Flea Shampoo Gave My Little a Seizure….

I have 2 chihuahuas…Rexx who is 4 years old and his son Little Man who is 9 months old. I had used the flea treatment on them both a month ago and they were fine.They didnt have the flea treatment at the store this month so I bought the Flea Shampoo instead. I bathed them both last night and then today Little Man had a seizure. I wasn’t sure if it was the shampoo or not until I found this website….It breaks my heart to read all of these sad stories and the fact that these products are still being sold even after all of the horrible pain they have caused. Little Man seems normal now hes running around and playing so I’m hoping it didn’t have a permanent effect on him and that he won’t have anymore episodes. I am glad I found this site so I knew the cause and not to buy Hartz anymore!! I dont know what I would do without my babies =(

Hartz permanently damaged and almost killed my kitten.

I had just adopted my boy from a woman who had a ton of animals infested with fleas cooped up in her tiny apartment. I thought I was bringing him to a better life where he wouldn’t ever be mistreated or have to suffer but what I did to him was terrible.
After being in my home for just a few days my house was nearly infested with fleas not to mention my other cat was now itching like crazy. Money was tight and I wasn’t going to get paid for a while so I decided to buy Hartz flea drops and shampoo for cats.
I washed my older cat first and she, thank god had no issues that I could see other than aggression I thought was from discomfort…though I’d never had her hiss at me or scratch me before.
Next I took my boy, who was about 10 months old and began to wash him. I was not sure if he’d ever had a bath before so when he started freaking out I assumed he was just afraid and would calm down when he saw nothing bad was going to happen to him. He meowed deep and wallowed and struggled. I was nearly done, I was rinsing him and all of a sudden his head cocked back at me very violently and he went kind of limp kind of stiff in my arms. He was lifeless and his pupils were enormous. He was just staring at me with out blinking. I rinsed him very quickly and took him out of the bath and wrapped him in a towel. He was completely still, his breathing was only slight and he still wouldn’t blink. I laid there with him on the bathroom floor sobbing and rubbing him thinking he was about to die. I thought I gave him a heart attack from being so frightened. I just rubbed him gently and cried and tried to sing to him imagining he was full of fear and pain. We laid there for about half an hr. I closed his eyes for him and watched his chest for when he would stop breathing. I was holding him now rubbing his forehead…and all of a sudden he opened his eyes widely and meowed really unpleasantly and started to move his lower body like he was trying to get out of the towel. I was so happy I just held him with me for a few minutes to make sure he wasn’t dying.
He was lethargic and cranky the rest of the day and I noticed he was suddenly getting stuck to the carpet. Like his claws wouldn’t retract. He also seemed to have a hunch in his back most of the time like he was really tense. He went around the house meowing and getting stuck to things.
It’s been almost a year from then and he is alive thankfully but is still getting stuck to things, falling off of things, seems to have a poor depth perception, and is afraid of almost everything.
He didn’t act like this before, even when I met him in his original home he was outgoing and friendly and sweet.
Recently he seems to be getting into really weird positions and sleeping like that and then waking up and not being able to get out of them…like his body is tightening up or something.
I hate hartz and I wish there was something I could do to get this sh*tty god awful product away from anyone who thinks they are doing something to help their loved ones.
All it did to my poor guy was almost kill him or give him a seizure, make him disabled, and make him suffer.