Hartz flea drops made my dog viciously sick!

My fiancee and I just relocated to a new state. I have not found work yet so money is very tight. So when my 1.5 year old Austrailian Cattle Dog, who is allergic to fleas, got infested we were forced to buy the cheapest thing for fleas. HORRIBLE MISTAKE!

We ended up buying the Hartz 3 month supply UltraGuard Flea & Tick for dog 31-60 lbs.

The first month I applied the drops right before bed. During the night my dog also happened to get into the trash. By morning he got horribly sick… the worst I’ve ever seen him be. Throwing up violently every few minutes and with diarreha that was so horrible is was spraying out of his bottom. Literally I was cleaning poop off the walls as high up as my hip level. He was that sick for almost 24 hours unitll he finally got to sleep and at least stopped throwing up and diarreha. I was nursing my poor boy back to health for three days. At first he wouldn’t even eat the rice, chicken, and pumpkin mix I make when he’s sick. I had to feed him little scoops of yogurt which the yeast, my vet-tech sister said, can help aid in settling his stomach. I wrote this whole experience off as whatever he found in the trash making him sick. I didn’t even think of the flea drops I applied until the next month.

Yesterday was the the day I marked on the calander to give him his drops. I did the usual thing I do and gave him a bath, waited for him to dry, then applied the drops. I ended up putting them on mid-day and this time he did not happen to get into the trash. Later that night I noticed he started to act funny. But most times I give him flea drops he does… not getting petted and much makes him pout a bit. We went to bed carefree. Today he wasn’t acting sick yet, but he was acting REALLY off all day. He was panting rapidly, shaking, didn’t eat his breakfast, pacing back and forth, really uncomfortable, and he wouldn’t even take a treat from me. So when I took him out and he had a diarreha I naturally started getting really worried and began thinking back on what could of gotten him sick. The only thing it could be was those damn drops. I looked online to see if anybody else had similar reactions when I found this page. I rushed Icarus to the bathtub and began scrubbing. I washed him for about 30 minutes while he looked just miserable.

He’s starting to look a bit better. His shaking has gone down, he played with the cat for a little bit, and now he’s sleeping. Thank god I found this page when I did. I hope by washing off the posion labled as safe for pets I saved him the pain of getting that sick again. I’m livid at myself for not catching it the first time and that this is even in the markets. The worst I was expecting by choosing the cheaper brand was maybe it just didn’t kill the fleas. I never dreamed by buying and using Hartz would indanger my poor dog so much. I’m going to take ever action I can to make this story and others I’ve read that ended even worse heard.