My friend’s persian


I was in contact with a friend in the States, for some time as I was thinking about breeding persians.

It was 2 years ago now, but my friend, Sarah lost a persian cat from using this poisonous product. She didn’t go into much detail, as she was too upset at the time, and because she lived quite a way from her vets she didn’t get there in time to save her cat unfortunately.

It angers me beyond words that this product is still being alowed to be sold in the shops.
Why on earth is it not in our vets power to stop this cat killer product from being sold!!

I’m just venturing out on breeding and showing exotic shorthaired. I’m gonna have my own website, and it would be more than my pleasure to put up a banner on my web page warning people not to use Hartz’s products and to warn them of the dangers.

I receive emails from cat discussion, and seeing the name Hartz reminded me of Sarah and the sad loss of her Persian.

Anyway, if I can help in anyway don’t hesitate to email me, and hopefully with all of us united on this we can get this cat killing product banned for good!!

Yours sincerly


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My Zoey may not make it

I gave my kitten Hartz Advantage Flea and Tick formula today exactly as directed. One hour later, i am rushing my kitten (Zoey) to the vet. They grabbed her out of my arms, put her on an iv, but told me she may not make it. My heart is breaking… I hope she is ok. The vet said they have seen this so many times, and that this product should not be on the shelves. I am going to try to get Hartz to pay for the bills incurred, but from what i have heard it doesnt look good. If anyone has any tips or successes, please email me.
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Another Victim of Hartz

After finding this site I immediately responded to Liz Ayer request for testimonials for her TV news story (look under “old articles-Friday Sept 26” on this homepage). As of today, Oct 21st, she is still looking for people to speak to her personally about their experience. Call her at 315-477-4691.

Here is my story:
Our beautiful, healthy cat Boo fell ill after 2 hours of receiving the Hartz flea and tick drops. She was moaning in pain. We called the vet and the ASPCA emergency poison control line who said to bathe her immediately with mild soap and water, monitored her closely for seizures, and luckily within 4 hours she appeared normal and happy again. 2 days later she still seems fine. It was a close call and I know we were very lucky. But I am still shaking with fury.
An interesting note: the ASPCA poison guy said Hartz is so aware of the problem that if we had needed to take her to the emergency room, Hartz would foot the bill provided we sign a waiver stating we won’t sue them. And the ASPCA automatically waived the $45 emergency phone charge because it was a Hartz-related issue. He said he gets these calls all day, every day, each one is reported back to Hartz. Nothing is done. It is so tragic.

It’s 2003 and Hartz is still killing cats!!!

On Oct 18, 2003 I purchased Hartz flea and tick drops for my cats. I purchased this product because Hartz is a well known and I thought respected company. One of my cats had a severe reaction to the drops (running around, butting it’s head against walls, ripping out fur). I took him to the emergency vet and they informed me this product can cause seizures or even death. I was shocked. There was NOTHING on the label to indicate such extreme side effects would occur. The vet also said most of the time the cat would die withing hours. Luckily my cat did not die but he’s still not right. I AM SO OUTRAGED THAT HARTZ IS STILL SELLING THIS STUFF!!! I can’t beleive people have been having this problem since 2000. It’s wrong. Why haven’t thay been sued???

Wildey Is In Heaven

I applied the Hartz Flea Drops on my cat Wildey as directed on the package. I did it in the morning about an hour later I noticed he was blinking and acted like he didnt know me. He started to seizure. I dropped everything and ran him to the vets office. The doctor took him right away. He came out and told me it was from Hartz he was having alot of animals brought in that day from the same thing. Some had passed away that day. The vet said he even tried to get them to take it off the shelves. Well Wildey was critical and the vet said things didnt look good. He kept my baby over night. I called constantly to check on his progress. Crying to them please help him get better. That morning I called when I awoke. He said my cat would be okay and I could pick him up. I brought Wildey home. He was taking seizures on me all the time. One month later he passed away. I called Hartz and threatened them to take Hartz off the shelves or suffer the consequences! They have not removed it from the shelves yet I see. They never reinbursed me for the vet bills or contacted me. I was not in it for the money because it didnt replace my cat I just want this product destroyed because animals do not deserve to suffer from there trash products. I warn everyone I can about them hateful people. Bless Wildey who is in Heaven resting now.

Hartz Flea medication and a trip to the emergency vet.

