Skin irritation from Hartz flea drops

After reading the stories posted on this website, I realize I am one of the lucky ones. My two cats merely have a skin irritation that looks like a chemical burn at the application site. I washed the cats with soap and water the day after I put the flea drops on. Later, at my vet’s recommendation, I washed them again with dish soap. Their skin is still irritated from the harsh dish soap, and I hope they heal soon from the burns. I wanted to share this story to point out that these are inappropriately strong chemicals even when your pet is lucky enough not to have the nervous system reaction. The chemical burn, the two washings, the harsh dish soap, and the trip to the vet have been unnecessary trauma for them.

advanced flea drops

I put the flea drops on my 2 kitties at 9am yesterday and by noon, one of them -Bootsy- was twitching and having tremors. She was also drooling. The other was extremely lethargic and couldn’t even jump to her favorite perch on my nightstand.

I had no idea this stuff was unsafe. I really needs to be taken off the market. I called 4 different vets and everyone said they dealt with kitties who were victims of this stuff on a regular basis. They all said its the worst stuff you can buy.

I gave them both a bath with dishsoap immediately. I was told to use cold water as warm water causes more absorption in the skin. After that and a trip to the vet, they appear to be OK. As OK as anyone can be after being poisoned. I’m telling everyone I know with animals NEVER to use this.

I don’t understand how the warning label does anything to solve the issue of this stuff being fundamentally unsafe for cats!!!

cat has scabs too

hi was reading all the stories about hartz flea and tick for cats and i didnt put 2 and 2 together till i read the stories. i use the medicine on my 7 yr old cat and wondered why her fur was falling out and she had scabs on neck and head, i just thought maybe she was allegic to the puppy we had just got but now maybe im not so sure. i will not buy this product again thank god she wasnt killed, sorry for all your other losses. thanks for the info too!!!!!!!!!!!!

2in1 Rid Flea Shampoo gave my dog seizures

We just got our lil’ Taco(chihuahua) about a few months ago. Well, when we first found him we gave him a bath with 2in1 rid flea shampoo by hartz, because he had fleas all over him. That very night he had a seizure, it was horrible. First his backlegs wouldnt move anymore and he just kept looking around so scared. Well, being that we had just gotten him, we figured it was something that was wrong with his health and maybe thats why his previous owners had just dumped him out on the roadside. The seizure lasted for a couple of minutes, and was the only time he had them( at the time)
Well, a couple of days ago, I bathed him with the same shampoo again, ( i wasnt aware of any of the problems with Hartz products.) He started acting a bit strange after that, yesterday he kept missing his jumps, trying to get up on the recliner and just totaly missing. And then later on last night he had another seizure, this time worse then the first time. I was so scared and kept wrecking my brain about what in the world could’ve triggered this with him. The only thing we had done different then any day, was bathe him with this hartz product. So i went online and did a search about hartz. I was furious to find all these sites on how these products have hurt and even worse killed pets! Why in the world havent these products been pulled of the market.
I really wanted to post this since i see that mostly it has been cats that are affected, but in our case its a dog. Now we have more dogs too that we had bathed with it. All of which are large dogs and it didnt bother them, or at least so it seems so far. We did spray all the dogs off today, to make sure they didnt have anything left on them.
I also posted this on my website and will try to do my best to get the word out about this. I am furious with the greed of the Hartz company. How dare they keep trying to make money with these deadly products, when consumers like us go out and buy them, thinking we’re helping our animals.
I know there are still way too many people out there that dont know about greedy deadly hartz!!

