Profender alternative

Hey Folks,
For those who don’t want to use Profender or other chemical de-wormers search “diatomaceous earth food grade” . My big, tough, cat gets laid low every time we use the topicla stuff, Profender. I searched for and alternative and came up with a mechanical solution. Diatoms are little critters with silica shells. These shells slice and dice worms, fleas, lice. We used it externmally on our Shepard to get rid of fleas. It is used with natural food folks – veggies and animals – to de-worm big critters, rid barns of flies, and as pest control in the garden. Food grade DE (Yes, the swimming pool filter stuff but more refinded, I actually use an alternative to that for our pool from In The Swim.) is fed to animals in grains or regular food as a de-wormer. Search for yourself. Make your own call. Our local feed store in NH carries food grade DE or you can get it on line.
Peace and Pets, and as little drugging as possible,