Another Cat Poisoned

My cat was poisoned last night after I washed her with Hartz Gold Flea and Tick treatment I’d bought at Target. I called the emergency vet clinic when I noticed she was having trouble walking and felt her hit her head on the metal bars under my bed. Following their directions, I washed her again wit dish soap, but she was still in bad shape, so I had to take her into the clinic. Nearly $200 later, she’s home, slow moving from the fluids and muscle relaxers, tired, and still has fleas.

The vet told me about lack of regulations in this industry and I’m even more disgusted at the greed of corporations, willing to kill innocent animals at the prospect at making a buck. I’m contacting the Consumer Protection Agency about this and other deadly products, and I encourage everyone reading this to do the same. Even a phone call with a simple statement will make an impact.

Harts UltraGuard pro question..

I used hartz ultra guard on my car earlier today (Around 10:30am, it’s not 12 hours later) and he;s fine, but i’m going to be letting him visit two other cats this evening, i’ve washed the area down with gentle soap, but i am scared they may get sick if they lick him where he can’t. should i be concerned about this? i’m not 100% sure on their medical conditions, but they are older cats, i think one may have a dietary issue (like diabetic or something similar).
just told my friend who’s cats we’d be seeing about the flea/hartz issue, and i found out one of her cats is highly sensitive to fleas and loses fur, and her boyfriend also gets rashes from them.

what should i do??

Kitten just died – Fine before Hartz

I can’t express how angry I am right now. It was four hours ago that my kitten had his young life snatched away from him by Hartz Milk Replacement.

We started feeding it Hartz Milk Replacement for Kittens, prior to me knowing about this site. About three hours later, the kitten crawled away under a table, where we thought he was going to take a nap, since he likes to sleep. About another hour passed, and it appeared it was having a bad dream. Seconds after our kitten started what seemed like silently gasping for air. We tried to move him out from under the table, and discovered his whole body was limp. His eyes were in a dead stare, and he wouldn’t blink. Accelerated heartbeat. And very soon after – his young life ended.

We are heartbroken. All the things he never got to see and do. After reasearching online at what could have caused such a sudden thing, I stumbled upon this website, and was instantly stunned to discover that Hartz products caused deaths for other people’s pets as well. A bunch of murderers they are.

If this product did not exist, my kitten would still be alive right now. I know it.

Hartz product in Ukraine- flea and tick protection


I have a young laika dog aged 8 months. I recently bought in a shop a flea and tick protector from Hartz. I put the product as was mentioned in the product user’s guide. Now after 3 days I see that the fur of my dog seems fading from white to gray and at the place where I did put the product ( two tracks ) from the shoulders blade to the tail as the user’s guide  mentioned also there are now two dark lines . I cannot understand where this grey and dark color comes from. It looks like dust on the structure of the hair?

I have been looking for feedback about Hartz products and found this website. I must say I am horrified reading the stories so far and I can only pray that the effects on my dog will disappear.

The chemical product they use which is Phenotrin seems to act as a poison ( ) .The story of Hartz seems to be well-known in the USA but nobody in Europe have ever heard about it.


Could it be possible that Hartz products have such effects on animals? If so why is this company still allowed to sell the products ? It seems completly absurd and crazy. I especially bought the Hartz product since in my eye US products are better that Eu products!

If the fur is still looking gray I will go to see the vet but here in Ukraine they haven’t big means.However I will thouroughly wash my dog before.

I am thankful I stumbled upon this site…

I had purchased Hartz Ultra guard pro at a local grocery for dogs 4-15 pounds. After grooming and bathing my 2yr old, 9 pound Malti-poo last night I had applied the product according to the box directions. I have this ocd habit of rechecking my work. My dog also loves to lay at the foot of my bed. Imediately After applying this product I noticed it was very smelly in an astringent way and very greasy looking. I wanted to see how long it would take to set so we could go to sleep, so I googled it… This site was third down. I clicked it and read the top story about poor Spooky the cat. My deepest sympathy goes out to anyone who has lost a dear friend to a lethal Hartz or another brand of product. My first thought was, I gotta get this stuff off! I am soooo sorry Pepper! I bathed him a few times with dawn soap to get that garbage off of him. Luckily I only had Hartz on him for 10 mins or less. Poor little guy, he was probably wondering what he did to deserve three baths! I called the 24 hour vet hospital and they told me to keep an eye out for vomiting, loose bowels, fatigue, muscle fatigue, seisures, foaming at the mouth, appetite loss, decreased fluid intake and anything out of the norm. That there tells me something the public doesn’t know about these products that we should know. It just makes me sick to read these horror stories about this (as I am recently enlightened) horrible company. Years ago, I remember Hartz being recommended in vet offices, and my buying decision was based solely on that. I am watching him through the morning hours, and so far he seems alright. Thank you everyone for these posts, It has saved a precious life!

