Just in the Nick of Time

First of all, I am so thankful that I found this website. If I did not stumble upon this, I don’t know what condition my dog would be in right now.

For several months now, my family has been using Hartz on our family dog to no avail. Despite the fact that it was not working, we had to keep using it because of our financial standing, hoping that somehow it would become effective and the fleas that were making my dog miserable would die off. I happen to be one of the few blessed people whose dog survived this awful poison. My condolences to those who have been victimized by Hartz. Before I came upon this site, my dog–her name is Kalila–started to behave strangely. I first noticed her behavior when my mom pointed out that she was not eating her food. It seemed that she had lost her appetite completely. Even the treats she found irresistible became unappealing to her. She also becoming unresponsive to us. She is a dog that is easily excited, but she began to become very lethargic. In addition to that, she was constantly vomiting during the day and in the middle of the night. I would wake up to her whining and gagging, I would then have to rush her to the bathroom so she could vomit whatever was upsetting her stomach. I was very concerned, but we honestly could not afford a decent check up. It was not until I found this site–several weeks after the incident–that I finally realized what the problem was; it was Hartz. I thought that my dog’s behavior was due to food poisoning or some allergic reaction to something she encountered, but after reading the many stories and comparing Kalila’s symptoms with other symptoms of poor victimized dogs, I now understand.

We just used Hartz yesterday, but after finding this, I immediately washed my dog, even if it may have been too little too late I wanted to wash off whatever chemical that was still there. I am definitely letting my parents know, and now that I have a somewhat decent paying job, I will invest in flea preventives that are effective and NOT deadly to my dog. After all, she is family. I am so thankful I found this in the nick of time. Who knows what would happen to her if I didn’t..

It breaks my heart to know that I was ignorant of the dangers of this product, so Kalila had to suffer in a such a way, but now that I know I will spread the word.