Please Get Products From Your Vet

I just want to help spread awareness to all of you folks that have used Hartz products. When it comes to flea and tick prevention, there’s too many owners that get over the counter products. Please don’t do this. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Hartz product or any other brand, even Frontline. Get it from your veterinarian. As a veterinary assistant I see at least one pet that’s been subject to these products every week, and the result varies with each of them. Some succumb to the toxicity of product and nearly die, others break out in hotspots all over their body, and still more come in completely infested with fleas. Get your preventative products from your vet. This is the only way to guarentee that it will work. If it doesn’t, the company will reimburse you, but only if you got it at a vet’s office. Even getting them from PetMeds and other such websites, though cheaper, does not guarentee it’s the product you think you purchased. It’s of dire importance to keep your pet on flea/tick preventative and heartworm preventative. Yes, it is expensive to do so, especially if you get it from your vet. But prevention is much cheaper than a cure. I am begging all owners out there to please take care of your pet. Fleas carry tapeworms, and can carry hemobartonella – the organism that causes cat scratch fever – and those parasites can cause serious harm or death to a pet. The same for ticks that carry Lyme, Ehrlichia, and Babesia – devastatig diseases to your pet. Heartworms are even more important to prevent. They’re transmitted by mosquitos, and one bite from a mosquito can infect your dog or cat, even if they always stay indoors (please remember that mosquitos can get inside, and fleas can be tracked in from your front yard). The treatmet is six months long for a dog, and the injections are arsenic based. Heartworms in cats can effect their lungs. Is it truly fair to let them suffer through something like that, because you wouldn’t get preventative from the vet? Products like those made by Hartz are detrimental to your pets because people assume it’s ok to use since it’s being sold in the store. Please, please, please don’t fall for this. Read these other stories and see what Hartz has done to pets because they falsley market their products. You have the right to know about your pet’s safety with these products, so talk to your veterinarian to get all the information you can. Love your pet, get in the know.

Too many to remember

I don’t have a personal story, but I just wanted to say that I am an RVT and have worked in a clinic for 9 years, I have seen neurological, skin and behavior reactions to these cheap flea products, some have resulted in death and some in permanent damage. There have been too many to count, it’s a tragedy that these products are on the market and so easy to buy. Something must be done. This page is a great start.

Sergeants Gold Tick and Flea Medication almost killed my dog.

My girlfriend decided to put his 2 month treatment on my dog Kota, A Shiba Inu. We have put the medication on him before and he never had a reaction. Boy was this some harsh stuff… About 12 hours after applying the medication he started to act like it was burning him. Panting Heavily, Scratching at it, Shaking like he was having a seizure, and when he started to walk it was like something bit him and he would let out a wild screech. I called the number on the back of the box and they told me to get it off with dawn soap 2 washes. I did that and we rushed him to the vet afterwards because he was too lethargic and was still having seizures. The vet gave him benadyrl and some pain medication to help him rest and we took him home last night. He has been going crazy all day. They say that this stuff can cause kidney failure and death. So whatever you do watch your dog if this happens to you. Don’t allow him to eat protein and make sure he pees and drinks lots of fluids. Proteins can’t be excreted from the kidneys under renal failure and can cause your dog to go crazy because it breaks down into Urea and is toxic. This stuff is bad news. Kota is like my child and if something happened to one of my kids I would litterally kill the people who make this. Still thinking about it. I will call and get a refund or there will be a law suit at hand. I have already contacted my lawyer.

For future information do not EVER give a flea and tick medication that has pyridine in it. It is a poison used in sprays to kill cockroaches and insects. It is a very lethal insect killer.

I have learned my lesson I pray for the people who have lost their dogs or have had any damage from this product. It must be taken off the shelves

Once ACTIVE Cat now sleeps 23/7, may be blind/deaf

Justice, our male short haired cat, born on THE September 11th, is now a different cat. This cat who was ALWAYS SO ACTIVE, now huddles in the corner in fear… from the day of his HARTZ treatment till now, 3 weeks later. I wondered why he did come when I called. There are often DAYS that go by when I don’t see him at all. He hides in the basement. I feed him (slight appitite), water, but he is a different cat. Sometimes he sits and just Meows when you are right next to him. I carried him to his food dish… he acts like his senses are messed up.  He twitched just a little that first day (my wife had given him his drops between his shoulders, and I was away on a trip).  She feels just horrible. We thought he would die. But, so far, no recurring twitching. But he has trouble walking, maneuvering, seeing, perhaps hearing.

This is SO VERY OBVIOUS that this relates to the Hartz product. There should be a class-action law suit. I just don’t know why they would continue to market this product. Somebody with deep pockets is going to sue them.  And it is not about the money for most people… it is about getting rid of a dangerous product.

Hartz: Please listen to these stories. Any one can make a mistake. But, take responsibility. Reformulate, retest, and do what is right.. in the mean-time, pull your product.



I can’t believe how ignorant I was in the fact I didn’t research Hartz InControl Flea and Tick Drops when I purchased them for my cat for the upcoming flea season. I mean… you see Hartz and assume you are buying a reputable product to protect your animal. I used InControl Flea and Tick Drops on my cat and within hours she was shaking and tremoring as if she was in the beginning stages of a seizure. I IMMEDIATELY called the number on the back of the box and though their Eastern Standard TIme Hours are 9 to 5 their “Hartz Mountain” offices were CLOSED and though it was 10am EST their soulless recording echoed in my ear to call them back during their regular business hours from 9am to 5pm EST. Not to mention this line hangs up on you after choosing this number 2 phone option for “POISON EMERGENCY!”

After taking my cat to the emergency vet and providing her with fluids and muscle relaxers to stop her convulsing my veterinarian immediately shook her head, sighing when I said “Hartz” She immediately knew how awful their products were and the horrible consequences cats and dogs have suffered from them. She told me she has had too many case to even count!

Upon arriving home with my cat, I researched what I had unwittingly subjected my beloved animal to and felt so irresponsible and sickened I had to post this story to try and raise awareness of this company and their pet killing products in hopes other mislead pet owners don’t end up in the same position as me, watching their cat or dog suffer like this. This company does NOT care about animals and ADMITS to using ingredients that cause irreparable liver damage and BLEEDING OF THE EYES! Even now at this very moment I am agonizing, wondering if my cat will pull through this. She is 13 years old and if anything this product has certainly shortened her lifespan by forcing her organs to work in overdrive to try and force this poisonous product out of her system! I know in my heart I will always feel responsible for putting her through this, but in the end it is THE HARTZ COMPANY WHO IS RESPONSIBLE TO MANUFACTURING A LETHAL PET PRODUCT!