My Poor Cat.. Another Hartz Victim Here!

I was concerned that my cat had fleas because I saw pepper like dirt in her hair. The dirt was only in her white hair around her neck and no place else. I did not see any bugs.. but we just moved to the country in July and I was concerned so trying to be a good mother I go and buy flea drops this past Monday and of course I bought Hartz not knowing that they were so dangerous. The next day I get home from work and see cat hair all over the floor when I walked in. I go to check her and see that she has red marks, raw skin where we applied it and of course has bald spots. I had a heart attack and started rinsing her with warm water. I called my neighbor (another cat owner) who suggested I put some benadryl on her skin so I did and she stopped scratching. A few hours later I rinsed her some more with warm water. We don?t have a vet yet up here cause we just moved here but I called some places who warned me that cats have died from it. I had a heart attack and started to cry. I was so scared. I watched her the next couple days and saw that she was still playful, had her usually fat cat appetite, stool was normal, etc. It?s been 6 or 7 days now and he red marks are starting to scab and look like they are trying to heal and the itching has just about stopped. She appears to be just fine. I WANT THAT STUFF OUT OF PET STORES TO SAVE OTHERS. I think I was very lucky after reading other peoples stories. We only put half the little tube on her and my cat is pretty fat, well over 10 pounds so I hope not too much of it went into her. My friends keep telling me that tomorrow would be 1 week since we applied it and if something terrible were to happen, it would have happened already. Is that true? Can I breath now? Did we get through this with only minor skin irritation? Please say yes.

Hartz Gerbil Cage

This happened a number of years ago, but it really turned me off to Hartz products. Hartz produced a gerbil cage, advertized as safe for this species in which my gerbil chewed through in no time at all. Now that I have far more experience with this species, it is obvious that any gerbil(s) could chew through this product and become lost in less than 24 hours of being put into the cage. After calling the hotline, I was instructed to mail the cage back (at my expense) for a refund/replacement. I did so and never heard from them again. While this is not as serious as the issue with their flea control products, I still feel that the marketing of this product as safe for gerbils is indicative of their shoddy work and lack of concern for animals.

hartz killed my cat

We have – I mean had – a VERY healthy, happy and active Siamese cat named Sam. He used to go to the vet once a year for shots – THAT’S IT. Recently he brought some fleas home with him so I bought Hartz Flea and Tick control. Two days after I applied the drops he suddenly died. I buried him while my grief-stricken wife and two crying daughters watched.
Hartz poisoned my cat, and I will let PetCo. & Pet Supplies Plus know about it, as well as everyone else I know. I will never – nor will my family’s hundreds of acquaintences – ever buy any Hartz product, nor any products of Sumitomo.
I won’t dig up my beloved cat for an autopsy, because he doesn’t deserve that. I must now live with the guilt of poisoning my cat with Hartz for the rest of my life. Hartz are a bunch of murderers, and will get what they deserve one day. To those at Hartz who are responsible for allowing this madness to continue: you are the lowest form of human being – may you die a painful death just like my cat.

4 cats in the vet this morning due to Hartz!!!

It all started when I took one of my cats to the vets for a standard checkup. When he came back I noticed he had fleas a few days later, so I knew all my cats would get them. (I have 4 cats) I was shopping at Target that same day and noticed the Hartz medication- SO much cheaper than buying Revolution for all of them I thought. After I applied the Hartz, one of my cats starting twitching the next morning and acting lethargic. Suffice it to say, I took him in immediately and after the vet explained the Hartz dilema to me, I took the rest of them in. My vet told me that they have 3 cases a week like this and she has been trying to get the FDA to pull Hartz for a while. I applied all the medication properly and can’t for the life of me understand why reputable stores sell this garbage! I am extremely worried for the health of my cats and will participate in any class action lawsuit against Hartz.

