The guilt is killing me…..

This past Friday, I used the spot on OTC flea stuff on my 2 cats. Within an hour, both cats were acting very strange. Like a big stupid dope, I went out to dinner anyway. When I returned home my 26 pound cat was curled up around the toilet with eyes as big as saucers and scared to death. The smaller cat was having terrible convulsions and could not walk. She was crying uncontrollably at the top of her little lungs. I was horrified. I called the only emergency animal hospital around, that was an entire county away, and they told me to get the cat in ASAP. I drove 95 mph the whole way there……damned be the police at that point! The vet there told me that if I had not rushed my precious little kitty there she would have died without help. My fat cat made it through because he was 3 times the size as the others. He was “high” for 2 solid days. It cost me over $500 and 3 days of stress to make my kitty well, but no amount of money will ever fix the guilt I feel for almost killing her. I am just sick over the whole ordeal. Not only did I throw out the OTC crap, I also destroyed all the Rx stuff for my dogs and horses. I don’t know if the same stuff is in all of it, but I NEVER want to put another animal through something like that again. They can just get fleas. I’ll spend the rest of my life dipping them if that is what it takes. Good God what is wrong with a company that makes and markets a product like this to unsuspecting people and the animals they so deeply love?!?!?!

advanced flea drops made my cat sick!!!

I purchased the hartz advanced care flea drops this weekend b/c I hadn’t gotten a chance to go to the vet for the “real” drops. I figured if anything they just wouldn’t work very well, but would work until i could get them into the vet. I applied it to both of my cats. one cat seemed fine, but the other one started drooling/foaming at the mouth. I figured she must have licked a little off and it made her salivate. I rinsed her mouth out and she seemed fine. she really wasn’t happy, hissed a lot and seemed very lethargic. I figured she was just mad b/c I had put on the medicine. I decided to do a little research online and was SHOCKED and STUNNED to find out that so many cats have had problems with these drops! I watched the video of the cats getting sick, and last night my poor baby threw up a tiny bit. I immediately washed that poison off of her and my other cat. (yes they also STILL have fleas) after washing it off they both seem ok. They have started eating again, playing, and no more throwing up. but I am still very very concerned. I called the vet and made an appt for them to take a look at the cats, and to get the real drops. unfortunately I can’t see the vet until July 13th, so I’m going to have to keep a very close eye on both of them until they can go. if they throw up or have any twitching or drooling or anything odd I am shipping them directly to the pet ER. I don’t want to take any chances. I am horrified that they sell this product in my grocery store. I plan on gathering information to present to them and asking for them to remove the item from their shelves. I am outraged at hartz and will boycott them as well as tell everyone I know to boycott them. I wish there was a way to force hartz to take this product off the market. just re-labeling it is NOT enough! how can they sleep at night knowing they are killing our beloved animals?!!!!! Hartz needs to be stopped!!

Hartz is Toxic

I used the Hartz flea and tick medication on my two cats this past Sat. and by 10:00 Sun. night one was drooling and having seizure like convulsions. His eyes were glazed over and he acted like he could not wake up. I rushed them both to the emergency vet. One is still not out of the woods yet, but the vet said he has seen this before and is pretty sure he will be ok. He said if I had not been home he most likely would have died! He said this product is extremely toxic to cats and has killed many and told me there is a class action law suit. I emailed Hartz and How can they let this stuff stay on the shelves? How?! I also emailed the Bi-Lo store I purchased it at and begged them to take it off their shelves.

Medicated Shampoo Caused Seizure in my Beagle

Recently I bathed my 3yr old Beagle with Hartz Medicated Shampoo because she had a little dandruff and some scratching issues. A little later in the day I was going about my business when all of the sudden she started going into a seizure. She fell over on the floor and all of her muscles tightened while she shook. All I could do was try to talk to her and confort her through this terrible episode until after a minute she finally relaxed. At this point she began drooling and panting and was obviously exhausted from the event. Later in the day she also experienced diarhhea and an unsettled stomach. We have never had anything the least bit wrong with our girl until this. To me her symptoms were consistent with a possible poisonous reaction so I consulted my vet.

After talking with my vet he informed me that all too often the over the counter medicated products like the ones made by Hartz are inconsistent with their ingredient amounts and therefore potentially harmful batches are put out on the shelves unknown to us until we see our pets suffereing! I contacted Hartz but was quickly and somewhat rudely brushed off and told that “…nothing in our (Hartz) products could do that.” When I requested a list of the shampoo’s ingredients, since they are not listed on the label, I was denied that information. This upset me and especially my husband who happens to be a (bio)chemist and was very interested in the ingredients. I write this only to warn and urge people not to use these products so they will not have to go through the agony of seeing their beloved companions suffereing due to the irresponsibility of product manufacturers. Thankfully it appears that our Beagle is now doing well and should make a full recovery.

