Another Hartz Advance Care Victim

I just had my experience with the Hartz Advance Care Flea & tick drops for cats under 10 lbs. I put the drops on about 3 am this morning before going to bed and woke up to find one of my 5 month old kittens shaking severely and weak. I called the Vet to find out if it was a reaction to the drops and as mentioned in other stories, I was told it was a reaction and to wash him several times to get the medicine off. I called the Hartz 1-800# and reported it and tried to find out if there was an antecdote for the ingredient Phenothrin, which the Vet was not familiar with. The man I spoke with on the phone said my Vet would have to call and speak with the Hartz Vet to discuss the treatment for this. So when I took my kitten in, my Vet said that Hartz first told him that it must be an allergic reaction and my Vet questioned it because of the symptoms. Then the Hartz Vet told him that some cats are born without a certain enzyme that helps break down the Phenothrin. Whichever the case may be, after reading through some of these stories, this seems to be a usual occurance and something should be done about it.

I felt so bad for Mopey but I didn’t know it would have an effect on him or that Hartz is considered to be a bad product. Anyway, the Vet gave him Valium to help with the shakes and some benadryl. He’s on the couch sleeping. I hope he makes it through this. Meanwhile, I have bathed the other 3 cats so he won’t be in contact with it. I will never buy Hartz products again and will warn friends and family also.

My Worst Nightmare

About 5 years ago, my Xuxa (tabby) was given a dose of Hartz’s flea medicine because she was having problems with fleas due to my beagle. I gave it to her an hour before I went to bed. When I woke up the next morning I noticed Xuxa was lethargic, disoriented, and basically not herself. I thought maybe she was sick or something so I proceeded to start getting ready for work. When I came out of the bathroom, she was on my bed, barely able to stand long. I gave her attention and tried to figure out what could be wrong.
The thought of hartz’s products being a problem never crossed my mind at that point. I called out to Tiny (my beagle mix) to come sit with Xuxa on the bed. When he jumped on the bed Xuxa went crazy and fell off the bed, and had a seizure.
I screamed bloody hell and had my mother (I was living with my parents at the time) running into my bedroom. When I explained what had just happened, we immediately called the vet who told us to wash off the medicine and bring her into the emergency clinic.
On my way there, I had Xuxa in my arms, wrapped in a towel since she was wet and I did not want her to be cold. Just when we arrived at the clinic, she seized again. Upon arrival, the kind people took her and ran an IV line into her to flush out her system. I had to bring her to my vet two hours later for further observation. They all saved my precious’s life.
It took Xuxa a very long time to recover. To this day, she still wobbles a little bit and loses balance. Probably due to the trauma she had. I call her my little “neurotic” girl. *grinning*
For as long as I live I will never ever forget that day when I almost lost one of my furkids. I have never put anything else on her to this day. I trust only Frontline for my furkids if they need to use flea medicine.

Please help spread the word and get hartz’s products off the line!

Spirit ( my golden retriever) died from Hartz toy

A week ago, my dog, Spirit was acting strange like he had a bellyache so we took him to our vet and he did xrays and found out he had a blockage in his intestines and stomache. They tried for 2 days to get him to pass it but Monday morning they had to operate. I went right up there when he told me they were operating. When I got there my vet had a ziplock bag containing the stuffing of a Hartz plush toy!! He wasn’t even 2 years old yet and the trama of the surgery caused him to have a heart attack and he died. I can not get over losing him. I found how to contact Hartz and will be writing them a long letter concerning the harm these toys can cause. I don’t want what happened to my dog happen to anyone elses. To some people he was a dog, but to me he was my son and words cannot express how much I miss him and if not for that toy, he would still be here with me today!!!

Hartz Soothing Bath for Birds

In June of 2003, I purchased a Hartz spray for birds that was marketed as a soothing gentle bath for keeping their feathers clean. I used it once and I noticed the cockatiel got very still after- but I mistakenly used it again. The second time I sprayed her, her entire body went rigid and her head dropped. She would not respond to touch or to sound. I rushed her to U of Pennsylvania’s emergency veterinary clinic where they diagnosed her as reacting with a neurological episode. They did not have an antidote. She survived- but was in that state for aproximately 2 hours.


