scary incident with hartz flea drops

I was reading an article at
and that was how I found out how dangerous hartz flea products can be to our pets.

My cat, Loki, was unusually fussy and squirmy, and kept scratching at the area to which we applied the
drops hours and hours after application. He kept prowling around the house crying and not leaving our sides, and while he is a very loving, affectionate cat, even for him it was strange. The next morning there was definitely something wrong. He was not the animated, playful, perky cat he usually is. My mother knew something was wrong so she hit the net and found a news report at our local NBC branch about pet owners having problems with these products. She then went to the link to the EPA supplied by the news report and found out how thousands and thousands of people have had the same problems, not just “rare occurances” like Hartz claims. Thanks to the information they released, they saved our cat’s life. We promptly washed all of the drop medication off of Loki with plenty of mild soap and mild water and he is now back to his usual self.

After feeling very saddened, concerned, and scared, I continued my mom’s online search and found this site. I am thankful that someone has taken the time to create this place.

If you love your pet and you love animals, please take action. We were lucky, but others have unfortunately not been so lucky.

within 24 hours,my 90 lb dog

The Day before yesterday I too was crunched for money so close to fridays payday, looking through pet smart for a safe flea product that I could afford I came across Hartz flea spray, I came home and sprayed my dog Elfy, she hated to be sprayed and ran under the dog house. Not thinking anything of it being her normal character to do this type of thing, I went about my chores. The next morning we could not find her, by the time we found her and took her to the emergency clinic last night she died before we pulled into the clinic (less than 24 hours after being prayed) The vet asked what I had used for fleas, when I told him hartz flea spray, he told me that one in 15 dogs had a deadly reaction to this product and that he didn’t even know how it could be released to be sold on the market. At this point I feel every hartz executive should be dragged out of his office and sprayed with their product and see how long it takes them to get to their Dr. They have a humorous little side note on the bottle that says “Unconditional money back guarantee” fleas will die within 5 to 10 minutes after being sprayed. It should read fleas dead in 10 minutes, pets dead in 10 hours. Please don’t use this product on your animals! My dog was a healthy 90 lb retrever/aussie mix, 7 years old never sick a day in her life. My vet asked me how many dogs I used this product on and I told him all 9 dogs, his reply was go home wash this product off your other 8 dogs and we’ll be open all night if you need us. This morning we have one dog who also has mild toxicity, but are told he will be o.k.

Massachusetts Attorney Outraged

As, many of the other horrid tales here, my buddy Nico was one of the luck

Nico is an almost 12 year old Portuguese Podengo, a rare breed, even though he
is this age, he is extremely alert.

My tale of woe began, with the horror of discovering he had fleas for the first
time in his 11 year life. Not having the time to make an appointment at the Vet,
I saw the offending Hartz product at the local supermarket.

After applying the poison late one night, Nico laid down next to me, and
actually woke me up due to the fact he was shivering as though it was 50 below

I was concerned, but decided to see how he did the next day, I finally called
the vet for an appointment, and mentioned that I used this horrific product, and
she reccomended that I bring the dog in IMMEADIATLEY…

After, being treated, and scubbing that poison off my dog, he is much better
today, however he is still not 100%.

As an attorney I am completely mystified how this product can be allowed to be
on the shelf..there are many Tort law theories which could be used to make Hartz,
and the places that carry this poison understand that this will not be

I cannot give legal advice to anyone outside Massachusetts, however something
needs to be done about this situation. If you are a Massachusetts resident my
email is [email protected]

This would appear to be a perfect candidate for a class action suit.

Blockade – Kills one, perm neuro damage for 2nd

I know Blockade is well do*****ented for pet deaths, so this is just another log on the fire I guess…

Think of this picture.. – Two cute cuddly kittens (one white, one grey tabby) snuggled together vomiting blood and convulsing while their eyes are glazing over…

The white one died within hours thankfully. – The “survivor” (grey tabby) was severely impacted with neurological damage and eventually got outside and wandered off never to be found again. (It appeared that it could see fine, but was so messed up it would run into walls if it started running after something.)

After seeing / trying in vain to take care of my (now) ex-wifes cats after they had “Hartz Blockade Toxicity” (exactly what the vets labeled it as – in writing) I will NEVER buy another Hartz product as long as I live.

This was sometime in the early ’90’s. The kittens were sprayed for fleas according to the instructions. Hartz immediately sent a reimbursement check for the vet bills. – We should have asked for emotional damages as well, I know I’ll never forget the sight…

Save your money

I put Hartz advanced flea drops on my beagle and my cat 2 nights ago. Since last night my cat has been acting very strange, agitated, and even paranoid. I took her to an emergency vet after looking at this web site. The vet said he didn’t see anything wrong with her, and the trip to the vet seemed to snap her out of it a little, but she is still acting crazy today. So to save a few bucks I used this product, and ended up spending $60 for a vet’s reassurance that she’s OK, which I still have my doubts about. And the most ironic thing is, the stuff doesn’t even work. I just picked 2 fleas off my dog today. Save your money and your pets’ sanity and buy the vet recommended flea products. This product is a sham and should not be allowed on the shelves.

