Within 12 hours of treating my cat, he died.

I just found your web site and I am so thankful!! I went through this almost 3 years ago and I have still not made peace with myself regarding it.

Within 12 hours of treating my cat (Zeus) with Zodiac Spot-On Treatment for cats, Zeus died. My vet was unable to find any problems with Zeus during his autopsy. More test were done and sent to labs. I received the lab results on 6/20/00 and there was nothing wrong with Zeus that could have caused his death. They listed his death as acute and unknown. My vet and I have no other choice but to know that the Zodiac product caused his death. I know it is impossible to prove that a flea treatment caused this death, but we have proven that nothing else had caused his death.

I have spoken with Barbara at Zodiac to quite some
extent and of course nothing has come of this. They
are in complete denial and harbor no responsibility
regarding this mater. 🙁 The good news is that 2 of
the news stations here have done some stories about this matter, which is great! I have contacted Zodiac directly and they have taken this “case” to forward to their corporate offices that are supposed to contact me that next week…still nothing 3 years later!! I hope to go forward with this and get the word out.

To anyone reading this, please take this information and caution seriously.

Another potential law suit

My neighbors found a cat and brought it to me. I put the Hartz product on the cat and within two hours the cat was experiencing grand mal seizures.

My vet bill is expected to be over $1,000.00. The cat is presently at an emergency clinic and I will have to pay double tomorrow since it is Easter.

I work for a law firm and was going to simply put this matter immediately in suit via small claims court (any matter below $3,500.00 qualifies).

Our other child in a fur coat

I am absolutely LIVID! Last week we discovered our Maine Coon had fleas. My husband went to PetSmart and asked what flea product they recommended. He brought home Hartz Advanced Care Flea & Tick DROPS Plus+ 4 in 1 for cats 10 lbs. or less. Two hours after he applied it to our cat’s neck, she disappeared. We couldn’t find her anywhere in the house. After turning everything upside down and moving furniture, we found her behind the dresser in the bedroom wild-eyed, twitching, with her mouth wide open. Her hair was standing on end and she flew out from behind the dresser and started zipping & darting throughout the house. My husband eventually caught her and took her to the vet. I called Hartz & was asked immediately if we had applied the product in the right area on the cat. Obviously they must think calls inquiring about their product makes US appear ignorant. The woman was quite rude and told me to have the vet write Hartz a letter stating whether or not it was their product or SOME OTHER unknown irritant. She then asked me to read the package UPC & product numbers. I asked her if this was customary behavior after their product application. She told me in a very abrupt tone, “I have no idea how it is affecting your cat. I can only respond to what you are telling me about YOUR cat.” Talk about pitiful customer service! We left the cat at the vet for 24 hours observation & a bath. She was treated with Robaxin. Two days later she came home & started hiding again. She has lost weight, will not eat, runs through the room and won’t come when called as customary. Early this morning she jumped on our bed and started scratching wildly which shook the bed. I went to throw the covers off to attend to her and she hissed at me and started shaking her head. I felt something wet hit my face and jumped up to try to hold her. She ran down the hall and as my husband tuned on the lamp, he noticed bood spatters all over my gown and face. She had been tearing out her fur. We found tufts all over the carpet. We waited 3 hours for the vet to open and took her in. The vet said she did not know why the store (PetSmart) continued to sell this product. Our cat is on an IV antibiotic for 48 hours. Now, I am ready to take on Hartz, PetSmart and any other entity that continues to sell this death-by-chemical product. Would you believe some clown at PetSmart recommended the product Zodiac Multi-Purpose Home & Insect Spray, which has the same ingredients as the aforementioned Hartz product. Are they that stupid? Do they really NOT know what they are selling? Or do they just not care? I am appalled that Hartz and/or PetSmart claims no responsibility or even the slightest bit of concern over these horrific stories of what their product(s) are doing to pet lovers throughout the world. If she survives this ordeal, we will be taking her to a new cats-only facility that has just opened in our city. I called them today & they were nice enough to fax me info about the Hartz products & lawsuits. My eyes have been SO opened.

What have I done to my cat ?

