Blackie’s Story

My Kitty (who is no longer with us- due to an entirely different age related illness) was scratching and had fleas which he picked up when we had pavers installed (The sand between the stones harbors the little buggers).
Anyway, I went out and bought flea drops and applied them as directed. Alomst immediately I noticed the area where they had been applied was losing fur and he had a raw looking strip down the back of his neck in the exact place where I had put the drops. I immediately bathed the very unhappy cat with warm water and baby shampoo several times and called the vet. As it turned out I had acted in time but had he not lost hair very obviously I might have missed his last two years before he finally left us at the ripe age of sixteen. The vet told me about the drops and said that for older cats they are especially dangerous. I was lucky and I hope no other cats will have to suffer due to ignorance and greed. These are far too dangerous to keep on the market

Hartz Advanced Care strikes again!!

A few days ago, my neighbor mentioned to me that her cat, Jinx, was acting strangely the day after she applied topical flea drops. I asked her what brand and almost fainted when she told me she used Hartz Advanced Care Flea and Tick Drops on her cat.

Twenty-nine hours after the drops were applied, Jinx was twitching her ears and facial muscles and blinking her eyes uncontrollably. This is called “tremors.” It’s a sign on some kind of neurological damage or a neurological reaction to a toxin. Jinx was walking very unsteadily, falling over with almost every step, unale to stand on her own. She was also having mild seizures. Because of the constant involuntary muscle activity, a cat can become hyperthermic and develop a high fever, which can lead to a stroke and death in just a few hours. I brought up this Website on their computer so my neighbor and her husband could read all about the Hartz drops. They were absolutely horrified, and very frightened and guilty that they had caused their beloved pet such agony.

I immediately called a vet friend, who told me what we should do for the cat. My neighbor thoroughly washed and rinsed the area where she had applied the drops several times vigorously with Dawn dish detergent and I followed the instructions given to me by the vet. It’s only been a few days, so it may not be over yet, but it looks like Jinx is going to be okay. Some toxins work slowly, so she’s keeping a close eye on Jinx for any symptoms.

She will most definitely never use anything on Jinx again before consulting with this Website and me first about the product.
Hartz mentions “salivation”, “tremors” and “severe full body tremors” in their package insert but they do NOT say anything about seizures or any of the afore-mentioned side effects being symptomatic of neurological toxicity or that the product can and has caused death to many of the cats that it was used on.

Hartz Ear Mite Drops Are Just As Bad!

I just wanted to let everyone know that the flea drops are not the only products by Hartz that are causing problems. My mother-in-law purchased the Hartz Ear Mite drops for cats and used them in her cats ears. I almost died when I saw what they did to her ears. The drops caused terrible chemical burns not only inside the ear canal, but on the skin in front of the ear. Poor Peaches was in such pain, her ear canal was swollen shut, and terribly inflamed, her ears had become infected, she was digging at her ears so badly, she had gouged wounds on both sides of her head and face. My mother-in-law didn’t realize that the drops had burned her, she thought it was an allergic reaction, but as soon as I saw them, I knew that they were chemical burns, and that they needed to be treated immediately. Peaches is doing better now, her ears are healing slowly, but we don’t know for sure how badly it has affected her hearing.

Please spread the word about the ear mite drops, as well as the flea drops. These chemical products are causing more heartache than anyone can imagine, and must be taken off the market.

Struggling cat making progress after poisoning by Hartz

i wrote a story the other day about my somara a black exotic shorthair that had been very ill after using hartz on her for fleas. i am glad to say that she seems to be making some progress. as soon as i found out what was the problem with her i immediatly washed her in warm water with dawn dish soap. 3 times! that is the important part you must wash them 3 times very well to get it off. and dawn is the best from what i was told by my vet. i then confined her to a soft bed in a cat sized animal carrier and put a heating pad under it on medium. i keep her in there unless i take her out to use the potty. i also take her out to stretch her lags and see how her walking is. i have fed her only canned catfood for kittens as it has more vitamins than the stuff for adult cats i also offer her kitten milk replacer every so often. i put crushed up cat vitamins on her wet food the kind with amino acids. at first it seemed like she was not getting better but there has been a noticable difference in the last 24 hours. her walking is still a little unstable but she can actually walk now where as before she could only take one step before collapsing. i would like for everyone to know that my cat had the hartz on her for atleast one week before i realised what was going on so even though i didnt catch it right away she seems to be getting much better and my vet did say that every once in awhile a cat will recover but usually only when the owner catches it within the first few hours. and if they do it could take up to 4 weeks to get better. so anyone out there who is in these horrible shoes right now dont give up it could get better just give it time and give your kitty some tlc and wait it out maybe you and your cat will get lucky. also if you do wash your cat be sure you do it 3 times with dawn and if you can get your cat to eat some charcoal tabs that will help absorb it from the gut. i couldnt get mine to take it but she would eat the clay litter every time she was in the litterbox. im not sure but it seemed like she knew it would help her. good luck to you all. i did return my hartz to petsmart and they are investigating it to see if they can take it off their shelves.

