HartzVictims.org hacked

HartzVictims.org was hacked on Sunday, March 25, 2004. As far as I can tell, nothing was too terribly damaged. I had to spend a couple days (fuming) getting things back to normal but everything seems to be fine now. As you’re browsing HartzVictims.org should you see something abnormal (website-related), please let me know.



Hartz Pushing Product Via Store Displays for Summer


I was in a Randall’s grocery store yesterday in Austin, Texas. Hartz is distributing “Hartz Cares for Animals” displays that are stand-alone to chains that sell their brand. This stand-alone rack did NOT have the required Customer Fact Sheets AS REQUIRED BY THE CLASS ACTION SETTLEMENT SEVERAL YEARS AGO. Conveniently, there was no space for them! I have contacted my local store manager and also am writing to the president of Randall’s to let them know that the flyers should be displayed with the product. (There was a very small number of them shoved in the back of the regular display in the pet aisle to their credit, but NONE anywhere near the special display.)



(This message is posted in honor of a survivor known as “The Captain,” aka “Chubbs,” who lost 3.5 pounds over three weeks of near-continuous muscle spasms and periodic serious convulsions after administration of the flea/tick drops. We almost lost him. Our sympathy to those who have lost friends to this product.)


Recently I gave my kitten a dosage of the Hartz flea medicine that is “safe for cats and kittens.” Three hours after administration of the medicine, the kitten began to violently shake and tremble. These episodes were periodical in that they would last about a minute, then die down for a minute. It is important to note that these symptoms started suddenly and violently. The emergency room veterinarian has reported getting several cases a month of poisoned cats because of the medications toxic effects and he was honest in stating that he believes the Hartz flea product is one of the most dangerous medications for animals. Frankly, there is no excuse for having such a dangerous product readily available on the shelves. The company has proven themselves irresponsible and lacking basic business and moral ethics. Not only does this product kill the fleas, it kills the cat too.

Tina needs a response

Sender’s Name: Tina
Sender’s Email: [email protected]

Message: Could someone respond to
my message that was
sent a couple of days ago about my cat that died from the poison in the Hartz
product. I have contacted Hartz and just want to be able to communicate with
anyone else that lost their pet from these harmful products. Thanks

Petsmart’s final word on Hartz products

To follow up to an earlier story I posted about a letter to PetsMart I sent regarding Hartz, I finally got a response. It unfortunately boils down to one thing: the EPA. Since they say it’s OK, PetsMart makes the determination that it’s OK to carry this.

Given these circumstances, I think we should probably send to the higher ups about this problem. I note this because, in a corporate hierarchy, in many cases executive management is blissfully unaware of the problems at hand.

My cat is dead

I was hoping to find a website of some other people that could relate to my sadness and disgust with from the death of my 12 year old cat just two days ago, April 16th. The cat was perfectly fine, in great shape and doing well. It had fleas and normally we would take the cat in to be groomed. The groomer could not take the cat until the following Monday so in the meantime I asked my husband to pick up a flea and tick shampoo to tide us over until Monday. We bought Hartz Flea and Tick rinseless shampoo and followed the directions exactly. The cat was sleeping after her bath and we assumed that she was just happy because she was clean and the fleas were dying, what we did not know is that she went to sleep and never woke up. This cat was part of our family and now she is gone because of this poison that we gave to her. When I told the vet that there was pyretrhin in the product he said “theres your problem” I assumed everyone used this product and that that was why it is on the shelves of every supermarket and drug store. Well it should be pulled. They are hearing from me whether they care or not. Thanks for listening, Tina

