Just got back from the vet – almost lost our boxer to Sentry Pro XFC

Yesterday afternoon, my fiancé’ (Chris) purchased some Sentry Pro XFC from a well known pet store and used it (he usually uses Frontline) on his 92 lb. boxer, Rowdy, and shortly thereafter, Rowdy began to run around frantically, scooting his rear on the ground and biting at his tail and hind quarters.  He was in obvious pain so Chris bathed him to see if he could wash some of the product off, still not knowing the dangers of this horrible poison!  After bathing him twice, he called me to tell me what was going on.  I told him that I had heard about Hartz products and to NEVER use them but we had NO clue that Sentry was part of the Hartz line.   Chris bathed him four times and thank God he did, I am sure that is part of what saved him.  It was a horrible night as Chris lives in the country and there wasn’t a vet open anywhere around him.  The night was horrible for both of them, neither slept and Rowdy spent the night in obvious pain and discomfort…whining and chewing at this tail and back legs.  He began limping and favoring his leg as well and wouldn’t eat or drink.

Chris read all about the symptoms and issues on your website (thank you!) and took Rowdy into the vet today.  They vet confirmed that he was having a bad reaction to the Sentry Pro XFC and to NEVER use it again.  He also said that Rowdy was past the worst of it, thankfully for the both of them.  NEVER, ever use over the counter, cheap flea and tick medicine – or any medicine for that matter.  Go to the vet and get a prescription.  The money you may save will be spent 5-10 times over trying to save your pet the following day.  Luckily, the vet has seen this before and gave Rowdy two shots…one being a steroid and another is an “antidote” that they use to counter the poison.  The vet also suggested that Chris give Rowdy some Benadryl tonight to alleviate some of the “pins and needles” pain that he has experienced and it will also help him sleep through the night.  Through no fault of his own, Chris almost killed his beloved pet.  I CANNOT believe that this product is STILL allowed to be SOLD!!!!  It HAS to be taken off of the shelves.  Especially during this time of economic hardship, so many people with pets will unknowingly try to save some money to help their pets yet they may be killing them instead.

Please, please, get the word out, these products are POISON and have to be recalled immediately!!  I want to SUE this company!!