my cats name is frost it took 2 years for me to find the perfect cat that my kids wanted . i applied hartz flea drops on my white as snow cat and his neck turned black . it would not even wash off . i had to take him to a professional groomer . once again he is white and awesome. he is acting very weird . i dont know if its because of that stuff or what but he has become very agreesive and violent , i looked up on the internet about this product to complain . to my surprise there it was many stories alot worse than mine. thanks to god i now know . but what i dont understand how in the he!! does this $hit stay on the shelves with no notice.. im ppppppddddddd off!!!!!!!!!!!!

3/27/04 Hartz almost killed my cat Hobbes lastnnight

I used Hartz flea drops on my cat Hobbes 3 days ago. He is 8 years old and a very healthy, fat cat. He has never been sick before, always healthy. Lastnight I was watching tv and he jumped in my lap, I was tired and sat him beside me because I didn’t want to pet him right then, he rolled over and started shaking violently and eyes were rolled back in his head. I grabbed him and ran to the bedroom, I woke my husband up and said Hobbes is dying! My husband woke up and started blowing gently in my cats nose – Hobbes came out of the seizure, I dont know if the breaths helped him but I assume they did. He was still shaking but not bad like a few minutes before. His mouth, whiskers, jaws and both front paws were still twitching, I said to my husband, could that flea medicine have made him sick??! I signed online and typed in hartz seizures on and page after page came up. I knew if I didnt do something to calm him he would be dead within hours if not sooner. I had a xanax (like valium) in the closet and pinched off some of it and put it in his mouth, I had a dropper and put water in his mouth so he would swallow. It took another 10- 15 minutes and he calmed him. He even ate some food and drank water on his own right after that. He is very tired today and feels bad I know. I gave a little more of the pill to him this morning and I think he is going to make it. I have seen a twitch or two today but nothing like lastnight. I stayed up with him until 4 this morning. It all lasted about 3-4 hours from the violent shaking that lasted about 2 minutes and then the tremors and twitches for about 3 1/2 hours. I am so sorry to read that this medicine is made and sold to unknowing victims like me. Who would think that trying to help your cat could kill him?

Dear Bonnie, I’m so sorry

What can I say. I poisoned my cat to death. What a crime. I’m definitely one of the people out there that gets attached to their pets.

My cat, Bonnie, was just under 2 years old. I had been using Advantage, which my vet prescribed for fleas for about a year. However, I ran out, and since I had difficulty getting to my vet’s office during business hours (I’m not blaming them) I thought I’d use Hartz Flea & Tick Plus for Cats instead, thinking that I was doing a good thing for Bonnie.

I applied the medicine and the very next morning I had to take her to my vet’s office. One week later she was dead (she was in really bad shape so I had to euthanize her). It’s the worst experience I’ve ever gone through. The Hartz product completely destroyed almost every organ she had. She had skin ulcers which she bled freely from.

I’ve since taken this matter up with Hartz (my vet bill for a week of intensive care was $2300) and after numerous letters, copies of her medical records, interviews by the ASPCA and a lot of other bullshit, Hartz tells me that since I didn’t perform a autopsy on Bonnie, there is no definitive way of determining her cause of death. Are they kidding? I’m sure they’ve hidden behind this excuse numerous times before.

I asked for Hartz to cover my medical bills and also to donate $25,000 to the local Humane Society. They definitely killed my cat, so maybe with the 25K they would allow others to live. At this point in time, It’s looking like I’ll get absolutely nothing out of them and unfortunately, they will continue to sell this poisonous product on the market.

If there is someone out there that is filing a lawsuit against Hartz to stop the sale of this product, please contact me because I would definitely like to participate. I’m at [email protected]

I’m sorry Bonnie. I hope that you are having a great time and are receiving a lot of affection up there.

Hartz is deadly

My cat was treated with Hartz flea drops and now is in a emergency pet clinic over night and is hooked up to an IV, cathiter and meds. I’m told even with treatment she could die. Any suggestions would be gladly welcome. I’m thinking hartz should pay for this bill which will be over 300. dollars. Any ideas?

