Hartz Flea and tick products gave my cat convulsions

I gave my 13 week old kitten a drop of medicine between her shoulder blades. It was already measured out and was for kittens 12 weeks and older. Shortly after, my kitten’s ears and legs began twitching. I got scared and washed off the medicine, but she just got worse. My kitten couldn’t open her eyes, and when i put her on the ground she couldn’t stand, she was just convulsing furiously. I called Petco, where I got the medicine, and they said to me, “This is why I wish we didn’t sell that stuff.” My husband took my kitten to the emergency vet, which is where she is now. I can’t believe it is legal to sell something that could cause this much damage to my cat. I wish Petco would have at least warned me, since the man I spoke to seemed fully aware this could happen to my cat. But I had no warning and now my kitten is in terrible pain. This product is inhumane and should be taken off the market!!

new hartz victim

I purchased hartz drops for my 5yr old cat 6-29-05. Although she’s been an indoor caqt since a kitten, we purchased a home w/a yard she can now go out and play in. After administering the drops she began to run around as if something was burning her. I did’nt konw if it was because she’s a first time user or what? After watching her for a while I decided to wash it off. She still seems a lil aggravated but I’m not sure if I should have rushed her back to her vet. Her yearly exam was the same day I purchased the drops & she was in xcellent health b4 these drops!! Someone please help us! Will this irritation it seems 2have caused her go away alone-or does she need to be hospitalized????

Hartz products poisoned my parents Cat

I am a respite care provider for my younger brother who has Cerebral Palsy, and take care of him 3-4 times a week. Well, I went to work yesterday thinking I would be spending the day with him, painting and working on art projects. Instead I ended up running my parents cat to the vet.
The night before last my folks gave Sammy a dose of Hartz flea and tick 4 in 1 drops. Now, they have never administered this OTC flea treatment before, they have always used Advantage, but being that money is tight for them right now, my dad purchased a box of the Hartz treatment. I guess my mom also put a collar on him too before they went to bed.
That night my mom said she heard Sammy running around the house trying to get his collar off.
When I got to work yesterday morning, I noticed Sammy was acting weird. I took the collar off for him, and he was really really clingy. He does this little hop when he wants attention, so he was hopping all over the house. I noticed that he was breathing heavily, and he also had shortness of breath. I had heard some bad things about Hartz in the past, so I told my mom and we called the vet. She informed us that the drops and collar that was administered to Sammy had been recalled! She also told us to bring him in immediately. We couldnt do that because mom didnt have any money, so the vet told us to give him a very thorough scrub and rinse, which we did. He seemed to feel better after the shower, but then he started growling and snapping at us, he even bit me! His breath was still short and he had terrible tremors.
SO… I drove Sammy to the Vet and paid for the treatments that he needed. I had to leave him there for a few hours while the Vet administered an IV with fluids, and valium for his tremors. I picked him up at 5, and he was still pretty doped up, but he seemed to be showing signs of improvement.
I got on the web and did some research about this Hartz recall, and found some scary stuff. I also found this site that I was happy to find because I know Sammy isn’t the only beloved pet that Hartz has sickened.
My Dad purchased these procuts on Base, so hen my dad called the base commisary to report the recall and he wanted his money back, the commissary manager said he did not know about a recall on the product. How could he not know!? Don’t you think the commissary, being on a military base, that caters to military families, would have gotten a memo? What if I didn’t go to work yesterday and take sammy to the Vet? He could have gone into seizures or even worse!
I left work with my folks reading articles in the internet about the recall and hte affects of Hartz products on many cats and dogs.
I am furious that these products are being sold, and in more upscale places likt PetSmart even! How many pets have to die for Hartz to take notice that thier products are dangerous?
Thank the Lord Sammy is doing Ok, I don’t know what we would have done if something had happened to him.


This Website Saved a Friend’s New Kitten!!

Hello again:

After I found this website, I told everyone I work with at the veterinary hospital, and downloaded and printed all pertinent info for the techs, as well as the doctors. All have said that they are going to show clients the info.

I happened to have an extra copy in my purse when I went to a friend’s house to meet his brand new kitten. He had recently adopted a kitten from a local shelter, and although the shelter said he was about 4-5 weeks old when adopted, he weighs less than a pound and I really don’t think he’s over about 3&1/2 weeks old, maybe 4 at the most, and has been living with my friend for a week!!!!!

My friend said he knew that the kitten was too young to have flea drops applied, but he had gotten some powder. When I asked him what kind, and he said “Hartz”, I almost choked. I ran to my purse, got the info out, and showed him all the horrible things that had happened to GROWN cats, as well as DOGS, not to mention baby kittens.

