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Came to this site through a thread. I am extremely upset reading all this. Quite a few years ago I worked at a pet store, and our owner NEVER carried Hartz products, I know this is about the dips, powders and collars, but the quality of the food and treats are also deplorable. To test seed grow some, I tried this and Hartz didn’t grow, nothing. My son made a mistake and bought a hamster treat that made his little friend VERY sick. Almost killed her. There have been numerous articals and shows about this and if the people selling and retailing knew the facts they could do what I did and still do, Tell people it may cost a little more but you do it for yourselves and your family and aren’t pets family?

Heather Donaho

We used the Hartz flea and tick drops on our cat Oreo. The next day my husband came home for lunch and found my cat shaking and she could not even walk. she was trying to lick her paw and she was trembling so bad she could not even get it up to her mouth. we took her to the vet luckily she survived but she had to stay overnight and had to be given lots of fluids and medication for the tremors. she is fine now but she has lost a little of her spunk.They should at least have a warning label on the package if they will not take it off the shelves.but i think they should take it off the shelves before it hurts more cats. i thought my cat was going to die. dont ever use this product because it can seriously damage your cat if not kill it.

CBS affiliate in Syracuse New York.

Sender’s Name: Liz Ayers
Sender’s Email: [email protected]


I am working on a story about Hartz flea drops…is there any way I can contact some of your letter writers and confirm their stories…perhaps there are some who would be willing to speak with me. My number is 315-477-4691. I work for the CBS affiliate in Syracuse New York.

Letter from Sharon


Thank u for building this web site. I can not believe that the new owners of Hartz are making huge profits off the good name that the sterns family made.
I trusted the hartz name to be safe. I put the flee and tick drops on my two cats. One of them almost died. The other one was outside during a rain
storm that nite and most of it rinsed off. LUCKY HIM AND ME. I am telling everyone I meet and know, not to use their product. I found out that
the J.W. Childs Assoc. L.P. owns meow mix cat food. I wonder what is in that food that could kill cats. I am boycotting everything that company handles.

My trust was totally taken advantage of. Not forgetting the vet bills their stuff product caused, my cat almost died. She trusted me to take care of her.
I thought I was doing the right thing. These profitteers should pay big time for all the hurt, pain, and cost they have cause in the name of their
business bottom line. They are raping americans and betraying their trust.I never knew about this. Now I do. 

Has Bill O-Rielly of the no spin zone been informed of this??? I want to E-mail him. Do you know if this has been done. We need someone big on
this. Local newspapers and TV are not getting the job done obviously. Let me know please what you have heard.


E-mail from Chris Kirby


Josh, I found your site yesterday after my 10-year-old Dixie Kitty was poisoned by the Hartz Flea and Tick drops. She is going to be one of the lucky ones.

I have begun an e-mail campaign of my own, like a mad-man, especially after reading the letters that you received from Hartz Mountain.
Their attitude toward this issue really stews me a new one.
If we can’t stir them legally, then we (folks like us) have no exception but to boycott their products.
I’ve never been so serious about any product issues .. as I am now. They hurt a part of my family. My goal is to let it be known through my friends and family that their products are dangerous.

Thank you for the website.

Chris Kirby
Atlanta, GA

Joan Allison

After applying Control One Spot to my healthy 74 pound Lab, she became very ill. My veternerian examined her and she had anorexia, muscle fasciculations. She also had constricted pupils and was about 8% dehydrated. Dr. Hodges kept her over night

He did blood workups and administed medications and was placed on IV fluid therapy.

I wrote to Hartz Mountain and sent them a copy of Dr. Hodges’ records. They waited weeks and finally sent me a check for 5.99 to cover the cost of “Control”. They stated that their vets did not think their product was to blame. Incidentally, my vet’s bill was 352.00. Of, course, I did not cash their check.

Please let me know how I can join a class action suit, if one is going on. We must get this terrible product off the shelves.

Joan Allison
E-mail address: [email protected]

Hartz Tick and Flea Spray made our dog crazy and sick!

Our 80 lb dog Sterling (he’s a mutt) had some itching on his back so we decided to spray him with Hartz flea and tick spray last night. Minutes after we sprayed him, he was acting funny. He paced around our house for two hours crying and drooling, unable to sit down for even a minute. Soon after he even vomited. After we saw this reaction, we remembered months earlier when we had used the same spary on our dog Sampson and his strange reaction. It didn’t occur to us at the time that it was the spray, Sampson dosen’t like getting baths so we figured this was just something else that bothered him… little did we know it was REALLY bothering him and it was completely the HARTZ spray. My husband went home at lunch today and bathed Sterling to get this poison off of him. We are fortunate that both of our dogs are okay after having this product used on them. I had never heard the horror stories till I started searching today, once seeing Sterling’s behavoir last night. I am telling everyone I know not to use any type of Hartz product!! and I never will again!

Thank God For this website!

I’m so glad you have this site! It prompted me to read more on the subject. I went to the store just this morning and purchased hartz 4-in-1 flea and tick for my cats. I applied it and then wondered about Hartz products so I came online to see what there was to be seen. Lo and behold here’s a whole website dedicated to bad hartz stories.

Well long story short, I just got done washing my 2 cats ( fun fun fun )
I’m glad i saw this site before they had a chance to wash themselves.

Thanks again for the heads up.

Oh Hartz if you see this, You have lost yet another customer and I want my money back!

Broken Hearted by Hartz

I am in tears tonight as I read your website. I just buried the second of two kittens that died on me the last two days. I recenlty tried the Hartz for cats/kittens flea spray on these two by spraying a towel and then wrapping them in a towel. I had read the back and there was no warning on the label it seemed. However a friend pointed out to me in small print at a corner to peel the top label off and read underneath the original label. My heart sank as I read in small print “do not use on animals under 12 weeks” this is outrageous and misleading to the buyers. Why would you not put this info in plain view? Why was this info hidden underneath the top label? The youngest kitten died within 24 hours and the other hung on for days. I never thought it might be the flea spray because of the lack of warning and because i did not spray them directly. I was going crazy trying to figure it out. Since they came from the shelter we assumed they were sick and put the second one on antibiotics. The second one seemed almost drunk and lethargic. Would not eat. She seemed to get a little better and then like an idiot, i saw a few fleas on her last night so I sprayed a small Qtip and swabed a small area where the fleas were. she went down fast right after that. I feel awful. All the time I am trying to figure out what is wrong and there it was. please tell me what i can do!

Help Noel

Sender’s Name: Noel Thomas
Sender’s Email: [email protected]

Hi. My name is Noel Thomas. I have been in a living hell all this week. It started Monday night with my 4 month old kitten going crazy.

I put a hartz flea collar on him the day before. By that night he kept crying and so we took it off. The next night he just got worse and worse. He started drooling, and running around the house crying and jumping all around. Finally we took him to an emergency vet office that is open at night. They were so awful!!!!!!! The vet just kept saying that she thought it was rabies. Within 5 min the cat had passed. She then instructed up to go the hospital and be vaccinated for rabies. When we went to the hospital the doctor said that he felt it was not rabies and that they had not had a outbreak in 50 years.

They tested the cat at the county lab and the test was negative. In the mean time I have been living in a living hell!! I have several other cats and was so afraid that they would become sick as well. I told the vet that I thought it could be the flea collar and she just would not listen!!!

Is there anywhere I can complain? Do you know if there is a place to call to complain on vet? Any info would be great.