Bad Reactions to Hartz Flea Drops for Cats

I applied the Hartz Advanced Care Flean Tick Drops for cats a few days ago to my four housecats. All four are not related and are different breeds and ages. I followed directions precisely and almost immediately starting seeing my cats acting strange. One in particular (my biggest cat) had the worst reaction. He started running around in a panicky state and then burrowing himself under the couch cushions and would not come out. I got online and started researching only to find out about the lawsuits and all the other horror stories. I washed it off as best i could from all four cats and watched. I am a lucky one. After about three days of some erratic behavior but no seizures or convulsions it appears my cats will be alright. As of now i have two cats with complete bald spots on the back of the neck where the drops were applied with redness.

I am so angry that this product is on the market! I have gotten busy writing The Hartz Mountain Corp, and every other store that sells these products. So far i have heard back from Hartz which actually stated and i quote “they had no reason to believe there would be an adverse reaction”. Can anyone believe that? After they have been going through lawsuits for years?

I wrote them back stating i couldnt believe they said that in their letter and we will see what they reply.

NOW THE GOOD NEWS! I went into my local Winn Dixie Grocery store where i purchased the product and told them my story and was SO pleased they immediately got a shopping cart and took all the hartz flea products off the shelves! It felt so good to DO something about this….im asking everyone to do the same. My daughter who lives in another state went into a local pet store who carried these products and did the same thing. THEY removed them! So it does work and if we can save any pets from this pain its worth it! So people dont just get mad…….get active!

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  1. Hartz has been selling this poison for decades. I lost a cat many years ago due to Hartz products. Should all be recalled and Hartz should be sued in class action suit.

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