. other people need to be aware of these problems, there are no warning labels on the box to let you know you could be hurting your animal, when you thought you were helping. it’s now two weeks later and they were all scracthing again so i called the vet and asked what i should use they said frontline, i asked if they had ever heard of problems with hartz products, she said there have been many others, she took down all my information about the cats and the dog and was going to document it and send it to the better buissness bourough, i suggest the rest of you who have had problems do the same. hartz should be removed from shelves, ofcourse it won’t but we atleast can warn others.please tell everyone you know not to use hartz products they are dangerous. by the way after i put the frontline products on the animals my cat bonnie who had no reaction to the collar was foaming and drolling at the mouth, i freaked out again. i called the number on the box and there was a real vet tech on the line she said the main ingredient was alcohol, which if ingested would not harm the animal, 24 hours later she is fine and no scratching the same with the rest of my pets, all i can say is keep an eye out when you treat your pets, and be careful.