Hartz Poisons My Alfie

One year and eight months ago I applied Hartz Flea drops to my cat, Alfie. I never realized there was trouble with this product. Frankly, I had been using it for years on two of my other cats and friends cats when they stayed with me. I am surprised I never poisoned a cat before Alfie. So, in all confidence I bought them at the store (the gentle formula as it was new and I thought better). I always apply flea meds on the 18th of the month at around 6 PM. Unknowingly I went off to bed.

At 5 AM I awoke to feed my pets and give Cativo his insulin shot. I noticed Alfie under a chair but didn’t think much about it. When I returned, I still noticed Alfie under a chair, only this time I noticed he was shaking. I went over and tried to get him out, he couldn’t move. I don’t know how I made the connection, but I immediately thought he’d been poisoned. It was the first time Alfie had anything besides Revolution for kittens. I had just moved and thank God I had asked my new vet for directions to the ER vet in case my beloved Cativo had hypoglycemia.

I rushed to the phone and called the ER vet’s office. They told me to wash his back as best I could and rush him there. The entire time I was so scared I would lose him. He looked so frightened and helpless. I scrubbed as much off as I could, put him in his carrier and rushed out the door with the Hartz package in hand.

When I arrived at the ER vet, they immediately went to work bathing him and pumping him full of IVs. The ER vet looked at the package and said, “Hartz? Never use Hartz. If you have to use over-the-counter, use bio-spot or something but never Hartz.” I said, “If that’s the case, why doesn’t anyone warn us?” I never did get a satisfactory answer. I was there two hours while they fought for Alfie’s life.

Later, I drove Alfie to my regular vet with the other three cats in tow. I wasn’t going to take any chances. I still didn’t know if it was just the gentle formula or all Hartz. My regular vet amazingly told me the same thing, Hartz is the most common cause of this reaction. I asked him why my other cats had never reacted. He said he didn’t know. What he told me is that Hartz, Revolution and Advantage use different formulas with different main ingredients. The ingredient in Hartz seems to have the most adverse reactions. I left Alfie there for treatment and my other cats to have baths and to be observed for reactions.

When I got to work, I called my old vet. He told me the same thing. Three vets in three different cities with the same story! If this was so well known, how is it that I didn’t know? Why was this killer product still on the shelves?

Alfie cost me almost $300 that day, but thank God Hartz didn’t cost him his life. I have heard this story over and over since then and Hartz remains on the shelves. If this has happened to you, I encourage you to tell everyone you see in the pet ailse at the stores or in a petstore. Talk to your local stores and encourage them to pull Hartz. Talk to your vet about always asking what flea medication their clients use or display a prominent sign that Hartz can kill! Talk to your shelters about warning new adopters never to use Hartz flea drops on their cats. Send your story to your local newspaper, radio station or TV station. The more who know, the more chance of saving lives.


Zanne and Alfie

100 Members Strong

HartzVictims.org now has 100 registered members. That’s good and bad. It’s good to know that people are coming here, telling their stories and making their voices heard. It’s sad that there are that many Hartz Victims.

Fight the good fight people!!

– Josh


After having written two previous stories on losing my two and a half year old kitten… I have good and bad news. The good news is that there will be a story written in my local newspaper on my kitten’s death and how it happened, along with as much information as the reporter could gather on WHY this kitten died. The bad news is that it was Hartz Control One flea and tick treatment was used on my kitten and caused her death. Less than one hour after the treatment she died at the Animal Hospital. She went into seizures within an hour after I had given her the treatment. I rushed her immediately to the Hospital. Within twenty four hours she died. Contacts with Hartz has produced nothing. I sent the box that the viles came in along with one of the viles used. I kept one….just in case. After three weeks and a call from the reporter that is doing the story on my kittens death, Hartz said they hadn’t received the package, but I had a delivery confirmation put on the package and promptly called them and informed them that they did indeed receive what I had sent. When the reporter once again called Hartz to find out any further information they had on my case…the Hartz Veterinarian said that it wasn’t their product that was the case of her death, it was probably a stroke or a cardiovascular problem. At this present time I am about to have my kittens body exhumed and autopsied by my local vet and also intend to have the vile I kept (of the Hartz treatment) analyzed to see exactly what is in it for chemicals. I KNOW this product killed my cat and will go to any length I need to to prove it. Hartz…thus far (over four weeks) has not contacted me at all. I am doing my very best to fight a very big company and want others who have gone through terrible situations like this to do the same. At present I am also seeking legal representation regarding this situation and hope that I will have some impact on removing Hartz Flea and Tick treatmants from store shelves…and making the Hartz Corp. PAY for my and other’s loses. Thank you for reading this and I hope you will stand up for your and your pet’s rights!

Warned Not To Use Hartz In Time!