Not just cats…

Our 10 month old healthy Shar-pei suddenly collapsed & became listless, we rushed her to the Emergency vet where she underwent a series of tests. She has since been diagnosed with Liver disease that the emergency vet & our vet state that the application of the flea & tick drops caused. She is at home now, taking antibiotics & a steroid to build up her liver. She appears to be doing much better but we will not know whether the damage is permanent or not for a few more weeks. A very eye-opening and expensive experience that should never have happened !!!

Smokey is gone

I want to thank all of you that answered my questions and for your support. Smokey was put to sleep on Saturday. He never recovered. He spent his last days in a cage, alone and scared not knowing what was happening to him or why. The Vet and his staff did all they could. I don’t know that I will ever get over the fact that I did this to him. I am heartbroken and miss him so much. I have contacted several attorneys, but need to find other people in TN who did not settle with them. If you are intrested please email me [email protected] I don’t know that anything will come of this or any of them will take on Hartz, but I am willing to try. Nothing will make this right, but I don’t want anyone else to go through what I am. His bills were over $600.00 and I still lost him. I don’t care about the money, I can get more money. Smokey is gone forever. I keep wondering “what if” going over in my mind if I got him to the Emergency Clinic fast enough, if I bathed him well enough, why in the hell I used Hartz in the first place. I guess its true what they say about hindsight.


I had told you about my cat, Smokey and how I had to have him put to sleep. I
have found an attorney that is interested in this. I need to locate any victims
in Tennessee that would be interested. If i could find enough people, he may
take this case. I would appreciate any help you can be. Please put this on your
site with my email address.
[email protected]

I appreciate your concern and help. Also, as far as my cat, Hartz basically
wants to know if I do have any legal grounds. My vet is sending my cat to
Illinois for an autopsy. Like we don’t already know what killed him. I should
have positive proof within the week. Thank you.

Little Eyes – A survivor – BARELY

Our cat Little Eyes is the latest victim. I unknowingly purchased the “trusted” Hartz brand flea & tick drops. I applied them before leaving in the morning and when I got home that afternoon our cat was suffering.
To be honest, I don’t even like the cat, but I love my daughter and watching a fifteen year old suffer right along with her cat was more than anyone should ever have to bear.
We got her to the vet literally seconds before the seizures started and they were able to control them. After an overnight stay in ICU with anti-seizure medicine, muscle relaxors, and fluids she appears to be recovering.
We must do whatever is necessary to protect our pets from this product.

a happy ending

I bought Hartz Advanced Care Plus flea and tick drops for my 3 cats. We had been successfully using Frontline previouly with no adverse effects. This time I was a little short on cash so I tried the Hartz instead. I read the lable carefully and bought the smaller-cats/kittens size for my one tiny older cat and the regular (>10 lbs) size for my other two big fat cats. The two heavyweights are fine and bug-free. The little old lady cat is still very flexible and fastidious and was able (apparently) to get a taste of the medication. She was just listless (laid on the couch for most of 2 days–for her that’s not normal), had no appetite and kept swallowing for a couple of days and now she’s better, much to our relief. By the time we figured out that it might have been the flea drops, she was better. I can only imagine what would have happened if I had given her the regular size dose.

Hartz Mountain Corp….. sick bastards!

I purchased Hartz flea and tick drops for my cat at the local target, I am ashamed that I didn’t take the warnings more seriously, although they could have put: Causes severe seizures and death in most cats! on it. but anyway, about 6 hours after i applied it, my cat Farley, started to have severe tremours, and when he got to the vets office, he had two nearly fatal seizures. I don’t konw how they can be allowed to sell such an incideous product, and not even label it properly. DON’T BUY OR APPLY THIS PRODUCT, OR ANY OF HARTZ’S PRODUCTS TO YOUR PETS. NEARLY ALL OF THEM CONTAIN THE INGREDIANTS THAT NEARLY KILLED MY BEST FRIEND! And if you think they will reimberse you for the bills you encounter soon, think again, they do an” investigation ” that takes at least 6 weeks, and then they tell you if they will reimberse, you, I’m still waiting to know if I’m going to have to cope with the 700 dollar veternary bill they pushed on me.