Hello everyone. I am writing about hartz flea medication and how I believe it may have caused my cat Fred to become very ill. Fred is a healthy 2 year old cat. He has no past medical history and is up to date on his shots. My fiance and I applied the Hartz avanced care flea and tick drops plus. We had no idea that our night would become this scary. After reading the box for application directions, we applied the product to Fred and our 6 month old kitten Frank. Later that evening, my fiance woke me up telling me that there was something seriously wrong with Fred. She said that she heard a thump and awoke to find Fred in what appeared to be a seizure. His whole body was shaking uncontrollably and we originally thought something may have fallen on top of him and frightened him. We looked around to find everything in it’s place. Fred was still having horrible muscle tremors and when we looked in the litter, we found he had very bad diarrhea 5 or 6 times which he did not cover up. We thought that was very odd because Fred is very neat with his litterbox. With Fred still shaking uncontrollably, we immediately contacted the emergency vet. Before we had finished with our explanation of what was going on, he asked us if we had used Hartz Flea products. It was like he knew exactly what was happening. The vet told me that he has had several of the same complaints from the use of the Hartz product and to bring the cat in right away. He told me ( in his opinion) That that product is horrible and should be taken off the market. He also explained that it was not so much an allergic reaction but more of a chemical reaction as cats have a difficult time metabolizing the medication. He even told me that he has seen reactions in dogs although it was not as frequent. The vet stated that he would do what he could to help Fred. He said that he could only hope to flush out the chemicals with IV fluids and give Fred Valium to stop the tremors so his body temperature would not rise to a dangerous level. He did say that he thought that Fred would be ok because has had seen cases that were much worse and unreversable. Now to the bill. I do not like to say that money is a factor in an emergency like this, but we were not expecting the cost to be so steep. The vet explained the procedure to us and said that it would be approxamately $400.00 to keep Fred over for one night for treatment and observation. Fred needed the treatment so we went through with it. The vet and the LPN at the treatment center both told us that they have seen this problem so many times and that they believe Hartz will reimburse us for the bill. He did say that he thought Fred would be fine because he had seen many worse cases with positive outcomes. He told us that in the future we should consider using Frontline Plus flea and tick control which is much safer. I just wanted to make everyone aware of the possibilities that can occur when using Hartz. I read a great article on line about a similar situation. If interested, go to which is a search engine. Search for “who killed Zoe” and read the article. You might be surprised with what you’ll read. Thank you for your time and good luck with your pets in the future.
Scott &Nancy.

If you have questions, Feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Geting the word out

I just wanted to let everyone know that I volenteer for a no-kill shelter in my area. I spoke with another volenteer today who has been there for at least 9 years & she was unaware of the problems with these products. So I told her I would bring in information & told her about the petition & that I would bring in a copy of that & the website it could be found at. I consider myself extreemly lucky that my two babys have thus far not had any reaction to the drops I put on them unaware of how dangerous they were. It’s been a week & 1/2 now. As soon as I found out I gave both my cats baths just to be sure any residue was gone. I’m going to make sure that other volenteers at the shelter are aware of these dangers. I’m thankful I got this information before anything bad happend to my cats & I send my deepest sympathies to those who have lost their furbabies.

How my cat was hurt by hartz flea medication

I was so shocked to come across this web site. I did not have any idea how serious this problem is. About 6 months ago I applied the flea medication to my cat, Jerry. The next morning I saw Jerry on the couch shivering like he was cold. When I looked closer I discovered he was having sezures. His little tounge hung out and his whole body shook. It was Sunday and I couldnt get ahold of the vet. I also tried to call the number on the medication package. I got a recorded message saying something to the effect of.. If your animal has developed a reaction call the vet. I was so scared! I thought for sure he would die before I could get him help. I put him on my bed and covered him up. I just laid with him all day. He never stoped shaking. Later that afternoon he stood up and threw up(alot) when he lay back down he wasnt shaking as bad. The next morning he was better. I was so glad he was better I didnt ever call the hartz number agian. I figured it was an isolated incedent. After reading the storys on this site about animals getting sick and dying I am horrified. My Jerry had a gardian Angel looking after him that day. If he would have died I would have been devastated. I can not belive this product is being sold. Something has to be done.

I’ve got a question

Well I never new this kind of thing happend from this over the counter flea medication & it was just about a week ago I bought some & applied it to my two kittens (4 & 5 months old). They seem to be fine right now, but I’m wondering if I’m in the clear yet, or not. Does anyone know what the longest amount of time after applying the flea drops a cat can have a reaction? I’m just so worried. I just lost my 17 year old cat 3 weeks ago & I don’t think I could handle losing these two, please any info?


Although we have visited this site many times and are actively putting the word out, Mackenzie was upset because her story wasn’t here so here goes. Mackenzie is an 8 year old whose kitten was stepped on and killed in June. We went that night and got “MAXX”. That weekend I used Hartz flea and tick spray on him, and it was so horrible. The cat would not move from one sitting position for 24 hours. He would fall asleep sitting up and fall over but would get back up and just sit there. I had to work that night so I checked on the interenet for adverse reactions and came across the Hartz Victims website. Fortunately I was able to go home and wash him in dishwashing liquid and within an hour he was back to his usual self. We were extrememly lucky compared to most of the people here but that doesn’t mean that we won’t fight til the end to get Hartz products off of all shelves. Mackenzie though only 8, speaks to everyone in the pet departments of all the stores we frequent, and she has written a letter to all the newspapers and department stores and vet centers in our area.
We need everyone to help us in this fight.

Kathy (Mackenzie’s mom)