In Memory of Callisto

Earlier this year, my healthy six-year-old rabbit, Callisto, was in dire need of a bath, and I was out of bunny shampoo. I had some leftover Hartz kitten shampoo and figured that, since young kittens are fairly sensitive and the shampoo wasn’t medicated, it would be safe to use on the rabbit. I was wrong.

I bathed her and went out to lunch with my cousins. Approximately two hours later, I returned home to find Callisto slumped in the corner of her cage, limp and covered in drool. She was showing signs of brain damage and had obviously had a seizure (we had an epileptic rabbit when I was younger), so we rushed her to the vet. She had another seizure and died in my arms on the way there.

The vet asked me what shampoo I’d used and didn’t think that kitten shampoo would harm a rabbit. Then she asked me what brand it was, and I told her it was Hartz. She said she’d seen numerous animals come in with life-threatening reactions to various Hartz products, and that she always advises people not to use Hartz products on any of their animals. In the end, they were unable to revive Callisto- her brain was too badly damaged. Thankfully, I hadn’t had the time to bathe my other rabbit or cats that day!

Since Callisto’s death, I’ve heard numerous Hartz horror stories. How this company can continue to market their products in good conscience is beyond me. I just hope that people will continue to get the word out and petition their local pet shops to stop carrying Hartz products. As long as Hartz products, as they stand, are on the shelves, pets will continue to suffer and die needlessly.

What I don’t understand…

Why do you have pets if you can’t afford to care for them? Story after story said “I couldn’t afford to take them to the vet” or “I couldn’t afford the bill”


Eight years ago I gave my cat a Hartz flea dip & she became seriously ill. I took her to the Vet & she was admitted but died overnight. The Vet informed me that many animals have had serious complications or death from Hartz products. I know I am not the only victom of heartache but more than anything it outrages me to see Hartz products on store shelves everywhere. I don’t understand how they can continue selling products. I hope the people responsible are enjoying they’re lives knowing they have hurt so may people. It is a shame you are so

Sleep well.


I bought HARTZ advanced care flea and tick drops for cats and kittens waying under 10 pounds. This stuff is horrible. It smells like fabric softener sheets and it gave my cat smelly spiked hair on the back of its head. I put it on my little cat and by bigger one who is probably over 10 pounds (oh well) as a preventitive measure as it says it lasts up to a month. I hope this stuff comes off soon, the cats hate it! I had to wash it off of the little kitten, and the big one doesnt seem too happy about it! I’m glad they werent allergic, but I just put it on yesterday and I hope nothing happens. Best of luck! Ban Hartz!

-Mark Bogumil

I guess third one’s a charm.

A couple of months ago I couldnt get into the Banfields Vet to get my cats their usuall flea drops, so I picked up some of the Hartz Flea and Tick drops thinking Hartz has been around a long time and I have used some of their products before, ok. I put the drops on all three of my cats, Jay 9 yrs old, Rocky 9 years old and Socks 3 years old. Within no time they were acting really weird, I first thought maybe it was the smell and the fleas weren’t happy but it just got worse, they started freaking out, their eyes were dilated, the younger female cat Socks just sat and quivered like she had electric hooked to her, if you tried to touch her she started shaking harder and it looked like you were turning up the electric. The older boys Jay and Rocky were flipping out and running wild ( these were the most loving calm cats I’ve have ever had) they were biting and scratching themselves. Having 3 and being out of work at the time I couldnt afford to take them to the vet (this guilt is so over whelming I am just now able to talk about it) I took wash cloths and tried to wipe the drops off but they were convulsing and scratching it was impossible ( I wanted to bath them but could not because of their behavior). After a few days Socks quit shaking so much but her eyes were still dilated and she would not come close. The boys wanted out so I thought maybe if they just ran they would feel better. They seemed to get alittle better and started wanting back in the house but Jay would start scratching and go into convulsions and would loose control of his bladder and urine would fly everywhere as he convulsed. He was having so many seizures he couldnt sleep he just sat in the window until another seizure would make him fall to the floor. We took him to the vet and had him put to sleep. In the mean time Rocky was hanging out outside alot but coming home covered in mud and leaves (Rocky was our most meticulous bather, his white was really white) I finally kept him in because he was getting so gaunt and wasn’t eating, his seizures were pretty often too. I couldnt take it any longer the suffering was getting unbearable, he would scratch himself until he bled, I couldnt hold his paws, they were so strong and he had no control. We put him to sleep too. My little girl cat is doing better but I was so afraid I would lose her too. She was our third cat in this group and I guess the saying “Third ones a charm” has true meaning for her. I have had Cats, Dogs, Birds,Hamsters, Gerbils, Snakes, Lizards, horses,rabbits, and have never been so shaken in my entire life. The guilt I have over using those drops instead of the ones I get from the Vet and the inability to afford a Vet for all three of my cats sent me into a bad depression, I am just now able to speak of this horrendous event in our lives. Our entire household has been upset by this, my 19 year old son cried at the site of our precious pets in misery. We kept hoping they would get better but they didnt, I thought when it wore off they would be ok but they werent. I thought Hartz was a company that cared about the animals they make products for, but they aren’t. I thought the guilt and pain would go away but it hasn’t. I can’t believe all the stories I have read, I can’t believe the response from Hartz, I can’t believe my boys are gone.