My Toy Fox Terrier & Seizures

I’m so happy i found this web site, I have the banner on my web site & have contacted so many people concerning Hartz….My Story……
I have a 4yr old Toy Fox Terrier, Named Rocky
I adopted 5 yrs ago, which he was very healthy & playful…well i started using the Hartz Shampoos & Conditioners, never thinking this could harm my lil one, last year Rocky started having seizures every few weeks, carried him to a 24 hour vet, they ask me if he rocky had been around any antifreeze, which i said no because rocky stays in all the time & when he does go outdoors, its always on a leash…needless to say this vet had no clue what was causing rocky to have seizures & would have cost me thousands of dollars before this vet would do anything, then i talked to a good friend of mine come to find out her little dog had a seizure the night before, and the product she was using was yup you guessed it HARTZ Flea & Tick Shampoo…To make a long story short, i no longer use any type of Hartz Products & never will…rocky has been seizure free for over 2 months now. I read some of the stories on this web site & cried..because i really understand how they feel about losing such a precious animal that they loved.
If we don’t protect our lil ones who will? I just want the members here to know, if you ever need someone to talk to,, I’m here…..I have contacted my news media & Congressman to let them know about Hartz & the products they are using to harm our animals. My Email If You ever need for someone to talk to.
[email protected]

kitten died, couldn’t figure out why

I had a kitten several years ago, she was about 5 or 6 months old and she had pretty bad fleas when I got her. I bought a Hartz flea collar and put it on her. The next day when I got home from work my neighbor was waiting outside for me to tell me my kitten was dead in the bushes. She had not been injured in any way, just laid down in the bushes and died. I always figured she had been poisoned although I could never figure out how that could have happened. I always wondered to myself if the collar had had anything to do with it but because she had been the proper age the label listed I didn’t think that should have caused any problem. Now I think that is exactly what it was. No proof, of course, but I can tell you I have never used a flea collar on another cat and never will.


I am sending this email in response to the horrible, almost life ending experience my cat had with Hartz Flea & Tick Drops. My cat Abby, who seldomly goes outdoors, had recently been scratching a lot and we had been finding flea remnants on her bed and other places where she napped. We happened to be in a large Pet store Chain in San Diego, CA and made the terrible mistake of purchasing Hartz Flea & Tick Drops for my cat. I had used Advantage from the vet in the past, but since we were in the pet store and the Hartz Fela & Tick Drops were right there, we decided to pick some up and put it on her when we got home. The instructions on the back of the box were followed exactly. That is where I made the huge mistake in purchasing this dangerous, toxic and poisoning product.

I, like many of pet owners found out the “hard” way about how dangerous Hartz- Flea & Tick Drops are. I had to take Abby, my 8-year-old cat to the Emergency Pet Hospital just two days ago after using this product. I was informed that my cat was one of the “lucky” ones. She loss some fur, has had muscle spasms in her ears, was throwing up, had foamy salivation, and would not eat for 2 days. After an overnight stay in the hospital and being on an IV for the entire stay, she has her appetite back, but her ears are still having the spasms. My personal vet advised me that this should subside with time. She told me that Abby is lucky to be alive.

I felt terrible for doing this to Abby. Pet Stores and other retailers should not sell this product. Hartz should no longer supply this product. The adverse reaction section on the back of the box does not indicate the extreme danger and seriousness of this pesticide we are subjecting our pets too. $575 later (which Abby is worth every penny), we learned the hard way about the danger of Hartz products.

Please do not purchase or use any Hartz Flea & Tick Products. Please do not contribute to Hartz Mountain Corp making money off of life threatening products.

My cats seem fine

I just applied this product to my cats yesterday and they seem fine.
It was given me by a friend who switched to Frontline. I normally use Frontline but figured this would be good enough since I don’t have a flea problem.
Both of my cats seem fine!
Debating whether or not to wash it off. Not totally convinced this stuff is as dangerous as you are portraying on your website but will continue to read and decide from there.

Dead guinea pig,after 3 days of hartz natures gold

My lil’ guinea pig was only 4 yrs. old. Perfectly healthy. I picked up a bag of Hartz natures gold guinea pig food at a local Store. A few days later my guinea pig was almost dead, she just laid down breathing was slow I knew she was dieing. An hour later she was gone. After thinking what in the heck was wrong I had just remembered that a few days earlier I had purchased new food. I do not know if this is the reason why this sudden death, but it sure made me think.

