Recovered Hartz flea drops still available

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1/8/2003 9:32 PM
By: Kelly Kyle

Nearly two months ago, Hartz Mountain Corporation agreed to temporarily stop shipping two popular flea and tick control products for cats after consumers complained the products were making their pets sick.

But you can still find the products on store shelves as retailers wait for the pesticides to be replaced with the same product, just a different label.

Most stores that sell Hartz Advanced Care Flea and Tick Drops or Once-a-Month Drops are running low. Since Nov. 19 Hartz has temporarily stopped shipping these two products to stores.

Hartz is required to recover, repackage and re-label all new stock. They were not required to recall the product already on store shelves.

“It’s not actually an issue about whether or not the product is safe because it is, it’s about the application of the product…and so because it is such a popular item, it’s something that customers count on regularly to be able to use on their pets, you’ll find that most places are continuing to sell it awaiting the new packaging to be issued,” said H-E-B spokeswoman Kate Brown.

That new packaging will include a more detailed precautionary label. One that specifies applying the product only at the base of the cat’s head to keep the cat from licking it off and perhaps becoming sick.

A two year long EPA investigation found thousands of cats had adverse reactions, some died, because of the way owners had been applying the pesticide.

Along with application changes to the label, Hartz is also required to provide consumers with educational brochures at the point of sale and these helpful pamphlets should be found anywhere in a sleeve next to the product.

But those familiar with the product advise caution with old or new packages alike.

Attorney Anthony Fozzolo has filed a class action lawsuit against Hartz, not from the labeling, but because of what’s in the product.

“I would think twice about using the products that out there you know all you need to do is go onto the Internet to see the number of stories of people who have had adverse incidents with it so I caution viewers to do your research and speak with your veterinarian before using the product,” said Anthony Vozzolo, attorney for Faruqi and Faruqi Law Firm in New York.

Officials from Hartz Mountain Corporation say the product is completely safe and that they’re confident these new enhancements will make good products even better.

EPA officials say they will be monitoring the products still on store shelves. They fear consumers won’t be aware of the new application instructions.

EPA encourages consumers to send back any old packaged product for a full refund.

Consumers should begin seeing newly labeled products on shelves beginning Jan. 18.

For more information about product returns, refunds and label improvements, contact Hartz Mountain Corporation at (800) 275-1414.

Report any adverse reaction from the product to the EPA by calling the National Pesticide Information Center at (800) 858-7378.

Recovered products

Reg. No. 2596-147: Control One-Spot for Cats 2.9% methoprene Registered 5/14/98

Reg. No. 2596-148: Advanced Care Flea and Tick Drops for Cats 85.7% D-phenothrin and 2.9% methoprene
Registered 12/10/98

Hartz Flea Collars

Here is a photo of Darah’s kitty, Spaz. Darah used the Hartz 2 in 1 Flea Collar.

“I did take Spaz to the vet, and was told this was a reaction to the collar. She was
given anti-inflammatory medication and I have to clean her with saline and neosporin
for the antibiotic factor. The poor thing now looks awful. No hair on the neck,
with a red, raw and weeping wound.

I do plan on sending the vet’s info(she actually gave me the record and wrote a
special note to Hartz on it just for me) to the company. I also took pictures of
her to add to the letter. They sounded so shocked when I spoke with them. We’ll
see what happens.

Just wanted to get the word out to people that the Hartz 2 in 1 flea collars can
give serious reactions.”

We wish Spaz all the best!!

Questions & Answers: Label Instructions Tightened on Flea & Tick Control Product

Please visit for more information.

Due to safety concerns stemming from use of two flea and tick control products for cats and kittens, EPA is announcing that the Hartz Mountain Corporation has agreed to enact measures to reduce potential risks to pets from using these products. EPA sought this agreement due to concerns over safety issues based on thousands of adverse effects incidents investigated by EPA. Under this agreement, Hartz will implement a product recovery, label improvement, and consumer education program for two pesticide products: Hartz Advanced Care Brand Flea and Tick Drops Plus for Cats and Kittens (EPA Reg. No. 2596-148) and Hartz Advanced Care Brand Once-a-Month Flea and Tick Drops for Cats and Kittens (EPA Reg. No. 2596-151). Hartz is required to recover, repackage, and re-label currently available stock. The relabeled products, which will start appearing on store shelves over the next several months, will include stronger precautionary statements and use directions. The following Questions and Answers have been developed in an effort to provide consumers with information about the actions being taken.

Problems with Hartz flea collars

I just received this e-mail from Darah. I have never used Hartz flea collars on our animals. If anyone has any information, please contact me or Darah.

Sender’s Name: Darah Zink
Sender’s Email: darahzink (at) yahoo (dot) com
Message: I need to know if there are any known problems with the Hartz Flea Collars.
Within 48 hours of putting one on my cat, she lost all the hair around her neck and
now has a raw, weeping wound. I know the flea drops by Hartz are a problem, but I
think there may be another problem with the collars. Please feel free to email at
any time.

Darah Zink (and Spaz)

Reminder – Online Petition Against Hartz Products

The arrogance and total lack of concern that Hartz has shown throughout the years is just amazing. Just read some of the more recent stories here and started getting mad all over again.

So … thought you might want to post the URL for the online petition against Hartz flea & tick products again. Almost 300 people have signed so far. Many left messages about their personal experiences — upsetting at best, heartbreaking in many cases.