Please Get Products From Your Vet

I just want to help spread awareness to all of you folks that have used Hartz products. When it comes to flea and tick prevention, there’s too many owners that get over the counter products. Please don’t do this. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Hartz product or any other brand, even Frontline. Get it from your veterinarian. As a veterinary assistant I see at least one pet that’s been subject to these products every week, and the result varies with each of them. Some succumb to the toxicity of product and nearly die, others break out in hotspots all over their body, and still more come in completely infested with fleas. Get your preventative products from your vet. This is the only way to guarentee that it will work. If it doesn’t, the company will reimburse you, but only if you got it at a vet’s office. Even getting them from PetMeds and other such websites, though cheaper, does not guarentee it’s the product you think you purchased. It’s of dire importance to keep your pet on flea/tick preventative and heartworm preventative. Yes, it is expensive to do so, especially if you get it from your vet. But prevention is much cheaper than a cure. I am begging all owners out there to please take care of your pet. Fleas carry tapeworms, and can carry hemobartonella – the organism that causes cat scratch fever – and those parasites can cause serious harm or death to a pet. The same for ticks that carry Lyme, Ehrlichia, and Babesia – devastatig diseases to your pet. Heartworms are even more important to prevent. They’re transmitted by mosquitos, and one bite from a mosquito can infect your dog or cat, even if they always stay indoors (please remember that mosquitos can get inside, and fleas can be tracked in from your front yard). The treatmet is six months long for a dog, and the injections are arsenic based. Heartworms in cats can effect their lungs. Is it truly fair to let them suffer through something like that, because you wouldn’t get preventative from the vet? Products like those made by Hartz are detrimental to your pets because people assume it’s ok to use since it’s being sold in the store. Please, please, please don’t fall for this. Read these other stories and see what Hartz has done to pets because they falsley market their products. You have the right to know about your pet’s safety with these products, so talk to your veterinarian to get all the information you can. Love your pet, get in the know.