Hartz Flea Spray

I sprayed my stairway, my couch, two chairs, and my bed with Hartz Flea Spray. Then I went to work. 10 hours later I came home and didn’t think anything about the smell. I assumed after 10 hours, it was safe to sit on the couch and lie on the bed. It has been 23 days since then, and the smell is driving me crazy.
I vacuumed, put baking powder down, washed and re-washed bedding, couch cover. I threw rugs and clothing away. I tried Fabreeze. I go to the sauna almost daily thinking I have to sweat it out of my body. I started drinking liquid chloraphyl because the local nutrition shop said it might be an internal issue. I used the sinus cleansing kit from Wal Mart thinking maybe it was in my sinuses. By the way, no one else can smell it.
I called the nurse hotline. They said a smell that is not going away is not a health issue but put me through to the Poison Hotline. They said that as long as there were no respiratory or neurological symptoms, I had to wait until it went away.
Not a good way to spend a month. I smell this sicky sweet chemical spray everywhere, even when I leave home and go to work. NEVER AGAIN!
(oh, at least there were no fleas that lived, they were lucky.)