Hartz flea and tick drops made my cat sick

yesterday we gave our cats Hartz flea and tick drops and they seemed fine until about an hour ago. at around two today we noticed that our younger was shaking pretty badly and we washed off the medicine as soon as we could. we looked online to see the possible causes why he was shaking so badly. our older cat who is almost 2 was doing fine but just in case i washed the medicine off as soon as we rewashed our younger cat and dried him. about 15 minutes ago we rewashed him after contacting an emergency vet and they told us to wash him again and if the shaking did not stop soon to bring him in immediatly but there wasnt much we could do if the medicine had gotten into him system. so far he is doing better but its only been about an hour and a half since the initial trembling. he can walk around and he seems to be very worried about how clean he is. he keeps trying to lick his back but i’ve been trying to keep him from it just in case we didnt get all the medication off. I’m so scared though because he is one of the best cats ever and i dont want him to get hurt or die. its been really hard to go through this not knowing if he is going to be ok. our older cat is doing just fine thankfully but its just like i sorta dont know what to do now. now our younger cat just walked by me and is sleeping in a spot of sun in the kitchen. i just hope he makes it through this.

My Jack Russel started having seizures after I used Hartz spot-on treatment

My jack russel Sam has always had a fea problem. I tried frontline and advantage and didn’t see a difference in her. So I was in wal-mart looking through the selectiong of dog shampoo’s and flea repellants. I found harts spot-on treatment for dogs. I applied this to my dog, in November, it didn’t work. I started noticing her being more tired and less active. I thought at first she was sick a cold or something. Then one day I came home from work and she wouldn’t climb the stairs into the house. She just looked at me. So I picked her up and brought her in the house and her backs legs started seizing. Then it got worse a partial seizure, her eyes rollled and her body twitched. She is still alive! She has seizures every month though. I think that she had been and still does sometimes have seizures when I am not home. She sometimes is really tired and grumpy and over eates, which are all signs of a seizure. My little sammy has to be locked in a small safe room now everytime I leave the house so that she doesn’t hurt her self. That isn’t the life for a jack russel!

Expired food at Petco

From: “Jan Miller” Subject: DANGERS AT PETCO :o( I have 2 Shih-tzus named Fifi and Bubby who my family and I love very much. This weekend was the most horrible weekend I have ever spent with my 2 pups. On Thursday night, my 2 babies started getting sick. Fifi started to bleed from her rectum. We took her to the vet and the vet thought it might be some sort of bacteria. She gave us meds and sent us on our way.

By Friday evening, Bubby was bleeding from his rectum as well. Both dogs had diarrhea and were bleeding very badly. They wouldn’t move or walk or lift their head. They stopped eating and drinking. We took the dogs back to the vet to get them checked out further. They were hydrated and given even more medication. My vet was great! We were so worried and concerned and tired from lack of sleep that we could barely even think straight. We thought our pups were going to die!

The vet thought that they might have eaten something bad, but we NEVER change their dog food and make certain there is nothing around they could get. She suggested we go home and check the expiration date of the dog food. Something we never thought to ever check!!!! We buy Eukanuba lamb & rice formula from Petco. We go there because we use our pals card to get free dog food. We took our very sick pups home and checked the bag.

THE BAG HAD EXPIRED 1/25/2000!!!!!!! 4 YEARS OLD!!!! I was hurt and in shock! I called my vet who was certain this was the culprit of our problems! I went back to Petco to do a little investigative work. There were all types of food and treats expired!!!! I couldn’t believe that such a huge company would endanger the lives of peoples helpless pets!!!!!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, CHECK YOUR DOGS FOOD FOR AN EXPIRATION DATE! Not only dogs but cats as well!!! I found canned cat food outdated by 2 years! The expiration date will be on the bag either at the top, bottom, side or on the bar code. Canned food expiration dates can be found on the underside the can. If you have food, check it now!!!! If you cannot read a date or are unsure about it call the 1-800 number for questions or comments!!!! They can confirm the exp. date.

I will never shop at Petco again! ESPECIALLY the Petco in Pearland, Texas. I have a called placed to the District Manager, Monday I will call the main office. Our $300+ bill far exceeds the money we saved on “free bags” from Petco. My vet is willing to make a statement as well, citing my dogs problems stemmed from the food. Fifi and Bubby are recovering but not the same. The doctor has mentioned that the food may have threatened their kidneys and would like to do extensive blood work on them. Please send this to any one and everyone you know!!!!!!!