I hope my cat will be okay

Yesterday, around 5pm I gave my 6mo kitten, Kahlua, ¬†Sergeant’s GOLD Squeeze-On for cats and kittens.. immediately after applying it I got a really bad feeling about it so I decided to research the product. (I had read the label and it does state the possible side effect as: “sensitivities may occur after using ANY pesticide product for pets. blah blah blah”.. it doesn’t state specific side effects.. just sensitivity¬†which is very ambiguous) Upon researching I found this website and immediately became sickly worried and gave Kahlua a thorough bath with cat shampoo and dawn soap, rinsing thoroughly. I haven’t noticed any adverse side effects yet, and it is 2pm, she does seem to be a little more tired than usual but if i prod her enough she will get up and play and she has eaten normal amounts of food/water. I sincerely hope that she does not have any reactions and it is horrible that this product (and others) are still on the shelves, especially without stating the actual possible side effects of them! I work at Target and am going to talk to my store manager to see what I can do about getting these products off of the shelves! I am sorry for everyone’s loss due to these poisons… It truly breaks my heart.

Hartz needs to be stopped immediately!

I came home from work and my grandma left this Hartz flea guard bullsquat on the table. I took Mao upstairs to the bathroom and applied the product between her shoulders at around 5:30 PM. Then as i studied for my midterm, I noticed that she was able to reach it and was licking the Hartz flea treatment off of her fur. I read the package and it said Hazardous to humans so I figured that it wouldn’t be any better for her.

I washed her, scrubbed her mouth out and dried her up before leaving for my midterm. I came home at about 8PM and she was limp, weak and overall not herself. She was shivering and her eyes were rolling to the back of her head. I began to watch her more closely. I thought she was sleeping at first but then I realized that her breathing was slowing to the point where she had stopped breathing for too long and I shook her.
She came to but I realized that she probably wouldn’t make it through the night.
Immediately, I rushed her to the animal hospital in the town over and admitted her to the emergency room.
The vet told me that Hartz is the cause of many animals who had been brought to him and died shortly after. He said that the product should not be allowed in stores and that I should have paid for the more expensive ($60.00-70.00) brand like Front Line instead of paying $900.00 for my emergency pet hospital bill. She was running a temperature of 104 and convulsing by the time I got her to the hospital. Her eyes were irritated and red and she was limp.

They’re doing all that they can for her and I just hope she lives through this.

This kitten has given my grandma a new spark of life, excitement and companionship. She’s given me a lot of serenity and support when I’ve needed it the most.

How the hell is Hartz allowed to exist! I want these products removed from their shelves and I want the Hartz company owners to pay for their crimes against the consumers who want to kill the fleas, not their damn pets!