Photos of Jimmy the cat’s neck

This cat came in today. His name is “Jimmy”. He had just got Hartz drops put on his neck, and it started to eat his flesh raw! Here’s a couple of pictures:



It saddened me very much to see this cat in this sort of discomfort. I am working to make sure this doesn’t happen again. I hope you will too.


Joliet’s Ending

My name is Brandon and I submittted the story of my cat, Joliet, last October. Joliet was poisoned by Hartz 4 in 1 Flea and Tick Control for cats. She did survive, thankfully, after 5 days of treatment at my wonderful vet’s office. This afternoon I finally received reimbursement from Hartz for my vet bill. I am thankful that they reimbursed me because I could really not afford the vet bill, but at the same time, I am saddened. Hartz made it a stipulation that if the check was endorsed and cashed, that I could not seek any other judgement against them – not that I could find an attorney to go against them anyway. I spoke with many attorneys’ about my case, but since my Joliet was not my child, and just an insignificant animal, the courts would not help me. Hartz is no friend to animals – they are just a money making Corporation unconcerned of the welfare of animals. May they all burn in hell.

please read this

I want everyone out there to be aware of this hartz flea control. I did not know there was a problem until I purchased it. I have 5 cats and out of 5 3 ended up in the hospital. I almost lost 2 of them. My Star and Roo spent 6 days in the hospial with IVs, if I had known this I would have NEVER bought this product. I have to Thank my boss for sending me to his Vet, they took excellent care of my babies and they are now home.If it where not for this Vet who truely loves animals I would not have been able to save them. Thank You Dr. Drake. Please do not buy any Hartz products who knows if any of there other products could hurt or kill our pets

Hartz flea medicine almost killed my cat

I used Hartz flea medication on my 6 month old cat. By the next morning she had tremors and could hardly walk. It was so sad! I knew it had to be the flea medication so I rushed her to the hospital.

3 days and $400 later she is back home and fine — but I am alarmed that something that is sold for use on your animal could cause this much damage.

Peggy Sue

I just learned of the Hartz story tonight. My loving baby Peggy Sue became a victim. She was one year old. I thought I was doing her a favor by getting her a flea collar. I thought she just had a cold. The second day she wore it, she became lifeless. I called the vet, but she was to far gone.
I held her and comforted her to the end tonight, Feb 12th, 2004. She was Daddy’s Baby. My wife is paralyzed from a stroke and Peggy Sue was her best friend.

Near miss

I just now tried to wash my 2 cats in dishwashing liquid, but can’t get them to stand still. Thanks for your informative website. Yesterday, I adopted a cute shelter cat (supposedly “flea-free”), and took him to the vet today, as I noticed him violently digging his teeth into his skin. I was right — fleas. My other 2 indoor cats have never had that problem, and the new cat had played with them all day. The vet placed Advantage drops on the scruff of the new shelter cat’s neck, and told me to isolate him in the bathroom or cellar for at least 24 hours.

Well, little Shelter Cat got out of his room overnight, and he was sleeping on my bed in the morning. So, I went to the supermarket, looking for a way to protect my other cats from becoming flea hosts. I bought Hartz drops that I trusted (familiar brand name), and the directions were identical to the Advantage, so I assumed the products were similar. I then applied a vial to each of my 2 longterm resident cats so that they would be protected from the fleas that I assumed were already nestling into the carpet and bedding. Twenty minutes later, I found this website. I drew a shallow bath for the cats, but they have never sat(and obviously will never sit) in water. So, I soaked a dishcloth and wiped their fur and skin over and over. They hate it, and we are on a time-out now as I write this, but I am furious that Hartz would have this product on the market.

I am hopeful I got to my cats in time (20 minutes), but I think my wash job is quite inferior, since the cats will not let me soak them.
I will clean them again soon, until that floral stench is gone. Just wanted you to know that your website may have saved my cats’ lives. Thank you. Veterinarians should band together and get that product off the market! It sounds like they know the truth. Maybe I should approach the supermarket about taking it off the shelves.


I want to warn everyone about Zodiac. I had heard about the Hartz problems but, non with Zodiac. I did not want to use it but, dh thought it would be ok and after a whopper of a fight he used it on our 7 month old himmie Hailey. Right away he started to drool and his eye’s glazed over. I could not believe it! I ran him into the kitchen and my son and I started to wash it off with dish soap and lots of water. We did it 4 times. He seemed ok. A few hours later he vomited a few times. He had ate a big dinner with some treats so, I am not sure if it was the chemical posion or he over ate. He ate after the treatment. I just finished washing him for the 5 th time and will cont for the next week twice a day if he lives. I am so worried that something will show up tonight or tommorow. I will not sleep all night just so I can watch him. I did call zodiac and talked to a vet. They tried to tell me he must have got some in his mouth. He did not have time to get any in his mouth. Do they think I am stupid?
They told me he will be fine! He might be and I hope so but, they all lie. Hartz, zodiac and all the over the counter flea products. Lets keep track of the zodiac reactions also because I am sure they are out there.

Kyle is looking for legal advice

Sender’s Name: Kyle
Sender’s Email: [email protected]
Message: I am looking for legal advice or suggestions on how to handle my case of a cat who nearly died from flea/tick spray. Hartz wants the original bottle shipped to them after lab tests proved the presence of lethal chemicals and I don’t know if that’s a great idea. Where can I get help?



hello all im sitting here almost in tears when reading most of the stories.
I just wanted to know is this hartz flea and tick treatment avalible in the uk i have heard of it before but i always use frontline so is it sold here or not??????????????????????

After Tommy

After the death of Tommy, I’ve started putting flyers all over the place telling people about the effects of Hartz. I’ve been putting flyers in post offices and bulletin boards all over the community. These flyers describe what can happen if they use Hartz products and it has internet links to this site, the EPA site and many more sites that deal with this issue. I’ve also started printing labels (Avery 5162) that say Hartz kills animals and have been putting them on their products where ever they may be sold. If I can keep just one person from making the same mistake I made, then it’s very much worth it. I ask all of you to do the same, we have to make a difference since our government and the Hartz corporation just care about making money. Stop these murderers!