Calling Colorado HartzVictims!

Sender’s Name: Whei Wong, Reporter, Fox 31 News
Sender’s Email: [email protected]
Message: We are interested in doing a story on this issue in Colorado.  Do
you have any victims that live in our state?  Please contact me at the
above email! 



my cat is struggling every day from hartz poisoning

hi my name is Tiffany and i live in missouri. i have 3 cats and 2 dogs all of which recently got fleas. i was between paychecks and couldnt afford advantage so i went to petsmart and got them all some hartz flea drops and applied it to all of my animals. all were fine but my exotic shorthair started to have trouble walking within 24 hours. i had no idea what was wrong. i assumed because she was so small that the fleas had weakened her. so after another day i called the vet and they said it probably would work itself out with some rest and some extra vitamins. i negected to tell them about the hartz. i had no idea it was so dangerous. finally it got bad enough that i could tell the vitamins werent working. i had been kepping her in a hospital cage with a warm pad under her and her food inside. i would take her out 3 times a day and watch her try to climb into the litterbox. so i called the vet back and they then found out about the hartz i had put on her and the whole tone of the conversation changed. they informed me that my cat was becoming paralised from the hartz and the only thing i could do at this point was wash her very well with dawn and hope it would get better. i did that and then i got on the internet and found this site. i am so angry that this product is available to us. my cat is still alive and eating well but can barely stand for a second without falling over it is so sad she was perfectly healthy before this. i am thamnkful my other animals were lucky enough to not be poisoned but still every day i watch my somara slip further away. i refuse to put her down yet. i have heard some info that it could take up to 4 weeks for her to recover if she does at all so for now i will wait and see. i did call hartz and was told there is no way that the product would have done this to my cat. but my vet dissagrees. they also deny any lawsuits against the company. i do plan to go to petsmart today and demand a total refund of the products i bought. i hope and pray that my poor little kitty has the strength to overcome this. i have faith that she will.

My kitty Tommy died after Hartz Flea and Tick drops

I still don’t have the heart to put away his food and water bowl, his little bed or kitty litter 🙁
It actually started with me putting some Hartz flea and tick drops on Tommy, my 8 year old kitty. Whatever you do, don’t use it on your kitties! I used it on Tommy after I found a couple of fleas on him. Tommy had stayed with a friend and picked up some fleas from his other cats. I used Hartz because I couldn’t get Frontline from the vet, they were closed. He started acting strange, running around and stuff. I searched the web to see if there was some kind of reaction I should know about and found this site. I quickly washed him to get the stuff off. Then he seemed ok, but something seemed to bother him. About a week later he started vomiting for a whole day. He was walking like he was drunk and was really weak. Then he started getting better, he didn’t want to eat, but I hand fed him baby food. I took him to a Japanese Vet (I’s stationed in Japan), it was during New Years, the vet on base was closed. They took blood, and everything seemed normal. They gave him some shots, vitamins, antibiotics, and something to settle the stomach. He was doing good the following week and then on the 10th he started vomiting again. He did it all day and that night he was really quiet on my lap. I noticed he was sweating, he was drooling, his eyes were dilated and his whole body was rigid. I called the emergency vet at 3 in the morning, I took him in and they gave him and IV, more shots. THey figured he had been poisoned. The blood tests showed nothing was wrong! I mentioned to the vet that I had used Hartz, she said if it was the cause, it would happened right away, not 3 weeks later. The next morning I went to see him, he looked much better, standing on his own and he recognized me and meowed. That evening I went to see him again and that’s when he had a seizure. I got really scared. They gave him valium and I kissed him goodnight. The next morning I went to see him and he looked ok, I wanted to take him home, but they talked me into leaving him there so they could get more fluids in him. No one thought he would die. By noon he was gone. They gave me a clay imprint of his paws with his name on it. They never really knew what caused it, but I know, it was the flea drops. My kitty was so intelligent, beautiful, affectionate and vocal, he always talked to me. I miss him so much…

Consumer Reporter at CBS Affiliate in Philadelphia Needs Hartz Stories!