‘Simpsons’ episode references Hartz-Mountain problems

In the Simpsons episode “Two Dozen and One Greyhounds” they reference the problems found with Hartz-Mountain products. I thought some people might find this interesting. Here’s the quote from the episode:

Marge: Excuse me, we’re having a problem with our dog.
Clerk: Lady, I’ll tell you what I’m telling everyone else: I’m sorry if
your dog went blind, but your gripe is with Hartz Mountain, not
with me.
Marge: No, no! Our dog is out of control: he’s wild, destructive, andhas little or no respect for authority.


I was watching this episode as a rerun, and I was shocked to hear this reference! My kitty just got fleas, and in searching for a treatment, I stumbled upon this website. I was appalled at how Hartz Mountain kept these products on the market, even though they obviously caused harm to animals.

Knowing The Simpsons‘ track record on political commentary, I can only assume that this line was meant as a jab at Hartz Mountain.

Sergeants flea and tick spray

I have used Sergeants flea and tick spray in the past and never had any problems. I had even used it on very young kittens. Just applied it right at the sink to kill most of the fleas off and then imediatley washed it off. BUT this past year using it in the same matter and even on kittens “OLD” enough to use product according to their label, I have had them all die left and right. I didnt realize it was the product doing this beings I had no trouble in the past but now I know that this product is a cat killer. I urge everyone to be very aware of this product as well as the Hertz. Ive never seen such horror in mylife when its came to my pets.

Thank God

A few weeks ago I purchased Hartz flea drops to use on my 2 year old beautiful white long haired cat, Cotton. I only used the drops on him one time. Right after our cat did seem to develop what seemed to be a cold with some sneezing and coughing. I never really thought much of it, we thought that she just developed a little kitty cold. He seems fine now, THANK GOD!!! I was just thinking about giving him another treatment, while I was reading our local newspaper and happened to glance at the letters to the editor. One of the letters that caught my eye was from a local person warning people not to use Hartz flea products on your pets because she did and it just killed her family cat. I am so thankful to this woman for writing this letter when she did and I happened to see it just in time before giving our family cat another treatment. She may have just saved our kitty’s life. My heart-felt thanks to the lady who wrote this letter, and my heart goes out to all of you that were not as lucky as I was. May god bless you all!!

Vet Hears Horror Stories

I was at the vet with my cat today and while I was in the treatment room the receptionist interrupted with an urgent call from a frantic cat owner. She had put Hartz drops on her cat and he was having a violent reaction to it. He recommended she wash the cat immediately with a strong detergent that would remove the product.

After the receptionist left I asked him about Hartz drops. I had read online about the dangers but had no firsthand information. He told me the drops often caused extremely violent reactions in cats. I was apalled that his product remains on the market and I’m making sure that everyone I know who loves animals knows about it.

Pixar update

Received a check yesterday in the mail from Hartz with an apologetic letter for our experience and a check for the FULL amount of my vet bill which I submitted to them with the lab reports. They did assure me in the letter that their product is tested for safety and approved by the EPA, but hopefully if people keep writing into them – they will look further into their products. Anyway – Pixar is completely back to normal and healthy. Thank you for this website which made me take her to the vet right away and I am sorry to all those who aren’t as lucky.


Last night, I gave Jewel some Hartz flea drops on the back of her neck. This morning, she started twitching and her eyes were dilated. I immediately called the doctor on-call, who told me the Hartz product is highly toxic, and that she needed treatment. Jewel was admitted to the hospital with “pyrethrin type toxicity”, was bathed with dish soap, given anti-seizure medicine and IV fluids, and hospitalized for the day for observation. Her doctor specifically told me that, unfortunately, this is a common reaction to Hartz flea products, and that Hartz has had several complaints from consumers. I was shocked to hear this since the product is available in all grocery stores, pet stores, etc.

Jewel came home with me tonight, but I can’t sleep for fear that she won’t make it through the night. She’s still twitching, and hiding under the bed. I was told the symptoms will probably last until the poison is out of her system. This makes me sick to my stomach. I had no idea a product made FOR cats could actually KILL them. How many more lives have to be spared before Hartz takes this product off the shelf!!!