My niece asked to see Cujo as she hadn’t seen her in a while, when I took her downstairs I found Cujo sitting under a chair breathing heavy as if she couldn’t breathe. Her eyes were half closed and she just looked like something wasn’t right with her. She then walked upstairs and walked fairly slowly. When she got upstairs she defecated on herself as she had diarrhea and she threw up a couple of times.  It was late at night so I contacted an ER vet. I explained the problem and they told me to come in immediately. I brought her in and she was a totally different cat. She was alert, bright eyed and appeared fine. The vet checked her vitals, looked her over and said she appears fine. He offered to perform a series of tests that totalled about $250, but said he thinks she’s perfectly fine and that there shouldn’t be a problem so I did not get the tests. As soon as I got her home, she was vomiting all over the place, barely able to breathe and she went into a corner to hide. She died soon after. I immediately thought of the product I applied to her a couple of days prior (Hartz Ultra Guard Plus spray). I followed the instructions as directed on the label and sprayed her entire coat with an even spray all around. Cujo licked all of this off of her and a couple of days later, she passed.