Hartz Kitten Milk Replacer Murdered My Kitten

The kitten I came upon was vivacious and energetic as well as happy and loving. I fed her cow’s milk and as expected she got diarrhea. I needed something, though. I knew I had to get a formula, so I went to Wal-Mart and bought Hartz’s formula. I didn’t know any better. Over time the time span of four days, my kitten started having disturbing symptoms. I did not connect them to the formula until it was too late. The first night she threw up, which I just attributed to tummy upset. The next few days I started noticing that when I would feed her, a half hour or so later she would start acting odd. Day two, after a feeding she just went in a corner and started meowing loudly. She also would stare off into space and circle around in her litter box and just fade off. When she would re-animate, she started acting very restless as if she was looking for something. She started just hiding behind things, as if she was sick. She didn’t do that when “normal”. The third day, I had to take her to the vet because I thought something else was wrong. On this day, she was doing the trance thing and was very restless alternating with near paralyzation over and over. I noticed she also had bad gas. The vet put her in an incubator with oxygen and gave her fluids. She somehow miraculously popped out of it after a few hours (digestion time, hmm?). The next day, the symptoms returned after feeding. I put her in a box with blankets because she kept doing the weird trance thing and was obviously distressed. She just stood in the corner with her head against the walls, like she couldn’t move. Her tail was twitching oddly and near the end before she lost consciousness, she was mewing loudly. She never did this before. Obviously, this time her reaction was so severe that I had to put her to sleep. My last memory of her, besides standing in a corner unresponsive, was of her lying in an incubator, totally dead to the world. Thanks for killing my kitten, Hartz. Please, everyone, do NOT give your kitten this poison. Get KMR.

9 month old baby…

My cat was born in my room, she was the first one to come into the world out of 5. She’s been perfectly healthy since day one. The other night I noticed fleas on her, so we picked up Hartz Flea and Tick from the local WalMart. The next morning I woke up and went looking for her as I do every morning, and found her lethargically laying in her litterbox. I ran over and scooped her up, noticing her back end was unresponsive and almost paralytic. I immediately went to the sink, and washed her down with Dawn soap and warm water, then dried her off. It’s been 3 hours and she is still sleepy and her pupils are huge. I’ll be taking a trip to the emergency vet later if there is no improvement. I am sick to think that all of these poor animals have suffered and nothing has been done about it. 🙁