Myself and 2 cats ill. 1 cat w/ permanent nerve damage

Two years ago we purchased the Hartz Advanced Flea & Tick drops for our two cats. We applied them in the proper dosage as directed in the evening. Afterwards, one of the cats rubbed up against me and got the foul stuff on my skin. I developed a rather nasty headache, lost my appetite and became very nauseous. Several hours later I was still ill, but figured it was just because I tend to be rather sensitive to chemicals or that maybe just the nasty smell made me sick. In the morning I noticed that my cats were laying down, unable to walk, were not alert, refused to eat, and would not meow. One of my cats was shuddering every once in awhile. I immediately jumped in the car and drove the 25 miles to the nearest vet. I live in a small town and it was a busy day. The vet didn’t know what was wrong with them or what to do with them. He said maybe they ate something that disagreed with them and sent them home. He did not ask about the flea medication and I guess I was so worried I completely forgot about. I was still feeling a bit ill from the effects myself.
A few months later one of my cats made a full recovery (except for a slight personality change), the other still has nerve damage. She seems to have problems judging distance, is constantly on edge, seems to breath abnormally, and twitches oddly. She seems to have trouble eating certain things as well. Anyways, I was checking a messageboard and one of my friends told me about the Hartz flea and tick drops nearly killing her kitten. She described the symptoms and I recalled my cats having the same thing. It suddenly clicked into place. (note: my cats did not have access to any other toxins in the house– I make sure there is nothing they can get into that will make them sick).
I started looking things up and learned that some people’s pets had died from it. I even found a website from the EPA saying that because of high volume of complaints they ordered Hartz to comply with several orders. One was that they were to remove the product as currently packaged and redistribute with different instuctions. Another was to have warnings about the danger. Yet another was to notify veteranarian offices of the dangers as well as have seminars and instructional events to show the proper application of the product. The danger warnings were supposed to say that owners should immediately wash the product off of the pet with soap and water. I noticed that the deadline for those ultimatums were prior to my purchase of the drops which still had the pre-recall packaging.
I contacted Petsmart (where I purchased the drops from) and informed them of what happened, provided a link to the EPA’s page and told them I wasn’t going to sue and didn’t want any money, I just wanted to alert them to the danger. They told me they would speak to a manager about it.
I was warning many of my petowner friends about the product and found that one of mine actually had a dog that died from it. She said all of his fur fell out and he died after she used it on him but she didn’t realize it was from the drops. She couldn’t believe they were allowed to market the product without some sort of warning.
A few months later I was speaking to my vet who said that Hartz had not made any attempt to contact their office to provide literature or any information about their product as per the orders of the EPA. She told me that Hartz was a common cause of not only severe illness, but of death of many pets. She said not to buy that stuff.
Fastforward to a couple of weeks ago. I had a discussion with one of my vets about how the heartworm medicine was recalled even though it didn’t cause death and only had reports of a few minor ailments associated with it. I said it was odd because they hadn’t seemed to recall the Hartz flea and tick drops. My veteranarian agreed with me that it was very sad. He said “phenothin kills cats”. Phenothin being the active ingredient in Hartz Flea & Tick drops. It is also a pesticide which was banned for use on lawns because it is a nerve toxin and is known to be deadly to pets. I asked the vet if he had ever been contacted by Hartz as per EPA instructions. He didn’t even know they had been ordered to recall the original packaging.
I went to Petsmart later that week and to my dismay I saw the Hartz Flea & Tick drops still on the shelves. I picked up the package and looked for warnings and instructions on what to do in case of illness, no such warnings. Nothing that says “may cause illness or death”. Not even a mild warning. Just “use as directed”. It also still contained phenothin.
It had no warnings that it could cause reactions in humans. What if someone’s cat had this applied and it rubbed up against their infant? The infant could become very ill. There was at least one adult human who had to be hospitalized because of a reaction to this stuff. Can you imagine what it would do to a baby or child that hugged the cat? It’s not just a danger to cats, it is a danger to humans!
So, as far as I can tell, Hartz has failed to comply with notifying the vets, putting sufficient warnings on the packaging, and having proper training about their product. It would seem to me that they failed to comply with the orders of the EPA and that they should be penalized and have the product removed from the shelves.