Hi, it’s Val from FelineOwnersAgainstHartz
and co-author of the online petition against Hartz products at

Received this wonderful email from Jim. He did a similar story a few months ago at a station in Columbus, OH and is now working for the CBS affiliate in Philadelphia. We certainly appreciate Jim’s support!

Here’s his message:

I am the consumer reporter for the CBS television station in Philadelphia. I am interested in doing a story here on the Hartz flea drop problem. I am looking for LOCAL victims in Philadelphia or South Jersey for my report. Thank you for your consideration.


Jim Donovan
CBS 3 On Your Side Reporter
[email protected]

My Orphan

3 1/2 months ago I came home from work and upon opening my front door I saw that someone had wedged a small bundle of rags in between my sceen and front doors.

The little bundle fell to my feet and to my surprise a tiny newborn kitten rolled out from inside it.

It was so young that it’s baby eyes were not even opened yet and I was at a loss as to what I should do with it.
I didn’t have the heart to abandon it somewhere so I committed myself to raising it at least until it was old enough for the humane society. I am a single man in my late 40s and have recently re-entered college to complete my long ignored education and a cat was not in my plans.

Things didn’t work out the way I planned.The cat just sort of grew on me and I guess you could say we bonded. I grew to love my little cat and she has provided me with hours and hours of fun, amusement and a warm unconditional love that I didn’t know was possible from a mere cat. She is now almost 4 months old and as I write this she is lying on my easy chair trying desparately to cling to life. It is silly for a man of my age to feel like crying over a mere cat but the tears are hard to supress as I type this statement.

Two weeks ago I noticed that my little “Gata” was scratching like crazy and I checked her out. Fleas sure as can be! Must have picked them up out in the backyard.

I went immediately to the H.E.B. grocery store and bought the most expensive flea remedy they had to offer, Hartz Mountain Flea and Tick Drops For Cats(advanced care type). I applied the drops as instructed on the package and three days later my gata was scratching fleas anew even though I hadn’t allowed her back outside! I applied another little bottle of Hartz.A week later I had to leave town for two days to work and when I got home my little cat was acting strange.

She walked like she was drunk and she couldn’t seem to stand up straight!She couldn’t run to greet me as is her custom to do and at one point she actually crashed into the wall head on as though she couldn’t see it in front of her! She seemed to had lost weight also. I searched the house for anything she may have gotten into but couldn’t find anything at all. Then I noticed that the 2 1/2 day supply of food and water I’d left for her had been barely touched! I became very alarmed and took her to the vet the very next morning(one week ago today). He was baffled but said it appeared to be some kind of toxic reaction. I insisted that I had checked my house from top to bottom and there wasn’t a single toxic substance she could have gotten into and I keep all my cleaning fluids and such in a secured area in my pantry closet.

Then he asked me “have you flea dipped her or put any kind of flea preparations on her lately?” I told him I had and it was a good brand and it seemed to work fine (after the second application).Then he dropped the bomb on me, he said “You didn’t use Hartz did
you?” My mouth fell open and I began to get a sinking feeling when I told him “Yes I used the advanced stuff”.

He told me that Hartz was known to kill cats on a regular basis and he couldn’t guarantee that he could help my cat! I was just in shock but I told him to do what he could and He went to work. Blood tests and medications and massive amounts of saline to stimulate kidney functions. Shots to help her liver and hours went by before I could take my little baby home. Two more visits to the vet since then and now my little orphaned bundle who was so energetic and happy two weeks ago is lying on my easy chair unable to walk or even eat and is about to leave me for good. Cats have an 8 to 12 year average life span, mine is not yet 4 months. It was through my ignorance that I did this to my beautiful little orphan but it was through the corporate greed and dishonesty of Hartz Mountain that it was able to happen in the first place. My cat is crippled and will soon be dead because of those people and their lust for profit and you can bet that I am angry about it . So angry that I would like to cripple and poison a few of those bastards with my own hands.

But all I can do is try to make my little orphan’s last hours as easy as possible. Thank you God almighty for the wonderful love my little cat gave to me. And forgive me for the harm I did to her.

Write Walmart To Remove Hartz Product

Write or Call the central offices of Walmart to remove the dangerous Hartz product. Do this over the next few weeks so the impact is all at one time.

Write to the CEO Lee Scott at:

Lee Scott
Wal-Mart Stores Inc
702 Southwest 8th Street
Bentonville, AR 72716
Phone: (479) 273-4000

Walmart will react. Tell them your stories and they will put BIG pressure on Hartz to pull any unsafe product.

Other key executives at Walmart are Bob Connolly and Doug McMillan at Sam’s Club. Write to the same address and it will get to them.