Sergeant’s Silver Flea & Tick Squeeze-on: DON’T USE!!!

Please please please do not use Sergeant’s Silver Flea & Tick on your pets!! It has SERIOUS and LIFE THREATENING side effects, which we are experiencing with our pug this week! She has been breathing heavily/panting, constantly scratching the area where we applied the medicine, has lost her personality, has a 102 fever, is lethargic, and she doesn’t want to play/go outside.  It started immediately after we applied the flea killer.  Luckily we bathed her and gave her Benedryl right away or it could have been worse.  So far we’ve bathed her twice, once with Dawn dish soap (which is the only thing that will take the flea medicine off), made two vet visits (4 shots and some pills) and have been shoving Benadryl down her throat all week! it has been 3 days now and she is just starting to feel better.  It wasn’t until I found this website yesterday that I even knew for sure what the problem was.
The vet we saw says he sees this all the time, and has also seen cases where animals have died from this. The vet also said all OTC flea meds are garbage and to use what your vet provides you with.
It’s unbelievable that this medicine has not been pulled off the shelves after all the harm it’s caused to poor dogs/cats and their owners!!!