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Hi, i’m making a video about the victims of Hartz. If you’re interested please email me pictures of your pets, of you and your pet together, children and kids playing with pets etc. The animals don not have to be just the victims of Hartz, but the pictures can be of any pet you currently own or any pet you have previously owned.

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*If you could also send a short message along with the pictures (2-4 sentences) talking about your pet, the grief of the incident, your pets favorite things to do etc. All this would help alot.

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Hartz product in Ukraine- flea and tick protection


I have a young laika dog aged 8 months. I recently bought in a shop a flea and tick protector from Hartz. I put the product as was mentioned in the product user’s guide. Now after 3 days I see that the fur of my dog seems fading from white to gray and at the place where I did put the product ( two tracks ) from the shoulders blade to the tail as the user’s guide  mentioned also there are now two dark lines . I cannot understand where this grey and dark color comes from. It looks like dust on the structure of the hair?

I have been looking for feedback about Hartz products and found this website. I must say I am horrified reading the stories so far and I can only pray that the effects on my dog will disappear.

The chemical product they use which is Phenotrin seems to act as a poison ( ) .The story of Hartz seems to be well-known in the USA but nobody in Europe have ever heard about it.


Could it be possible that Hartz products have such effects on animals? If so why is this company still allowed to sell the products ? It seems completly absurd and crazy. I especially bought the Hartz product since in my eye US products are better that Eu products!

If the fur is still looking gray I will go to see the vet but here in Ukraine they haven’t big means.However I will thouroughly wash my dog before.

Please help us.

Hello. My two pugs had fleas and we gave them both HARTZ flea and tick medicine. They were already upset about having fleas obviously, and then the next day one of them was acting fine and the other was acting a bit weak. About two days have passed, and one of them is still fine, and the other is continuing to act strangely. She hasn’t eaten anything we offer her and she doesn’t drink much. We’ve been trying to get her to eat and drink. Its not working.

On here, I read that we should use Dawn dish soap to try to get the stuff off her skin. We did that today, and gave her some Benadryl earlier. The vet said that its been too long since she received the HARTZ treatment and there isn’t much we can really do for her apparently.

Please, if anyone has any advice, please, please tell me.
I don’t want to lose a dog again. I just lost my childhood dog last year to a car and then got these two. I can’t take it, please, if anyone can, someone help us. She’s dying as I write this. 🙁