Last night I applied, as directed, Hartz advanced flea and tick care. Today, I am worrying about the life my cat will live in the future. My Manx cat was the home for a few fleas, so I applied this product to my 3 year old cat. This morning at 6:00 AM I woke up to my cat having seizures, disorientation,
twitching, etc. After 5 minutes the seizure began to lessen, she was unable to walk for a few minutes, and then when she finally was able to stand up, she walks with a distinct problem with her right side, and head twitching and tremors. We took her to the vet immediately, on the way she suffered two more seizures. Fortunately, but also sadly, the vet knew exactly what had happened. They began treatment right away. She is now at the vet’s, with IV’s, being given sedatives, anti-seizure medication, and is still having seizures and is twitching. We can’t bring her home today, and will have to wait and see about tomorrow. I tried to kill a few fleas, and have destroyed my cat. All of the stories I have read do not give me much hope for a full recovery, maybe Smokey can be the miracle.
I refuse to even buy a Hartz toy from these people,
and will be on a rampage to whomever will listen.
I do not know what will be in store for Smokey, however, we will care for her and love her. Do not let this happen to your animal.


Eric Keller

Healthy 4 year old cat died 4 days after using

My sons cat, DugOut, had to be put to sleep Monday. We used “Hartz Advanced Care Flea & Tick Drops Plus +” last week, he had some twitching but we assumed it was the fleas bothering him, not the chemicals. By Sunday he stopped eating, all he would do was sleep. We would carry him to his water bowl and he would drink, but, immediatly stumble into his litter box to relieve himself. We ran him to the vet’s first thing Monday morning, he had blood in his saliva, he had gone into complete renal failure, his body temerature had dropped below normal and the Vet said there was little that they could do to improve his life. The vet agreed with me that the best thing to do was to put him to sleep.

I wasn’t even aware of the Hartz problems until I started looking for it specifically on the web. I followed directions for use on the package, applied it at the base of Dugout’s head. Obviously the EPA forced repackaging has not made this product safer.

I will never buy another Hartz product.

Nearly killed all 4 of my cats….

My name is Jennifer Newsome and I have four cats: Bailey (17), Shadow (9), Arjuna (4) and Moe (3). I purchased some Advantage online to try and save a little money, but it was going to take 7-10 days for it to arrive. My cats were suffering from fleas in the meantime. I just so happen to be in a pet store when I saw the Hartz Advanced Flea and Tick drops. My first thought was at the very least it simply wont work, I mean the last thing you would ever think-or should ever think- is that this product could kill my animals. But I wanted a little something temporarily. I applied the product as instructed to all four, only putting a drop or two on my oldest. Within 12 hours all four began to show symptoms of varying degrees: shaking, ear twitching, head bobbing, paw sahking, disorientation, stumbling, and then slight convulsions. At the early stages (head shaking, ear twitching) my husband and I thought it was from the discomfort of the fleas and the medicine didn’t work. But then the more serious symptoms began and I went online to do some research. When searching for Hartz numerous hits came up, including your website…my heart sank. I immediately bathed all four and I began to realize that I may have just killed all four of my babies at once. I wish there were acurate words to describe that kind of fear, guilt, pain but they don’t exist. We decided to take one of my cats, Moe, who was having the worst symptoms to the emergency clinic that was an hour away. Of coarse they determined it was the flea product that had poisoned him and gave him fluids and valium to control the convulsions. I was sent home with 3 days worth of muscle relaxors for the rest of my kitties and we monitored them overnight. Moe and Arjuna were taken to my vet the next morning and they checked out OK….not real sure how much real damage had been done, but they are alive and I am one thankful mom. I am one of the lucky ones.
So now I am on the crusade that many of you are on and i have contacted the EPA, Hartz (who’s response was the most ridiclous part), PetSmart (as of this morning I have gotten them to take it off their shelves without Hartz permission-small victory), the Atlanta Journal, Channel 2 Action News Consumer reports (who is investigating and hopefully do a stroy on the evening news) and the lawyers to join in the class action law suit. Not to mention the flyers I have placed all over my little town.
Beyond the financial vet bills, the emotional trauma my husband and I experienced was overwhelming. The fact that they knowingly produce this poison that can and has killed is mind boggling. My conversations with them have been less than civil, and they actually had the nerve to ask me if I used it properly, at which point I said, “ASK ME THAT QUESTION AGAIN!”. Not quite the point lady…and for her to tell me it effects different cats differently pushed me over the edge….It isn’t like I had some random sampling, it nearly killed all 4 cats from one house….even if it made one cat sick that is
one too many. The ironic part is that it didn’t even work, my cats still have fleas…I suppose it is easier for Hartz to kill cats than fleas.
This website has been so helpful, supportive and inspirational. I thank you all and God Bless you all. Lets do all we can to stop any more pets, and owners from suffering. Thank you Jennifer