My cat is one of the lucky ones.I’ve had cats all through my life, and when I was young, none of our cats (who were indoor/outdoor by parental decision) was ever infested with fleas. This past December, I moved in with my fiance (now husband) who is in the Coast Guard. Because I missed my cats back in my hometown (who are now my mom’s companions), and because my fiance would be away for two months on a Coast Guard patrol, we adopted a 12-week-old tabby boy from the local shelter to be my companion and company. Obviously he brought me much joy and companionship, and I don’t know if I could have gotten through two months away from my fiance in a new place with no job to keep me occupied without my Tag.In March, while my fiance was away, I noticed that Tag had fleas. I was on a somewhat limited budget so I decided against going to the vet about it–it was just fleas, after all. So I planned to check out nearby stores (I was bike-bound) to see what they had in stock. Fortunately I had mentioned the situation in my weblog (online journal). One of my over-the-net friends had worked as a vet technician and had seen far too many cases of Hartz toxicity causing seizures and even killing cats, and she warned me off the product right away with her stories of what she’d seen.I was panicked. I had almost considered buying something cheap because I figured flea control wouldn’t be a very difficult problem, unlike illnesses or the like, and because Hartz is so omnipresent and because I recognized the name, I likely would have bought their flea drops. But instead I took Tag to the vet and purchased Advantage. He hasn’t had fleas since, nor has his new companion Moonlight, another adoptee.I only recently found this website after a friend mentioned her struggles to keep her cats’ fleas under control while on a tight budget. She had bought Hartz flea drops today and I told her to return it, or even just throw it out. I searched with Google and found hundreds of postings on messageboards, and then found this website, and presented them to her. She won’t use it, and neither will other acquaintances of mine. Even if it is just a simple weblog, I have linked to this site and revealed the story, and I’ve had horrified friends tell me they have been using Hartz products on their cats. They all feel so horrible! But none of us are at fault–Hartz is everywhere, so it seems trusted, and the word just isn’t out about what the product can do. We just didn’t know, and that ignorance coupled with Hartz’s eye on the Almighty Dollar instead of making products that are SAFE to use is why our animals continue to suffer temporary or permanent damage or even die from a product we trusted that came from a name we trusted. And Hartz’s words to the EPA effectively say that we are too stupid to read the product labelling and that’s the only reason why animals get hurt from it! It’s a real outrage, and I know that I will never buy ANY Hartz or Hartz-affiliate product again; it’s foolish to continue to trust a company so irresponsible about their products. I urge readers to check the Hartz webpage; I didn’t know that Wardley fish foods were affiliated with Hartz!Tag may owe me his life for adopting him, but it’s likely that if my friend didn’t warn me, he may have died from Hartz, as a scrawny six-month-old kitten. And he looks just like the cat from the main banner! All the stories are heartbreaking, but word is being spread and action is being taken. Eventually Hartz won’t be able to sweep it under the rug anymore.

-“Mommy” to Tag and Moonlight in Corpus Christi, TX

I almost lost my Casey

On August 18, 2003 I applied Hartz Advanced Care Flea and Tick Drops to my Casey. I was home with her for a time and then left to take my nieces to lunch. When I got home a few hours later, I couldn’t find Casey, who normally runs to meet me. I started calling and searching room to room, I even checked the basement. As I started to recheck rooms, Casey came dragging herself through the hallway, shaking and trembling all over. I called the emergency animal clinic in my area (thank God there is one) and they said to wash her neck and get her there right away. They gave her a complete bath, which increased the tremors and then gave her a shot of muscle relaxant. They put charcoal in her and put her on IV’s. She stayed there for several hours and they would only let me take her home if I promised to take her to my vet first thing in the morning, which of course, I did. She ended up staying at my Vet’s for two days, staying on the IV’s and taking the muscle relaxant. The emergency clinic told me that they had this problem with the Hartz product and had a posting on the wall from pandecats.com. They said they had several cats come in because of this product. At that point I was furious. How dare they keep this product on the market. I contacted my local TV station. They have interviewed me and my vet. They are going to interview the emergency clinic and stores in the area that sell this product. I don’t know yet when it will air, but I want all cat owners to know about this product and NEVER use it. I want it off the market. I also told the TV reporter about this website, and she was very pleased to be able to gather more information from it. LET’S MAKE SURE THIS PRODUCT IS TAKEN OFF THE MARKET before any other cat suffers or dies from this poison.

My letter to Hartz

To whom it may concern:

With this information, I would like to include this personal letter.

Last night, my husband and I thought we were going to lose a member of our family. This incident has caused us both so much hurt, and we can?t imagine the pain our kitten, Tyson had to go through.

Luckily, Tyson lived through this. If he hadn?t, we would have no choice but to take more action against Hartz. Money would not have been the issue one bit if something happened to our family member. Tyson was a perfectly healthy cat, and was taken to the vet regularly for check-ups. The vet was even surprised to see us, as most people didn?t bother bringing in their animals for regular check-ups. We care for our friend.

Prior to the use of your product, Tyson was not on any medication, etc. His ears were twitching just hours after use of your flea & tick drops for cats and kittens, he just laid there (the playful cat that he is), his eyes were very dilated and at times, his heart was beating very fast. We rushed him to the vet on August 27th, after these problems worsened, after we bathed him as requested by our vet. He underwent a series of medical treatments to remove your product from his bloodstream, which caused harm and he had to have tubes inserted into his precious body. Imagine the agony we all felt, as we had to come face-to-face with reality that his red blood cell count might drop so low, that we might have lost him forever.

