9 Month Old Puppy In Emergency Vet Hospital

Yesterday I put Seargents Flea and Tick drops onto my 9 month Havenese. He is now in a veterinarian emergency hospital hooked up to an IV and staying overnight! He did not become symptomatic until about 20 hours after application. Then he began to whine, excessively throwing up, drooling until he soaked his bed & paws. He jumped and seemed to be in pain, scratching, biting, rubbing his ears forcefully onto the floor. When I would try to touch him he seemed to jump in pain. My heart was breaking for him. I began searching on the web & found this site and was absolutely sickened to read ALL of the other incidents that have been captured. Immediately I contacted a vet hospital and drove 45 minutes to get there. It is Sunday and they were the closest clinic open. When we got there his heart was racing and he was again soaked in drool. They said his heart rate was 260 when it should have been 140!!!! The site where the medication was applied turned his puppy skin a deep pink and was hot & inflamed! I am apalled that this is still on the market!!! I am horrified that my puppy could suffer any more than he already has and for tonight I have to wait and see! So far he’s been put on and IV drip, been bathed, and administered a drug to stop the excessive drooling. I call the vet every hour and so far he hasn’t improved!! I’ve called Krogers where I initially purchased the product & was referred to their 800# However being sunday there was no customer service. I intend to contact Sargents and I WILL continue to push this issue!! NEVER AGAIN SHOULD AN ANIMAL SUFFER BECAUSE ONE COMPANY WANTS TO MAKE MONEY!! So far his hospital bill is at $600.00!!!