We can’t believe this on the market!

Completely unaware of the risk I used HARTZ Ultra guard on my one year old pit bull. Almost immediately he became moody and lethargic (which is completely out of character). Two days after the initial use he began to foam at the mouth and experience muscular fasciculation (seizures) followed by muscle weakness and vomitting. Right away I went into a panic. The only thing new introduced to his environment was the HARTZ. I was taken by surprise when I realized there was a warning lable under the basic lable. When the vet was contacted her first question was have you used any flea or tick treatments. She then, before I could tell her what I used began telling me horror stories she has seen in animals when their owners had used products containg organophosphate. Luckily he seems to be doing better today. How can it be legal to sell anything that could even remotely cause such a horrific and heartwrenching reaction?

Zodiac Flea Drops Killed My Cat

My mom, the idiot that she is, put Zodiac on our 9 yr old Balinese without doing any research on the POS product and my dear sweet Boo Boo died 2 days later. He went from being completely healthy to being extremely weak and didn’t eat for 2 days. He died in my arms. I loved him so much. We contacted Hartz and they paid a portion of the vet bill and said he had an adverse reaction. Adverse reaction my arse. That complany needs to go down in flames.


Another Hartz Victim

My 3 year old dog was rushed to the Vet this morning after using Hartz flea and tick drops.  She had egg sized welts all over her body and head.  She was treated and sent home and now is on close watch.  The welts are coming and going with no warning, even now after treatment.  The vet has her taking medication twice a day to help.  It’s heartbreaking what Hartz has allowed and even promoted when they know there have been issues with their products.  I feel like I’ve paid them to harm my dog, I’m digusted!!!!

Looking for California Victims of Flea Products


I have been fighting Hartz  for years. See my web sites below.

I recently was contacted by Joel Grover of KNBC. He is a well respected award winning reporter for NBC. He wants to do a story about this horrible problem of flea products injuring and killing our belove animal friends. He asked if I could supply names and emails  of people who had  problems with flea products hurting their animals, especially people within California so he could interview them in person.

I think another news story will help to warn the public about just how  dangerous  these products are, which are being sold as safe to use.

Please email me at either [email protected] or [email protected] get involved, help save our pets.

Thank you


Against Hartz http://www.geocities.com/againsthartz/
Hartz Memorial Quilt

Sergents flea drops is killing my cat!

Last night at 9:00pm I put Sergents flea drops on my dog, and 4 cats. Around midnight I heard some “noises” in the hallway and thought it was the cats playing, then at 2:30 am I woke up to heraing the noise again but, then following it I heard something fall down my stairs. I got up and found my cat Kaymin laying at the bottom of the steps having a sezuire. I thought she fell down the stairs while playing and that was what caused the sezuire. I quickly got a pet carrier and put her in so she could not get hurt any further. I spent all night sitting up with her and watching over my other pets. (none of them seemed to be affected). When the rest of the family I started to retace the steps of the night before. and I was shocked that I finally put 2 and 2 toghter! I quickly told my son to do research and he comfirmed my belief about the flea drops. I quickly got her in the bath tub and washed her down 3 times top to bottom! Then I bathed all the other animals just in case. Kaymin is not having sezuires anymore at the moment but she has strange shake and shiver reaction still. She cannot sit or walk right, I think she has brain damage now. I have got her to take water by dropper and fed her some food by hand. (she wanted both) I guess that is good news. But I am still fresh into this and she may still die. I called my  vet and they said I am doing all they would and it is a wait and see time. I am scared I will be putter her down. I hope I do not have to do that, If I have to take care of a brain damaged cat I will. I am just shocked that this is allowed to happen in the first place. This item should be pulled off the market! If anyone can tell me if there is anything else I can do to help my cat please reply!

Sergeants Gold Flea and Tick treatment made my dog vomit uncontrollably

I found a few fleas on my dog yesterday so I went to the store and shopped for a flea treatment. The only choices at this store was Hartz or Sergents Gold. I chose Sergents Gold and came home and put the flea treatment on my one year old female Lhasa Apso, Zoey. It was around 3pm when I did this. Around 6pm I noticed that she was rolling on the floor whining. I thought that she just needed to go out side so I took her out. She was really figity and would lay down on the concrete. When she would get up I noticed the concrete was soaking wet where here mouth was. I looked at her and her mouth was filled with saliva and foam. I took her inside and she threw up. She tried to eat a little after this but she immediately threw up again. It was such a mess that I grabbed my phone and took her back outside so she could vomit in the grass. I tried to call my vet office but they were closed so I called the emergency vet hospital. They told me that if I could not get her to stop vomitting to bring her in. So I did. The drive took about 25 mins and the entire way there I heard my dog whine and bark like I have never heard before. I could tell that she was in pain and I felt horrible. As soon as we arrived and got out of the car she threw up again. Her vomitting was not normal like how a dog usually heaves and you can see thier body move as they are about to throw up. Her’s was just straight out of the mouth in a split second and thin she would be dripping saliva for the next few mins. I took her into the vet where again she threw up in the waiting room. They did a few tests on her and bathed her twice. The vet came and talked to me. She said that this is not uncommon for people who use Sergent Gold -AND- Hartz. She said that some of the symptoms are vomitting (as in my case), diarrhea, or seizures. They had to give her a fluid injection because she was so dehydrated, and they gave her meds to make the vomitting stop. This product is dangerous! It cost me $185 for the emergency vet vist and even more it put my poor dog in un-necessary pain. My boyfriend and I are trying to everything we can to get this off the market. Or at least warn people about it so they don’t have to go through what I went through with Zoey.