My email is [email protected]

Dog death in 1987

I just wanted to share a story with the readers here because I was shocked to see that this “Hartz” thing is still happening. Many here may not realize it, but this has been going on for many years. I just can’t believe that nothing has been done about it. Here’s my story:

Back in early August, 1987, our family dog, Pepper, started suffering some very strange symptoms. Everything had been fine until one day, she became very lethargic, lost her appetite, became weak – almost paralyzed, began convulsing, and was salivating and vomiting profusely. We attempted to feed her by hand and she obliged, but the thick mucous/saliva that was constantly flowing from her mouth prevented any of the food from getting down. We took her to the vet, who seemed to be completely dumbfounded by her condition. He concluded that she must have ingested some kind of poison, but was too perplexed by these unprecedented symptoms to offer any sound diagnosis or subsequent treatment. He ran tests and fed her intravenously while we searched the house, inside and out, for any poisons that she may have possibly ingested. We found nothing. Meanwhile, Pepper’s condition worsened. Less than a week had gone by and now she could not even lift her head. The vet concluded that whatever this poison was, it had probably reached her nervous system, in which case her condition would not likely reverse. It was time to make that unnerving decision. We decided to put an end to her suffering and had her put to sleep.

Only days after her passing, we stumbled onto an article in the newspaper about numerous pet deaths due to Hartz Blockade, a flea dip for dogs and cats. The article had testimonials from the pet owners that listed these same bizarre symptoms that Pepper had suffered. Although we could not recall having recently “dipped” Pepper, we did recall having put a brand new Hartz flea collar on her the week she started showing those awful symptoms. My entire family had been through a rough time and I think we all wanted to just move on from it, so we didn’t talk much more about the possible Hartz connection, but I think we all concluded that there most definitely was a connection. Is there solid evidence? No way. But the fact that Pepper had these “strange symptoms” that had vets scratching their heads and at the same time matched the symptoms in the newspaper article perfectly, combined with the fact that there was a new “Hartz” flea product introduced to her the week of her death has me convinced. The only thing that would convince me otherwise would be if I learned that those symptoms were not “strange” and that some other household item could have caused them.

My purpose in writing this is to share my story in hopes that it may prevent this from happening to others. However, if anybody has any thoughts, stories, or evidence that either supports or contradicts my theory that not only flea dips and drops, but flea collars as well can cause these symptoms; or that something else could have caused these symptoms, please write me at [email protected]

Thank you.


Starting a letter campaign to retail outlets

I have sent a letter to [email protected] as below. This echoes a story was posted (either here or elsewhere) about one Aggie, who we fortunately managed to keep alive. See the letter below that I sent to [email protected] for details.

As an incidental, while this makes an excellent sounding board for the problem, retailers will not do anything until they hear from their customer base. As such, people really should be contacting their friendly neighborhood place that sells Hartz.

A few years ago, I purchased the Hartz Advanced Care flea treatment from your Aliso Viejo, CA store, in hopes it would kill fleas.

Well, it did kill the fleas, but it nearly killed one of my cats. Aggie, specifically – a then two year old pedigree bengal.

Before I go on, don’t fret – Aggie is now with another family who cares deeply for her. In fact, we were incredibly lucky – we bathed her, and managed to nurse her back to health with some Iams kitten moist blend.

But I mention this to you because there is something very significant happening. After checking around on the internet – specifically, in cat owner groups, usenet, and more recently, Hartz Victims – I’m noticing that there is increasing awareness about Hartz being harmful and/or fatal to animals. In fact, every veterinarian I have spoken to here in Orange County (granted, two dozen) wholeheartedly recommended that one must NEVER use Hartz products, and that doing so was akin to giving your animal rat poison. Breeders and kennels recommend not using it. And remember the internet thing? Look for “+hartz” (no quotes) on Google Groups and you’ll notice that, invariably, there is sentiment agianst Hartz.

Yet despite all this, your stores and your website happily promote and sell Hartz brand pet products.

With all the evidence pointing to the fact that they are downright dangerous to animals, I must ask: why do you insist on selling things that harm or kill animals?


-Dennis Allen Carr
Garden Grove, CA

Flea product warning by the EPA- posted by FOAH founder

Hello all,

I was surfing around this am and found this little piece of info. You may want to pass it on to friends and family.

EPA orders retailers to stop sales of counterfeit flea and tick products for pets.

