Almost Lost my cat :-(

Have been battling a flea problem between my 2 dogs and 1 cat…spraying everything inside and out for weeks but to no avail. Unsuspectingly bought some Hartz flea control drops for my cat and placed a tube on him in the morning. By the time I got home from work, he was tremoring terribly and his eyes were glazed over. I quickly bathed him and called the vet who told me to IMMEDIATLEY bring him in once I told him I had used a Hartz flea control product on him. They said they lost many animals from the use of this product. I rushed him to the ER and he spent the night on IV and shots for the tremors. Luckily I got him there in time for them to save him but it cost me $400 in vet bills not to mention almost losing him forever. The vet told me they have been trying to get them to remove their products from the shelves for years because not only does it kill innocent animals but it DOESN”T EVEN WORK!!! But, they obviously do not care about animals, only their own pockets. I will never buy another Hartz product ever again!!!


I also have a cat that was affected by a Hartz product. My sons 8 mo. old kitten had fleas… so today my brother and I went to Krogers to get him some flea spray …. it said that it would kill the fleas in 5-10 minutes. what it neglected to say was that it may also kill your cat w/ in 24 hrs after use. After standing in the pet aisle for several minutes reading the bottles we chose Hartz Flea and tick repellent and when I got home I applied it to Smokey… for a long haired cat he was to get 15-25 sprays, but I didnt use that many sprays … a few hrs later Smokey was staggering around and had diarrhea and was drooling…. so I washed him several times (with bar soap) and wrapped him in a few towels and in a heating pad because he wouldnt stop shaking …my sister read that valuim worked on several other cats that were POISONED by Hartz products…. so right now Smokey is finally eating and drinking which is something he wouldnt do earlier before. I think we may have caught his poisoning in the nick of time . And dont bother trying to call the Hartz phone number.. I tried and no one answered … they seem to want to kill your pets instead of trying to help them !!!

Hartz denies they killed Scruffy!

My friend Andy received from Hartz today a letter stating their product did not kill Scruffy. It is signed by a Dr. Jill Richardson. This person must have the absolute lowest ethical standards…how anyone can work for this company is beyond me…

We are NOT finished with Hartz yet. If anyone needs the Kinship Circle sample letters, please get in touch with me [email protected] and I will send them to you. They are full of contact information. They target the retailers, manufacturers, the government agenies.

It is interesting to note that the owners of Hartz, Sumitomo, is a big customer of HLS, the most horrific of the animal testing labs. Since Sumitomo uses HLS, we have to assume that HLS is conducting the testing of these products. That alone is frightening! I can almost see HLS employees laughing as an animal seizes from this poison…. to learn more about this group and why this connection is so frightening visit

I am so sorry and heartbroken for all of you that have lost your beloved fur babies to this deadly product. I don’t know what I will do with Andy. He is not handling this well at all. Scruffy was his constant companion in this world. Rest in peace, Scruffy, you aren’t forgotten….and I’m doing the best I can to help your Daddy…

baby kittens nearly dead

i went to get flea stuff for kittens and read the package didnt say anything about being bad for kittens so i got it sprayed them was up all night with one haveing seizures and foaming the others couldnt walk wouldnt eat the mother also sprayed wont nurse now so i have to feed them but they wont eat and the mom wont do anything dont know if theyll get better i hope for now there still alive and its been 24hrs

Hartz 3 in 1 Flea Medication

We had to have our cat put to sleep due to the Hartz 3in 1 flea medicine. Our vet was very sympathetic but stated that Hartz products are not at all good for our feline friends despite the claims. He asked us to research phenothrin on the Internet as well as study all the negative claims against Hartz. Not only are we mourning the loss of our beloved cat we are also learning about the tremendous devastion their products cause. I am glad I found this website. In memory of my now deceased cat I will advocate against Hartz at any given chance. Here’s to my baby “PuffBall”!

