How to Help Stop this from Happening to Others

There is one  simple thing you can  do. It won’t  cost you any  money either. Speak up. Simply tell everyone you know about what happened  to your pet. Tell them  to check out this web site for proof. If you see someone in a store  looking at  flea products  talk to them. I know it’s hard to talk to strangers, but trust me you saying something to them may very well save their pets life and thats a big thing to animal lovers. It will also make you feel a little  better over  what’s happened  wit your pet. At least  you are doing  something to help stop this and thats a big  plus. Face  it  no one’s  going to be taking out  full page  ads in the  New York Times saying ” Warning, Hartz can kill  your pets!”. Just not going to happen.

The pets of the world need your help. Please tell people whats  going on. If you have a web site or friends  with web sites ask them to add a warning and or  link to this web  site. I personally think anyone  who knows about  this ,  has an  animal and a web  site and  doesn’t use that site  to help spread the  word isn’t an animal  lover.  It’s on my site and every site I create for anyone. I bet  you all have facebook pages or you tweet on Twitter. Have you used that to help spread the  word? If not  you sure should be.

If anyone wants  a flyer  you can  copy and  post at  work or anywhere I have a  couple made up.Oe if  you want something  special created as a flyer contact me at [email protected] I’ll be happy to send  you the  flyers  or work to create what  you want