So thankful for internet information

So, we are moving to Oregon and we needed to buy Flea Meds for our 7 rescue kitties. We didn’t have a lot of money so we were very thrilled when we found Hartz Ultra Guard Plus for Cats at a reasonable price. Hartz is, well its Hartz. Trusted right?

So we bring this stuff home and go to apply it to our cats. Thankfully my mother taught me to read everything. I was taken aback by the need to separate the kitties cause of grooming, call the vet, no its Sunday. Call Hartz, no its Sunday! I needed to know if I could treat them on the move, that night, in their carriers. So, I went on the internet and asked Yahoo answers. Treat them, don’t worry was the response I was getting. But then Laurie, a complete stranger got on and said NO! She informed us of Hartz! We researched! We are taking it back and spreading the word. Another 7 Kitties saved from the death trap of Hartz Flea meds for cats!!

Thank You…Thank You ALL so Much…My God THANK YOU!

I was going to get some stuff for my cat but I couldn’t afford frontline. I considered getting the Hartz but I came across Tiny Timmy which led me to some videos from here. I came here and read the stories, and seen the videos and pictures and I am sitting here sobbing my eyes out. This could be my son. My life, my baby. You all saved a precious kitty’s life with your courage to share these stories, and if I can help get this known in any way I will. I want you to know, while it can’t even begin to heal the pain from losing your pet, their stories are not in vain. They are saving the lives of many precious babies…and I love you, and your pets, for making sure I did not unknowingly use this stuff on my cat. He is a little tabby with white spots, and he has asthma and is special needs…this crap surely would have killed him and I never could imagine what would happen. He is a therapy animal. Thank you everyone at Thank you…I can’t thank you enough.