Class Action lawsuit getting started

I represent attorneys in a suburb of Memphis, TN that are currently seeking pet owners who have had their pets hurt and/or killed by products manufactured by Hartz. At my request, the moderator previously posted to this site information regarding my attorneys interest in pursuing this matter. (link: )

We are in the stages now of signing those people who are interested in pursuing a consumer protection class action civil lawsuit against Hartz. If you are interested in finding our more information, please contact me at: [email protected] or [email protected]; we cannot contact you directly unless you have posted your contact information publicly.

It is not necessary for you to be a resident of Memphis, or of Tennessee to be included in this class action lawsuit.

You must contact us as soon as possible to be included in the initial stages of the suit. Many posters here have stressed interest in pursuing this class action suit and that is why my attorneys are using this site to reach the public about filing just such a lawsuit.

To avoid spamming this site, I will work to keep the moderator(s) informed of the progress of any suit that is filed and at his/her/their discretion may update this site with that information.