HARTZ FLEA AND TICK PRODUCTS ARE HARMFUL TO DOGS ALSO. These products should be banned and off the shelves!!
Pet lovers believe them to be safe because they are available at stores everywhere, and also dont need a visit to your vet.
The ingredients are INSECTICIDES that may be TOXIC, and could be FATAL for your Pet.
Please dont buy them to save money, they are not safe.
If your pet suffers a reaction, TIME is NOTon your side in seeking treatment.

Ignorance is Not Bliss!

I, too, made the mistake of trying Hartz’ Flea & Tick treatment with the same horrible results as many of you. My cat’s behavior became extremely erratic and frightening. Unfortunately, I had no idea it was a reaction to the Hartz treatment until I talked to a friend the next day. I rushed my cat to the Vet and, fortunately, she is okay.

How can I help get the word out to grocery stores?
(My Vet was well aware of the problem with Hartz.)



I just found this site and have been reading through it. However, I cannot seem to find anything substantial about the Hartz Shampoos for flees. Does anyone know whether this is a safe product, or if this, like their drops, is a hazard to kitty-health? I’d really like to know. I’ve got 2 wonderful cats that have been battling with flees for months now. They are getting better, but I still would like to continue with some form of medication, preferably not something as harsh as drops. I’ve had them on Vet-recommended stuff and also on some drops from Holland. We’ve been using the bath off and on and they don’t like it, but it’s hard to say if it’s due to the shampoo or just because they both absolutely HATE getting wet. I haven’t noticed any oddities in them after treatments, but I don’t want to risk them getting sick or dying either.
My thanks in advance. My heart goes out to all you cat-parents who’ve lost your babies.

hatrz flea drops

I need some help, right now my cat is at the vets hooked up to an IV, caused by the flea drops i thought would help my cat and not kill her. I’ve read all the others victims stories on here and noticed everyone is in the US. I am in canada, and was wondering if any lawsuits are currently going on over here. I am waiting to hear back from my vet to see if she’s going to make it, so im saying a prayer. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. You can contact me at [email protected]

Please Help

I happened upon this site because I had done a search on hartz flea product’s. My cat of 5 year’s has just become infested with flea’s. I am stuck between the decision of using a pesticide flea treatment or letting my poor baby suffer the blood thirsty wrath of these flea’s. I am worried the flea’s will eventually kill her. Can someone please advise me as to what route I can take to effectively cure this problem with the utmost safety. If I lost my baby I would be heartbroken forever. I am so glad I found this site before hartz poisoned my baby to death. Thank god for site’s like this one.. Please help if you can this is an extreme emergency..


Pedro thanks you all

I gave Pedro the 4 in 1 flea drops on saturday afternoon. He didn’t act all that weird on saturday, but by sunday, I noticed his ears twitching a lot. He shook his head more than normal too. As the day progressed, he became slower and slower and also was running a fever and felt really hot. He was still eating and I didn’t put 2 and 2 together at that point. When I got to work monday morning, I decided to look online for these symptoms and I came upon this site. THANK YOU EVERYONE. As every pet owner here must have felt, guilt, fright… all around freaking out… oh my god, these horrible drops i put on are going to kill my cat… all went through me at once. I rushed home and Pedro was about the same. Really hot, twitchy, just slow. I immediately washed and bathed him thoroughly and brought him to my vet who was kind enough to take him right away. A day later, I have Pedro home, thankfully. His blood screening didn’t show too too much toxicity, so I am hoping t!
hat this experience doesn’t cause lasting damage. The vet flushed him out with fluids and by rehydrating him and getting this poison out, his fever of almost 104 is now a normal temperature. The twitching has stopped. He’s way more alert. Of course, I’ll keep an eye on him to make sure that all is well. I know that this site mentioned other symptoms like puking, foaming at the mouth, etc. My vet also asked about either bloody pee or stool. So if you are reading this and this all has just happened to your cat- check for these signs and really, act fast. It might save your cat’s life. Sure, I now have a $300+ vet bill on my hands, but who cares… I have Pedro and he seems so much better. I will try to send all of the Vet stuff to Hartz and we’ll see what happens w/ my complaint. Thanks again to all who have written and I am so sorry for all who have lost a beloved friend to this poison. I am shocked that it’s still sold. It’s so disgusting. I will be sure to be!
more careful with any product I ever give to my pet. Please do the s
ame and pass the word that Hartz is a terrible company that sells poison that kills not fleas, but cats. Pedro, my big fat grey 6 yr old kitty (him being fat also might have saved him- he’s probably 15 lbs or so) thanks you for giving his mommy the info necessary to treat this fast. Last but not least, LET’S GO RED SOX!!! -A thankful Boston kitty owner who thinks this site is wicked pissah

Hartz Flea Drops Are a DANGER!

Sure, the Drops took care of the fleas, but it’s like motor oil on my cats neck. I can’t even pet him without that “stink” all over my hands, even three days later! Most importantly,,, Everytime I see my cat, he’s scratching his neck. I thought this might go away after a day or two but no. I believe the little guy’s in some pain! A friend smelled his hand after petting the cat and swears that the product is toxic; from all I’ve read and experianced, he’s right.
Not cool Hartz. Your lucky that my cat can’t speak up.

Hartz almost killed our kittens.

We adopted Xim and Gir from our vets office. We had been looking for two kittens for our children and a vet tech had found some abandoned kittens on the street a few weeks earlier. They are beautiful grey domestics. My daughter said she saw a flea on Xim and I purchased Hartz Cat and Kitten flea shampoo. I made sure the product was safe for kittens. Boy was I wrong! Within 15 minutes of application the kittens began to freak out. Running around, meowing, clawing, their ears were layed flat pack on their heads and they were twitching so rapidly it made me throw up to see it. We rushed them to the emergency vet clinic and took the product with us. The vet said that there were two ingredients not just one in the shampoo that was toxic to cats.

FDA warning letter to Hartz in 2003


I found this quite interesting. Hartz pet wormer caused my grandcat to have internal bleeding and now is on an antibiotic and pain meds. Daughter is looking for a lawyer. Grama

My cat is on the verge of living

I purchased Hartz flea drops today and applied them to my cat thinking that since the product was sold that it was a safe product….. but come to find out that hours later my cat is having serious seizures. I rushed him to the emergency vet and he is on the verge of living. ANd i also have to pay a $400 vet bill. I am outraged that they would release a product like this and I WOULD APPRECIATE ANY INFO ON HOW TO EITHER JOIN THE CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT AGAINST HARTZ OR INFO ON HOW TO BE REPAID FOR THIS BIll. thanks so much.
carissa matthews