Hartz Flea/Tick Drops paralyzed my Westie Dog

My dog Rose Marie’s story.
West Highland White Terrier – female-18 months old

We applied Hartz 3 in 1 flea and tick drops on my Westie on August 5, 2010. I had previously used the same drops on her with no problems 30 days earlier.
That evening after applying the drops around 3:00 in the afternoon, I did not notice any reaction. At bed time, Rose sleeps with us and seemed restless to find a sleep spot on the bed. (Usually goes right to bed where ever you put her) Didn’t think anything of it until this morning she does not lift her head when we get out of bed. Just layed there flat on her side sleeping, I finish my shower and she has still not moved. I put her on the floor and she will not stand! OH MY GOD!!! She is paralyzed!!!  I carry her downstairs and take her out to the back yard, she will not walk or stand,  her rear and hind legs are paralyzed.
I remember that I put the flea drops on her the afternoon before.
I give her a bath in case the drops could be the cause of her problem. She is trembling slightly but I am not sure if that is from being cold from her bath or trembling from the reaction. Husband takes her to the vet and they think it could be a reaction to the flea drops.

As a precaution they x-ray both hind legs to check for injury (No injury)

They give her a charcoal treatment to reduce and absorb the toxins in her system. The vet gives her another bath to wash off the drops as much as possible. Vet calls Hartz to report the incident and to get direction from the company of what they recommend. They tell Vet to do what they are doing and she should be fine. Hartz did say it sounded like a overdose of the flea and Tick drops!  We now have a case number for our incident.

It is 3:00 on Friday August 6th , 2010 – 24 hours after the flea drops where applied. Called the vet to check on Rose and no change, she is still trembling and they have her on diazepam to help her relax.

When we picked her up at 5:00 that evening she was responsive and walking. She threw up all evening and into the night and could not keep water or food down. On Saturday morning she threw up one time and has not since then. She seems to be completely back to normal even wanting to play with her toys.

Her vet said that the 48 hours would be the time frame to know if she would recover or not. Some dogs that have a reaction to this insecticide get kidney and liver damage and die. Others do like my Rose and recover fully.

It is like Russian roulette with these flea and tick drops, I have been giving all my pets over the counter flea and tick drops for years and have never had one have a bad reaction. I will not be taking that chance again.

I am so glad someone posted there story so I could find it when I had a problem with my westie. If I had not read others stories I might not have realized what was wrong with her and waited to long for her to be treated and risk permanent damage.

Products that can harm animals need to be off the market. Our vet said they are not even allowed to make this product anymore. Why can they still sell it? It is not only in the flea drops it is in all of there flea products, dips, shampoos etc…