I do not allow my dogs to have chew sticks. However, I had company over spring break who brought the dogs a treat so I gave in. The treat was Hartz Prime Value 150 Hickory Beef Rawhide sticks.
Within 24 hours of eating a stick, my chihuahua began blowing out poop and blood uncontrollably from his rectum during the night. By the time I woke up, the kitchen looked like a crime scene. By 9 am he was in intensive care isolation at the animal hospital. He remained there for 3 days. He is finally home, and hopefully recovering. The vet bill has come to $400. The vet will not say what caused the problem, but that high fat substances can do it. The problem is called hemmorhagic gastroenteritis.
PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY KIND OF PRODUCT FROM HARTZ!! THEY ARE DEADLY!! I will certainly spread the news to all the rescue groups with whom I am associated.
Phyllis, rescuemomma7

I also talked to a customer relations personal.

A friend of mine just lost 3 kittens, presumably from “Hartz Advance Care “- Milk Replacement For Cats. After using this product, the kittens fell into a coma-like state: slowly become unresponsive to the milk replacement. Shortly after, they all died (one even bled at the mouth). Now he is not 100% sure that Hartz was to blame, but he definitely has his suspicions. I called Hartz and spoke to a customer relation?s representative, getting me nowhere. She asked me to ask my friend a list of countless question (which I?m in the process of translating). She also told me that they were ” Under Investigation” (which they always say) and that I should call back with the appropriate information.

Let me tell you: I fully intend on doing just that. I’ve read the cases (and I’m still reading up on other’s) and I am thoroughly disgusted with what I’m learning.

I’ll let everyone know if I made any progress.



My cat almost died as a result of Hartz advance flea and tick drops.

My cat nearly died last night as a result of Hartz Advance care flea and tick drops. I came home from taking my puppies for a vet check up to find my cat having muscle tremors and twitching in face and sever body tremors. I read the package for Hartz and washed him immediately and rushed him to an emergengy vet. I was forsed to make a decission to pay over 300 dollars or my cat would die . I called Hartz and they have more red tape than I can stand to consider anything you need a letter from your vet itemized vet bill and a letter from you so the vets on staff can look at it. I think they are covering their own butts not caring about my cat who is still hospitalized. I talked to Target and they were removing it from the shelf. I hope my cat will be ok and I will inform you as to his status. I could not afford the 300 plus dollars but did it anyway. I hate seeing that many others have this experience and can not so the animal dies. Talking to this vet they say they get 5 animals a week for thr same thing and it is always Hartz product, makes me wonder if one office has 5 per week what others have.

Hartz has had a bad reputation for a while…

About 1993 or so we had a bad outbreak of fleas… So we gave our dog and 2 cats a fleabath and bombed the house. We used Hartz Flea and Tick Shampoo. One of our cats is very shy and after we gave her the bath she passed out. The next day we took them all to the vet to get professionally cleaned since Reggie scared the pants off us by fainting. When we mentioned we used Hartz our vet told us not to, because it was too strong for cats, and that she wouldn’t trust it on the dog. For years this has been a funny story (Though at the time it wasn’t funny, it was incredibly scary), the cat fainting, and we’ve told everyone to not use Hartz, and to spend the money on a vet recommended brand.

It wasn’t until today, my mother and I were joking around about Reggie fainting when I decided to read up on the Internet..and found this site. Looks like Hartz is still up to no good!!!! It’s unfortunate that company still sells their poison.

Update on TJ

Cheryl has sent HartzVictims.org an update on TJ. If you remember, TJ had a horrible reaction to one of Hartz’s flea collars for cats.

TJ’s neck area seems to be improving. However, the areas above his eyes and numerous patchy areas throughout the rest of his fur, seem to be getting worse. He is also, now pulling out his fur.
I am having my daughter check into taking him back to the vet on Monday (no openings for Saturday). Hopefully, the vet will call in some kind of temporary meds to stop TJ’s from further demise.


another victim of Hartz flea drops

Today I applied Hartz flea drops on my dog. Hours later she had a siezure. It was horrible. I contacted my vet immediately. Upon arrival at the vet , the receptionist mentioned, did you use any flea drops? I said yes, she asked if it was Hartz, I was unsure, but called home to find out. Sure enough, it was Hartz. The vet seems to think it may be epilepsy. But this came out of now where. The dog is 5 years old, I used this product once, last month, everything was fine. I am almost positive that is exactly the reason for the seizure.

1 Siamese and 1 Airedale dog died in agony!!!

We applied Hartz advanced care drops for cats. Within a few days she was getting tremors. Some days she couldn’t walk. Then she lost control of her bladder and bowels. I knew she had classic poisoning symptoms. We removed what little mold we had. She is an inside cat. Then she just layed down with seizures and never got back up. Christmas am she died in agony. She was making terrible noises and stretching. Then she died. That is when we noticed our 65 lb. Airedale having the same symptoms, he would fall down an unable to rise for 5 minutes, then he had seizures. He had convulsions for 8 hours, foaming out the mouth. He died in agony. Someone needs to pay. I have written to everyone I can think of. Hartz cruel response was to ask me if we had an autopsy done to prove it. Dogs have never been affected she said. I will gladly let them do an autopsy. We have both animals buried. Join me in demanding an investigation. Write to the State Attorney General’s office, they are wonderful. Call the EPA, call your local paper. Thanks for listening. Teresa Ross

Lack of Visible Toxic Warning Labels

I noticed Hives,bumps, skin irritations on us(owners) and on our 1 yr old Loving dog. We are now affected due to the Lack of Visible Toxic WARNING Labels!!Active Ingedient for this Harmful Product is an illegal LawnPesticide. Our dog is still having the symptoms that are listed on EPA’s website.How many pets will have to suffer before the government puts a stop to harmful pet care products being sold in our stores.If you are also suffering to due these pet care products share the word.

Hartz flea drops-more expensive than I thought

I bought Hartz flea drops at a discount store because they were so much more inexpensive than the prescription kind they sell at the vets. I bought the drops for “less than 10 lb.” cats. I put it on Marley on March 3rd at 8:30 am. I went about my business for the day but saw her crouched under our coffee table, her muscles twitching, at about 2:30 pm. I bathed the area (back of the neck) where I had placed the drops and called the vet. They said to bring her in immediately. I’m happy to say she is fine after fluid therapy: iv drip; medication: cefazolin, robaxin; a special bath to strip her skin of any residual Hartz medication, and a 2 day stay in the hospital-all totalling $544.55. We consider pets as family members and there was no doubt that we would spend the money to save Marley, but I would like to submit my bill to Hartz for reimbursement-If anyone has any tips, or has ever received payment from hartz, I would appreciate your help.

How can this stuff still be legal?

We have an 8 year old Siamese cat that my husband bought for me for a wedding present. She has never been outside a day in her life, so we were shocked when we found a flea on her! We knew that if there was one there had to be thousands more so we went to our local store and bought the Hartz brand Advanced care flea and tick drops plus. I honestly did not know that there was any chance of it actually harming my cat. We applied the drops and we noticed her almost immediately acting strange. She wouldn’t respond to us her ears and legs were twitching and she was shaking her head. Then we noticed she was foaming at the mouth as well as liquid coming out of her nose. We washed it off of her with liquid dish soap, and it has seemed to get better, but this was just yesterday and her ears are still twitching a lot. I am hoping this is going to go away soon. PLEASE! Don’t use this STUFF!! If only I had found this site 2 days ago, we wouldn’t be going through this.