Almost lost my baby Oliver

A few months ago, my sweet little cat Oliver contracted some ear mites, and I could just tell he was miserable, so I went and bought Hartz ear mite treatment and applied it to his ears. Within moments, he started drooling uncontrollably, urinated on himself, wouldn’t move, and hid from us, which, we knew was unusual, because he is normally the sweetest, most needy cat in the world. It was a Saturday, in the middle of the night, and we rushed him to the pet emergency room, but didn’t really have the money to get him treatment. They were kind enough to wash him thoroughly, but by then his back legs weren’t working, and I honestly thought that he wouldn’t survive the night. I felt HORRIBLY guilty, and stayed up with him the whole night. Miraculously, he made it through that night, but he still had no control over his bladder or his back legs, and we kept expecting the worst. It was almost a week before he finally gingerly started walking around on his own again, and weeks after that he was miraculously back to his old self. It was a miracle, and I know, from reading these stories how lucky I truely was. Today, Ollie is a happy and healthy kitty, back to his overly affectionate self.
I tell everyone I can what Hartz did to my sweet baby. I just wish no one else had to go through what we did.

Hartz Refused to Acknowledge Problem

I called Hartz today to find out how to help my cat after a bad reaction from their flea drops. While on hold for 10 minutes I clicked on a couple other results from the google search to get their number. One landed me here. The lady at Hartz asked me a million questions and then swore it wasn’t their product. So I asked about all the other people saying they have had similar problems. She blew me off and told me cheerfully to take my cat to a vet. I said I think I better call an attorney instead. She got very cheerful and told me to have a nice day. Really? My cat is sick, I don’t get to have a nice day. Has anyone contact an attorney for a class action lawsuit? I am writing Walmart today to beg them to take this product off the market. I hope others will as well.

Death to early

We had 3 cats and 1 dog at our house and now we just have 1 cat and 1 dog. Our story is very sad and no one else needs to go through it.
Yesterday we noticed a flea on one of our russian blues, we went to buy some flea controll, Hartz was the brand we decided to purchase. We get home and put the flea controll on all of our animals. Later on in the evening we started to noticed that our 2 russian blues were acting strange. There body movements were jerky, the face was twiching, there meow was weak. Shortly after they both started to have seizurs. At this point we decided to put down the 2 cats. We could not watch them suffer anymore. It was a horrible experiance and no one should have to deal with this kind of loss.
If I would have research this product and found this site we would never bought it.
This product should be taken off the store shelves so no one else have to suffer the lose that we endured last night. Hartzs need to change there packaging to say it may cause death if used. Right now all it says is that there might be some sensitivity to the product. To me that says nothing about death or the side effects that it may cause. Only if we would have know maybe our loved ones would still be with us.

R.I.P       Tika and Carneilius. You will always be in our hearts.

Hartz Flea and Tick made my YorkiPoo sick !!!

Someone please help me !!! I had my dog groomed for the summer on this past Thursday May 19th 2011.  With his fresh shave down for the summer we notice he had picked up some fleas which is possible because we spend a lot of time outside. On Thursday my dog was fine acting normally.  On thursday on my way home from work I stopped and picked up some Hartz Flea and Tick shampoo from my local walmart and some Hartz flea and tick topical drops for him. I came home and gave him a fresh bath and added the drops once He dried off. Thinking Hartz is a good trusted brand to use on your animal I had no worries. I WAS WRONG !!!!. the next day when I woke up for work he was shaking and trembling and to to top it off the fleas and the eggs were all still there. and now he is not able to stand and will not eat or drink.  I am so hurt and upset as my dog will not even bark anymore.  I finally called a friend who also has a dog and she told me to go quickly to my local walmart and buy a bottle of dawn liquid detergent. Needless to say I ran to to walmart and back home to give him a bath. I scrubbed, scrubbed him and made sure i used lots and lots of water on his body. After his bath every flea and it’s eggs were gone. I mean no sign he ever had fleas on him..   However I dont know what to do to help him now. someone please let me know how to help him if I have time.