After administering the 2nd dosage of Hartz tick and flea drops, we noticed a significant change in our 10 year old terrier, Bingo. He became lethargic, experieced loss of appetite and wobbly on his feet. Our vet was not concerned about the Hartz product but deterioration continued. Finally, last week his weight loss and dehydration were so significant that he was administered fluids and a scope was performed. His intestines are on fire. After the fluids and antibiotics, he seems to have improved. The blood in his stools has disappeared. What else can we be doing? Diet? Homeopathic? Herbal? Thanks so much!

Hartz Flea Dip almost killed my cats

I almost killed 3 of my cats with Hartz flea dip. I purchased it at a food store after seeing my cats were crawling with fleas. At the time, 2 of my cats were 6 months old, and 1 was about 2 years old. I poured the flea dip on them, and one flew out a window, and another cat got stuck in the heating duct trying to get away from me. The solution soaked in to their skin. Hours later, they were drooling, lethargic, losing their balance, foaming at the mouth. By the time I could get it off them, it was too late – they were hardly able to walk. I took them to the vet – they couldnt do much for them at this point, but rinse them. My cats survived. They were sick for a week – unable to jump, foaming at the mouth, heads swaying back and forth – I dont know how they survived, but they did. I dont know if it caused long term effects, but years later, my cats are very sickly. One has chronic pneumonia, and a collapsed lung from respiratory problems. Since that day, I have sworn off toxic chemicals completely. What a horrible, horrible incident, and product.

dog seizures and flea collar

i recently submitted a post regarding my lab mix having a seizure after using a Hartz flea collar. Just to add- the evening I posted my story i removed the collar- she has not had a seizure since…clean bill of health from vet- i am convinced it was the new Hartz flea collar since it is the only time she ever seized and has not seized again since its removal…….PS- I also removed collar from my Boxer and kitty cat- I am scared to death of those things!

Hartz Doesn’t Work!

I used Hartz Flea and Tick drops on the recommendation of a friend because of the price. Two weeks after applying the product to both of my dogs, I was still picking ticks off! Not to mention the ones I found on the rug. I couldn’t even use another product, for fear of poinsoning my dogs further. Cheaper is NOT better, especially when the product DOES NOT WORK!!

Border Collie Owners Beware!

On Monday, August 23rd we gave our Border Collie Max his first dose of the Hartz Advance Care Flea and Tick Drops. He is 8 months and 33 pounds. He had a reaction within 10 minutes! His symptoms were, drunken-like walking, vomiting, foaming at the mouth, and partial paralysis. We rushed him to the vet and he was given two injections to calm the reaction. We gave him a bath immedeately upon his reaction and one with mild dish detergent when we got home. He has become dehydrated and is still a little gloomy 48 hours later. He recieved a shot for nausea today as well as subcutaneous fluids for his dehydration. He is expected to make a full recovery but that was uncertain at first. I called Hartz today and filed a complaint and they also transferred me to the Poison Control Center (I thought) to file a complaint. I spoke to a vet that told me that his symptoms were impossible in relation to this product based on the info in their database. I told him, there is a first time for everything!! He is with the Animal Product Safety Service, a division of the ASPCA and Animal Poison Control Service. When I got on the internet this afternoon to do research on this I was appauled to find all the horrible info on this product. I thought this was a brand to trust!

almost lost our kitty

I bought the Hartz advance care for my 9 month old cat, Fishbone. I applied it as directed. I layed down to take a nap and about an hour later when I got up my son said something was wrong with Fishbone. He was breathing hard and shaking. I was chatting with a friend and told her what was going on. I mentioned that I had used the Hartz product. She said very strongly “get him washed off immediately and to the vet. I Washed him with dish soap immediately and took him to the vet. The vet was dismayed and said that he wished they would stop selling that product at Walmart as it cause problems “more than often”. He gave my cat a shot and the cat recovered. But he said…”some don’t” He told me that washing the cat probably saved his life. I went to Walmart and told them my story and let them copy my bill from the Dr. and they “said they would follow up on it. If these big stores would stop carrying it….then Hartz would have to pull it. Thankfully our cat is ok but I warn everyone not to use the product!