With summer coming on quickly, ( it’s been in the high 80’s here) we really need to step up our efforts towards informing the public about Hartz flea products. Our group Feline Owners Against Hattz has a variety of flyers you can
down load and leave on Hartz displays in stores. As long as you don’t mess with the products I am pretty sure the worst that could happen is the store might ask you to leave. You could also take the flyers to your Vets, pet stores, bulletin boards in local stores. Send or take a few to animal control too. If you go to any cat or pet shows take some with you.

You can join our group at Yahoo! Groups : FelineOwnersAgainstHartz
or feel free to email me if you’d like a flyer and I’ll send you a down loaded one. You can reach me at [email protected] ( or at

If you’d like to check out our website, which is under going some changes currently the url is

Just get on telling everyone about Hartz and sign the petition if you haven’t already.

Thank you

All Hartz Products

We all have to be careful! Hartz makes many products out there. They make toys, hamster cages, pet carriers, many things. Before you buy your pet a toy, make sure it’s not made by Hartz. Don’t buy any of their products until they wake up and see that we’re serious about the health and well being of our pets. It’s cheaper for them to pay $100 here and there for vet bills than to recall their poisonous products. It’s just like Ford and GMC. When they had vehicles that were unsafe, it was cheaper for them to pay individual victims than to do a recall. The sad thing about it is the government just sits there and does nothing. We need to stand together on this, boycott all Hartz products! In memory of all our poor lost feline friends…

Hartz flea pesticide POISONS and KILLS cats!

I just sent an email out to 100 of my closest friends and family members telling them my story and pointing them to your Web site. Hopefully they’ll spread the word.

I almost killed my cat, Pisces, this week from using Hartz flea gel on her. My husband and I put the gel on her on Sunday night, and on Monday morning we couldn’t find her…very strange, she’s ALWAYS in bed with us in the morning. We found her sitting on a chair where she NEVER sits. She was lethargic, had dilated pupils, and was “out of it.” When we put her in the shower to wash off the flea medicine, she didn’t even flinch. I called the 24-hour animal hospital, and they told me to bring her in immediately. When we got there, she had the beginnings of tremors.

She spent two days in intensive care with an IV and catheter. Luckily she came out of it alive and she’s feeling much better now, but we didn’t think she was going to make it. THANK GOD I know my cat and her usual behavior. If I hadn’t checked on her before I left for work, she would have died.

The vet told me that he’s seen numerous cats die from Hartz flea gel; the pesticide that they use in that product has no antidote. It can cause seizures, neurological damage and death. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT ON YOUR CATS!!!!!

The vet told me that the news show “20/20” did a story not too long ago on how Hartz flea medicine kills cats and yet they continue to keep it on the market. He also told me that they call Hartz EVERY time they see a poisoning, but so far, it has done no good. THIS MAKES ME SICK! I just did a search on the Internet, and found your Web site, and now I’m even MORE sick!

The animal hospital said the safest flea deterrent on the market is “Frontline,” and you can only get it from your vet. PLEASE don’t use anything else.

Please, pass this along to your friends and family who have cats and/or are cat lovers. I almost lost my beloved kitty due to this company’s sickening negligence.

Suzie’s close call

I had suspected that a neighbor’s cat had brought fleas into my apartment building. This happened once years ago and I had used Advantage on all the cats I had at the time. It worked great. This time though(Feb 27th), I couldn’t get to the vet(she only comes to my little town once a week) and bought Hartz Control One Stop drops at a store near me.
A few hours later, Suzie came into the living room and was scratching madly at her neck. She scratched after every two steps. She seemed a little unsteady on her legs but I couldn’t tell if it was because she kept stopping to scratch or not. Fur was falling out with each scratch. There was also a slight tremor in her head. I took three minutes to check the internet and freaked out with all the stories on Hartz. After reading two, I spent the next hour scrubbing at Suzie’s neck area with cat shampoo. I didn’t put her in the tub, guessing that if I’d put her in the tub it would have washed the drops onto the rest of her body. I had no way to get to the vet and was in tears, hoping she would be ok. How does one forgive themself for poisoning their friend? After all the scrubbing, she stopped scratching and shaking. She rarely left my sight for the next two days. Her appetite stayed normal and her litterbox habits also remained normal so I’m hoping she’s going to be alright.
I’m furious that this product is still on the market! I will never buy anything from Hartz again!!!