He immediately took the poison back to the store, got his money back, and came home to kiss his little treasure over and over again. He won’t be buying Hartz ever again, and neither will anyone else I know, If I have anything to do with it:O)

caring pet owner update

june 29 my cat didnt make it, passed away last night at vets massive kidney failure with hemmroging,note on vets wall declares use of pherathrine at more than 45% is lethal.any one who can help with vet bill,or contact epa.hartz is already guilty if product has been pulled from shelves.little to late for my [email protected] know at time of purchase that pherithrine is the same as rat poisen.

Hartz product killed my dog.

This was an email that I sent out to everyone that I had an email address for. It basically summarizes my story:

If you own a pet and/or care about animals please do not ignore this email. The Hartz Mountain Corporation (aka Hartz) is producing products that are killing animals and most people are not aware of this. I was one of those people until I lost my dog, DOG, because of the Hartz Flea and Tick drops that were purchased from Petsmart. Not too long after the drops were applied to DOG, he began to get very sick. He was foaming excessively at the mouth, vomiting, and having trouble walking. My father rushed him to the vet not knowing what was wrong. After some questioning, my father revealed to the vet that he had administered the Hartz product on DOG. The vet told my father that he had seen many cases like this and that this product was poisonous. Not all animals react the same–some get sick and some don’t, but the bottom line is that it is killing people’s pets. DOG died that night despite the efforts of our vet.

I started doing some research online and discovered that the drops produced by Hartz are not the only things that have been killing pets. The collars and powder have also made pets severly sick, if not killed them. You can see personal accounts of this on the following website: www.hartzvictims.org. I have found entries on www.ripoffreport.com as well.

It seems that Hartz refuses to acknowledge that their products are killing people’s pets. Large companies such as Walmart and Petsmart continue to stock these products on their shelves despite consumer complaints about the how the product is lethal. I could not just sit by and let the cause of DOG’s death be ignored. Please, please spread this email around and let others know about these horrible products that are out there. No animal deserves to endure what DOG went through in the name of flea control.
I have a family member who is in law and has offered to help me if I decide to sue Hartz. I am on the fence about this because I am not the type of person to go around suing, but at the same time I really want to make a point with Hartz. Has anybody tried to sue this company? And if so, what was the outcome?

Dog suffers nerve damage

My husband and I were out of town one week end and we left our two dogs at his mother’s. When we got back they had fleas. So I give them a bath and put Hartz advanced flea collars on both of them. They were fine that day. We put them in thier kennel that night. The next morning they were fine but Dipsy the oldest one was scratching alot. I didn’t think any thing about just thought she had a few bites on her. We had to go some where and we put them back in the kennel and when we returned Dipsy had chewed her collar off. She could barely walk by this time. It was late that night and I didn’t know what to do. She is my baby and I just started panicing. My husband started calling trying to find a vet to see her. An hour had pasted by the time we found and Emergency number. We rushed her to the vet. They had to give her three shots and evaluate her afterwards to make sure she didn’t have an allergic reaction. This costed us $225.00. That might not seem that much, but it is to us. My husband and I work very hard to make ends meet. That ended up being our house payment and now we are behind. If I had it to do over again I would. I would pay anything to save my dogs. They are my children and they are treated as babies.

dangerous doggie

me and my friend and her dog harvey where in the park me and my friend where throughing stick for him cause he loves them to pieces when this dog (border collie) ran up to us and started attack harvey i jumped to grab it but it snaped at me and carried on when my friend went flying in and grabbed harvey which then the dog bit her so i went up to it and grabbed it buy the nose pulled it on the floor and gave it a slap by then my friend was speaking to the owner who wasn’t really sorry and we walked home and went to hospital havery had minor injuries!

2 of 4 cats in the hospital after using Hartz

My mother purchased Hartz flee drops for our four cats from a local feed store. Within an hour of applying the product, two of our four cats were disoriented, retching, and in general very sick. One of them began to have seizures on the way to the vet’s office. These were the two indoor cats. The outdoor cats seemed to be alright.

The sick kitties got rushed to the vet where they both ended up staying overnight. The total costs were several hundred dollars.

The feed store where the product was purchased had no idea of the effects it caused and pulled the product after we told them what happened.

Both cats are still alive, healthy and happy.


Olympia, WA

*This happened a year or so ago, but I was just recently informed about this website.*

caring pet owner

waiting at home without my cat, hes in vets overnight for kidney failure, 3 days ago was fine, looked on line for active ingredient in hartz advance care flea and ticks and mosquitoes,for cats weighing 10lbs or less,85.7% phenothrin,same as dogs up to 30lbs. according to the epa report I found looking up phenothrin on yahoo search ,#3 on page that pops up.epa would like full reports from anyone with same issues, as product was misslabled or packaged with wrong doses, and pulled from the shelves.