My CAt Was poisoned and has now been killed

Sunday September 19th, 2004 my family and i brought homea beautiful orange tabby 14 weeks old. he was the most lovable thing. I have a 2 1/2 month old son that cuddled and played him so when I found a flea I wanted to treat him. It was suggested to me that with my finacial situation I could get a cheap treatment at the store. That Monday night, i gave him the treatment and he seemed to be okay. The next day I noticed that there was no poop in the litter box and his food was barely touched. (Flea treatment was Hartz Plus 4 in 1, 10lbs and under) i watched the cat that Tuesday night, he seemed fine no irritation to the skin, which by the way was the only side affect listed on the package. he played well but was very tired that night. Wednesday morning, i cleaned his clean cat box. there was no poop or pee in the box. so when i got off work that day i washed off what ever was left of the treatment on his fur. and tried to give him something to eat. all he did was stare at his bowl so i made an appointment to be seen the next day. Thursday morning still a clean litter box and the food wasnt touched. I took the cat in to the animal emergency room when he started to vomit. Unfortunately, i was sent home because by this time he was too dehydrated and i didn’t have the money to keep him there. i was told to keep him warm until the morning thencall up a couple of vets that would do payment plans. Friday morning at 5 am i heard the kitten moaning so i went to his cage and he was tremoring violently, then vomited bile and poop. He passed on 3 minutes later.

The directions on the box read only that it was toxic to fish, The side affects that read after the topic of toxic the domesticated animals only said that it would irritate the skin, so wash it off if that occured. it said nothing about the kitty inhaling it or anything. My Kitten didn;t have the side affects listed on the box. When i went to the store today, that product ( the same thing that i bought) was either sold out or taken off the shelf. I read the other boxes and they listed more side affects, still not including consumption or inhaling the product. Also the product i bought was the only one that said to drip the product from the base of the head to the base of the tail and it was the one with the lease amount of side affects listed. Is there anything I can do? Posible lawsuit? Help! Hurting family, missing their kitten.

Lucky Kitty

Less than 24 hrs. ago, we gave our 3 cats Hartz flea and tick drops. This morning, one of my cats couldn’t walk, couldn’t open her eyes, and was having seizures. We rushed her to the vet, diagnosed with a toxic reaction to the Hartz. She spent the next 24 hrs. hooked to IV fluid, Valium, and Diazepam. She came home to us tonite, but is still lethargic, not eating, and stumbles, mostly staying on the couch. Also, she now has high toxic levels of the Hartz in her liver, which may or may not ever be normal. We’re very fortunate to have her home, but this once healthy, energetic, and loving kitty will never be the same. What we thought was something to comfort her and our family during flea season, has left our hearts broken, and our days full of guilt. PLEASE, don’t use Hartz on your kitties! She is still our precious pet, as well as part of our family, and we will cherish her and love her for the rest of our days together.

My 3 cats all adversely affected by Hartz

My wife and I have 3 cats. She applied Hartz to all 3 and they all had horrible reactions to it and I consider us lucky none are dead. My 1st cat, a 20 lbs Maine Coon, shortly after being treated with Hartz went into some sort of seizure and lost bowel and bladder control. My 2nd cat had labored breathing and horrible blistering of the application site. My 3rd cat had blistering and hair loss in the application site. I’ve paid close to 700 dollars in vet bills, but I would have paid twice that if my cats could have avoided going through this. On top of all the medical problems, it had no affect on the fleas.

I live in the San Diego area and would like to know if anyone has been successful in a lawsuit against Hartz. Something has to be done about them because they have a lethal product on the shelves.

cat develops liver disease

my cats had fleas and washing them did not prevent reinfestation. I purchased and used Hartz flea and tick drops. After a month I had placed a second dosage on him and the cat gradually lost its apatite, lost weight and acted skiddish. He has since stopped eating and is very lethargic. I took him to the veterinarian and he was diagnosed with liver disease. We are treating him, but he still won’t eat. He has to be force fed. His liver is greatly enlarged and he has a high bilirubin count.

any other pets experience this?