Harts UltraGuard pro question..

I used hartz ultra guard on my car earlier today (Around 10:30am, it’s not 12 hours later) and he;s fine, but i’m going to be letting him visit two other cats this evening, i’ve washed the area down with gentle soap, but i am scared they may get sick if they lick him where he can’t. should i be concerned about this? i’m not 100% sure on their medical conditions, but they are older cats, i think one may have a dietary issue (like diabetic or something similar).
just told my friend who’s cats we’d be seeing about the flea/hartz issue, and i found out one of her cats is highly sensitive to fleas and loses fur, and her boyfriend also gets rashes from them.

what should i do??

Why didn’t I listen to our Vet?

I am still trying to hold back the tears and having a hard time letting go of the guilt. Our Vet had advised in using a safer flea protection for our cats and suggested some of the products that they sell. I did not do any research and decided that I would try to go with a cheaper brand. I purchased Hartz UltraGuard PRO last week and gave both of my cats applications on Sunday evening. During Monday morning feeding time my loving cat Winky did not come to eat even though I called several times. After searching I found him unable to get up or move. I took him to the Vet immediately and after exam was told that he was critical and I needed to make a decision. I signed a release in order for the Vet to treat and try to save Winky. Unfortunately it was too late….he didn’t last long.
Through my own ignorance of not doing research and not keeping close check on my cats after the application, there is yet another victim. Please keep informed for your pet’s sake and help in the campaign to keep poisons out of pet care products.

Too many to remember

I don’t have a personal story, but I just wanted to say that I am an RVT and have worked in a clinic for 9 years, I have seen neurological, skin and behavior reactions to these cheap flea products, some have resulted in death and some in permanent damage. There have been too many to count, it’s a tragedy that these products are on the market and so easy to buy. Something must be done. This page is a great start.

Thank you.

I’ve used this Hartz Ultra Guard Pro without incedent (so far) on my outdoor cat, Mr. Cat. I’ve also used Sargeants Gold for Cats (and even recommended it to my family because it seemed to work so well.)

Today, I noticed some flea dirt coming off of my indoor cat, and she doesn’t generally get fleas. I immediately took out the Hartz and put it on her neck. About 10 minutes later I came across your site. I immediately felt panicked and took her to the kitchen sink for a scrub. She threw up her food this evening (but she also threw up, pre med, so I pray to GOD she has a hairball [yeah, sad to be praying for that right?])

Anyhow, after she got sick I took her up to the kitchen sink a second time for 2nd, more thorough rinse, this time with a little more dish soap. She absolutely HATES being held still, and she screamed bloody murder the whole time I was rinsing her off. She also bit me LOL… I think I got most of it off, and will happily wait for my Advantage to come in the mail. 🙂

Thank you for your site, for all the info, and for saving my darling Lady Luck from suffering (and as well for saving Mr. Cat for any future use of cheap products!). I always felt really awful about the smell, and felt like I was putting poison on my cats… Go with your gut, right??

Thanks again. Lady Luck & Mr. Cat are safe, healthy, happy, and can live one more day with a few little pesky fleas. It’s horrible to think that people have lost their babies because of these products. I will never “go the cheaper route” again. Thank you so much… I would die if I hurt either of my babies, they’re my little family 🙂

Hartz Ultra Guard Pro – too close for comfort!

Oh my goodness, I, like everyone else on this website, cannot believe this is happening.  Why is this stuff still on the market??  If Hartz was truly trying to help cats and owners, they would fess up to their mistakes and pull their products.

Yesterday morning, I put Hartz Ultra Guard Pro Flea and Tick Drops on my 5yr old cat.  Let me also say that she is my best friend.  I cherish the time we spend together and always welcome her to company.  So, a few hours after the application, I noticed that she was strangely kicking/shaking her back feet.  It almost looked like it hurt for her to stand on her back feet.  She is also vehemently licking her back paws.  I just thought that she had scratched her neck with her back feet and gotten some of the Hartz (evilness) on her back feet – so I though she was just trying to get it off.

THANKFULLY, she has not had any seizures or problems with balance, so I think she will get over it.  I’ve washed her neck a couple of times with plain water, but I’m contemplating whether to take her to the vet.  I’m in nursing school and I really don’t have the money to take her to the vet.

Please, pass this message along to other pet owners.  Don’t take chances with the cheapy flea stuff.  DO NOT USE HARTZ!!!