Hartz ultraguard flea & tick shampoo will kill



RIP Kia, On Sept 10, 2014 my loving Persian “show” cat. I inadvertently killed Kia because I gave him a bath with a well known product sold by a well respected company. Hartz ultra guard rid flea and tick shampoo.


Kia won prizes but more importantly, he won my heart and the heart of my family.  Kia died within 24 hrs. of having a Hartz ultra Guard flea and tick shampoo treatment.


Kia was bathed late in the evening and he responded with foaming at the mouth, convulsions and seizures. Kia died the next afternoon with no one to comfort him or take him to an emergency room. Everyone went to work never imagining or expecting to find Kia dead in the day. There was clear evidence he suffered and died within a short 12 hour time frame.


The vet verified that my beautiful young, (7 yrs old) healthy cat was deceased and had in fact suffered a possible seizure. My vet and I discussed the problems they have seen with the above mentioned shampoo. Some animals were saved when rushed for medical assistance and others could not be saved. Why was I not warned? I killed my cat with a bottle of shampoo that cost $5.99.


This product is still readily available on the shelves of literally thousands of stores. The active chemical ingredient intended to kill flea and ticks is “Pyrethrin.” It’s a pesticide.


I did as much research as I could on reported deaths or problems with this shampoo. One website reported over 2,000 deaths. My vet verified he personally has treated ill animals after they had received a shampoo with this product.


I would like this product changed or off the shelves. I don’t want another family distraught over the death of another cat.


In Loving Memory 5-24-2007- 9-11-2014


Marae Tesi