For a member of Hartz to stand behind their product and tell me that this medication was Not the cause of Tyson being admitted to the vet is ridiculous, especially when there are countless complaints for the Same Exact problems after use of your product ? and sometimes death. I feel horrible for applying this product to Tyson, but the only ignorance, was that of buying your poison. Do you consider nerve damage an allergic reaction? How about paralysis? Is Death an allergic reaction? Are such a large percent of toxins safe? This company should be ashamed of themselves, and I can?t imagine working in a field where animals die because of a flea & tick product. I wonder how many animals have died using ?Advantage? Shall we compare?

Despite all of this, and because Tyson has recovered, I am requesting that the total amount, as listed on the vet bill be paid in full as soon as possible. It?s so sad that such a small-priced item has cost so many hundreds of dollars, and worst, cost so many families loss of their friends ? for some, it?s their only friends and family members.

In the case that we do not receive full compensation for the enclosed bill, I will not hesitate to file a first class action lawsuit which my husband and I have already discussed. Also, I will have no choice but to go directly to the media with all the information I have on this medicine, along with the newspapers and magazines we have very easy access to. I am kindly asking that our bill be paid to us in full immediately to avoid any more stress on both parties.

Thank God I stayed home from work….

My one year old kitty has been suffering from a bad case of fleas recently.
My master plan was to get both of my cats treated at the same time, then remove
them for a day and de-bug the apartment. Tobey (the youngest and victim) had
been tearing herself to pieces over this and had several scabby areas around her
neck. I wanted to get Advantage but I, like some of you, figured the store brand
Hartz would be more mild and of course it’s less costly. So I bought it
(Advanced Care for Cats & Kittens under 10 lbs) at a local department store.
brought it home and did as the directions instructed. She was fine the first
night. a little grumpy at me for putting this smelly stuff on her. but otherwise
fine. I had recieved a little note from my landlord that an appraiser was coming
over the next day to draw out some plans (I live in an apartment building) so
they can refinance the place. He had a copy of our keys and was going to be
alone. I don’t like the idea of someone being in my place alone or trust anyone
to not leave my cats out. Tobey is small and quick. I felt it would be
better for me to stay home with them rather than worry about them all day at

I decided to clean the place up a little before he got there. I left Tobey in
my bedroom with the door closed and my oldest was out on my balcony. Around
noon, I went into my bedroom to check on Tobey. she was a little groggy
from being asleep. I sat down and started to pet her. This is when I
noticed she was shivering. I know that cats do not do this when they are
cold. and it is far from cold around here anyway. We had a bad thunderstorm
earlier in the morning so I thought maybe it scared her, but again,
shivering is not a typical “scaredy cat” reaction. Then it dawned on
me… the flea medication!!!!

I immediately bathed her with some pet shampoo. towel dried her and set her
on the floor. First of all. this cat does not like to be washed (as most
don’t) and it alarmed me that she just sat there for it. I set her on the
floor when I was done and she sunk to the ground. It seemed she could
barely hold herself up. She walked into the living room and though she did
use her scratching post and began grooming herself, she did so while
continuing to shake. I was fearful that she would pass out on me. She
made it up her cat tree, played with a feather and then layed down. I
watched her for awhile to see if bathing her helped any but she continued to
shake and was pretty lethargic. I called a local vet and took her in. He
said I did the right thing by washing her immediately and he gave her a
cortizone shot to help stop the itching from the fleas although he said he
couldn’t find any So apparently, the Hartz worked. He was not
surprised. He actually walked into the room “another Hartz Mountain
victim?”. They need to take this product off the market!!!! Labels don’t
matter… if the product is bad enough to create this website. Hartz needs
to stop making this product. Period!!!!

Today, Tobey is back to her normal crazy self, but who knows what would have
happened had I not stayed home. I got to work today and began doing research on
the product and I am truly shocked at this level of harm this stuff has done. My
heart goes out to all those who have lost their precious little ones. I will
never purchase another Hartz product again – not until they stop making this
dangerous poison.

Anyone who wants to write me: [email protected]

Story for Los Angeles

Nicole Ullerich from Los Angeles’ CBS affiliate called me this evening. 
She is gathering information to run a story on Hartz Advanced Care Flea and Tick
Drops Plus.  She is wanting to interview someone in the L.A. area.  If
you are, or know a HartzVictim in southern California, please let
me know
ASAP.  Be sure to leave your name, phone number and e-mail


Help us get Hartz off the shelves


If you want to really do something to stop the needless injury and deaths of cats I have two suggestions-
1. Join the group FelineOwnersAgainstHartz
at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FelineOwnersAgainstHartz/
We are a group commited to seeing that Hartz stop selling flea and tick drops. We need more people who have seen what this stuff does and want to help us get it off the market.
2. Sign the petition against Hartz
Check out the petition and the groups web site for a ton of information www.geocities.com/againsthartz/
We need your help. Together we can and will this.

Thank you,