I did not know that all flea and tick medication was not created equal.   It was time to treat my dog, I was in Wal-Mart so I picked up some flea and tick medicine.  I put it on my dog just like the package says, just like I do every month (but with frontline normally…).  We went to sleep and I heard him moving a bit in the night but that is not unusual.  He got up and ate breakfast normally.  About 30 minutes after breakfast he started throwing up.  At first of course it was just his food so I thought he just had a little upset stomach and didn’t think much of it until it was mid-afternoon, he had thrown up “mucus-looking” stuff 4 more times, he was listless and had zero interest in food, his favorite thing normally.  The mucus made me think it had to be something strange and I knew the only thing I had put on him was the Hartz flea and tick.  It was also the only thing out of his normal routine.  I looked up the ingredient Phenothrin online and one of the poisoning symptoms was excess saliva, nausea, vomiting,etc.  I immediately called my vet’s office and was told that Hartz is poisionous for animals, should not be on the market and has killed several animals.  I was told to bathe my dog immediately to help detoxify him.  I bathed him thoroughly and washed everything he had come in contact with.  He remained listless through the evening and threw up several more times.  However, he was able to keep his dinner down…so far.  How horrible that these people are not regulated more closely!  The worst part is you end up hurting your own animal without even knowing it when you were specifically trying to protect them!

Class Action Lawsuit Please Read !!!


On Sept 15,2008 I treated My cat with Hartz Flea drops. Today now thw 16th we arrived home to find our cat outside shaking. We brought her in the house as it was cold out side. My wife noticed something was wrong with the cat.

We thought she might have gotten into some garbage or ate a mouse or rat that was poisined. We then remembered we treated her with the drops. She went into a violent siezure and was convulsing harshly. I found the package and immediatley looked up the information on permethrin.

I called hartz and when I did I got a machine that asked me to press 1 for customer service and 2 for emergency help. I pressed option 2 only to get a answering machine that said all agents were busy and to call back later and it hung up. I called back immediatley and pressed option 1 talked to a rep who transfered me to a emergency care consultant for hartz. He was the most un caring person in the world I was asking if there was any combatant for the permethrin he said ” No sir there is nothing to combat it” and then he sat on the line and was going to leave it at that. Then I asked him how long it was going to be in her system and he said well it can be up to 72 hours. He did not offer and help nor support to me. I told the basterds this was not over and they would be hearing from me and a lawyer.

I ask you to please contact me at [email protected] with the information of your horror story and that you provide me with your name and a address and telephone number where yoyu can be reached by a attorney of law and begin a class action suit against this company for the lack of care and knowledge about this deadly flea medication. Your animal can die from this just being around another animal treated with this cocktail of death.

I am in tears for all of you that have suffered through this. And one more thing there is no documented studies on how to treat this overdose. But do not let your vet use charcoal as this is topical and not ingested this will result in dehydration of your animal and put them in even more danger. Bath your animal with soap 3 times to ensure you have got all of it off and rinse with alot of luke warm water hot water will open the skins pores so do not use HOT water.

This company seems to have no concern or care what they are doing lets put them in thier place and make them care. This medication is highly toxic and needs to be looked into further before more animals die.


Derek Stewart

London Ontario Canada

Once ACTIVE Cat now sleeps 23/7, may be blind/deaf

Justice, our male short haired cat, born on THE September 11th, is now a different cat. This cat who was ALWAYS SO ACTIVE, now huddles in the corner in fear… from the day of his HARTZ treatment till now, 3 weeks later. I wondered why he did come when I called. There are often DAYS that go by when I don’t see him at all. He hides in the basement. I feed him (slight appitite), water, but he is a different cat. Sometimes he sits and just Meows when you are right next to him. I carried him to his food dish… he acts like his senses are messed up.  He twitched just a little that first day (my wife had given him his drops between his shoulders, and I was away on a trip).  She feels just horrible. We thought he would die. But, so far, no recurring twitching. But he has trouble walking, maneuvering, seeing, perhaps hearing.

This is SO VERY OBVIOUS that this relates to the Hartz product. There should be a class-action law suit. I just don’t know why they would continue to market this product. Somebody with deep pockets is going to sue them.  And it is not about the money for most people… it is about getting rid of a dangerous product.

Hartz: Please listen to these stories. Any one can make a mistake. But, take responsibility. Reformulate, retest, and do what is right.. in the mean-time, pull your product.


Hartz Ultra Guard flea spray for home

I used this spray as per the generic directions on the bottle and I had seiz and muscle spasms two hours after I used this product.The seizures continued throughout the night and when I saw my neurologist she got together with poison control and the partial diagnosis was poisoning. I am a person and this product did this to me. I am still suffering from mild seizure activity one week later. I have never had any seizure or neuro problems in my life. I need a good lawyer and I live in North Florida. Help!