Hartz Food killed all Four of My Guinea Pigs

I had four healty happy guinea pigs we ran out of food one day and went out and bott Hartz brand 🙁 :(:( we clead there cages everything was new and clean. Then we put the Hartz brand food into there bowls and three weeks later one of my guinea pigs died completly out of nowere. my mom and I did’nt know what she died from she was six years old so we just thouth she was old and died in her sleep. So my other three guinea pigs were still eating the food. Then today the other three die……I found them in there cages…..and there cages were cleaned earler today so we refilled there food  bowls with the Hartz Brand 🙁 then my family and I went about our day. And when it started geting late for my family to wined down for the day I went to check on them for the night and they were dead…………I am so confused and shocked……  they had new bedding, water, and the stupid Hartz Brand food.They all where poisend by the food. I don’t get it at all. I miss them so much.


IN LOVING MEMORY OF FOUR HAPPY LOVING GUINEA PIGS-Saturday June, 5, 2011 (Clara) and Friday, June 17,2011 (Bugsy,Jasper, and Vanilla)

1. Clara

2. Bugsy

3. Jasper

4. Vanilla

I love them so much 🙁

Please do not buy this food or any other product from them!