My cat died this morning July 1, 2012

I treated our cat,Gretel, a very active and healthy 1 year old, with Hartz Ultraguard Plus Flea Spray and also treated her with the spot treatment Ultraguard Pro. Within 4 days she was acting lethargic and “stoned” . I took her to the vet the next day. They bathed her, gave her fluids, cortisone, antibiotics and (believe it or not) another dose of Flea control. I picked her up after 3 days there. Within 3 more she could not walk at all. I went back to the vet, they gave her more fluids and I brought her home. Over the next 6 days she got weaker, finally having 2 major seizures yesterday evening. Over night her breathing became more troubled. She died this morning about 8:30. Her weight went from a healthy 11 pounds to 6.6 pounds in 2 weeks. I was feeding her by syringe (water, vitamins, broth) for the last week of her life.
The active ingredients of these treatments are  S-methoprene and an organophospate (Tetrachlorvinphos)  in the same family as Sarin poison. These are both neurotoxins that that are designed to affect the nervous systems of insects and , sadly, any animals or humans that contact them. In fact, organophosphates are the leading cause of accidental poisoning in the world and is suspected of connections to numerous child and adult conditions in humans.
The labeling on the bottle might as well be non-existent. The warning is printed under a flap on the bottle that is virtually impossible to peel back… and the font is so small you can barely see it. Further, they give NO indication as to how lethal their product can be.
This product NEEDS to be in a box with a fully printed instruction sheet with warnings as to the dangerous poison it contains, with FULL disclosure as to the side effects, symptoms of overdose, etc… It also needs to contain information on an antidote.
I think it is criminal for a company to market such a dangerous product without any consideration to the damage it can do to animals, but also to people who may contact it.

It obviously does not take much to cause a severe and irreversible reaction!

TREATMENT AND ANTIDOTE:  I searched high and low to find something I could do to help my friend. If you get your pet to the vet soon enough, a shot of Atropine MAY help (according to the literature). After that the symptoms will progress as outlined above.  In humans it is possible to arrest the onset, but once the damage is done, it is not reversible. In pets I think the treatment is not available. The vets (I went to a second for another opinion) were somewhat stymied. Her reflexes were fine, she looked not too bad and was fairly alert with moments of disorientation. Even on her last day she was fairly aware of things.  Her blood panel was pretty normal, with a low red cell count (we ascribed to the fleas). The damage of this poison is to the nerves. It affects their ability to transmit and eventually the victim dies.

I was unable to find anything more on possible treatments. Please, if someone knows more than me, add it to the website.


Death to early

We had 3 cats and 1 dog at our house and now we just have 1 cat and 1 dog. Our story is very sad and no one else needs to go through it.
Yesterday we noticed a flea on one of our russian blues, we went to buy some flea controll, Hartz was the brand we decided to purchase. We get home and put the flea controll on all of our animals. Later on in the evening we started to noticed that our 2 russian blues were acting strange. There body movements were jerky, the face was twiching, there meow was weak. Shortly after they both started to have seizurs. At this point we decided to put down the 2 cats. We could not watch them suffer anymore. It was a horrible experiance and no one should have to deal with this kind of loss.
If I would have research this product and found this site we would never bought it.
This product should be taken off the store shelves so no one else have to suffer the lose that we endured last night. Hartzs need to change there packaging to say it may cause death if used. Right now all it says is that there might be some sensitivity to the product. To me that says nothing about death or the side effects that it may cause. Only if we would have know maybe our loved ones would still be with us.

R.I.P       Tika and Carneilius. You will always be in our hearts.

Too many to remember

I don’t have a personal story, but I just wanted to say that I am an RVT and have worked in a clinic for 9 years, I have seen neurological, skin and behavior reactions to these cheap flea products, some have resulted in death and some in permanent damage. There have been too many to count, it’s a tragedy that these products are on the market and so easy to buy. Something must be done. This page is a great start.

Sergeants Gold Flea and Tick treatment made my dog vomit uncontrollably

I found a few fleas on my dog yesterday so I went to the store and shopped for a flea treatment. The only choices at this store was Hartz or Sergents Gold. I chose Sergents Gold and came home and put the flea treatment on my one year old female Lhasa Apso, Zoey. It was around 3pm when I did this. Around 6pm I noticed that she was rolling on the floor whining. I thought that she just needed to go out side so I took her out. She was really figity and would lay down on the concrete. When she would get up I noticed the concrete was soaking wet where here mouth was. I looked at her and her mouth was filled with saliva and foam. I took her inside and she threw up. She tried to eat a little after this but she immediately threw up again. It was such a mess that I grabbed my phone and took her back outside so she could vomit in the grass. I tried to call my vet office but they were closed so I called the emergency vet hospital. They told me that if I could not get her to stop vomitting to bring her in. So I did. The drive took about 25 mins and the entire way there I heard my dog whine and bark like I have never heard before. I could tell that she was in pain and I felt horrible. As soon as we arrived and got out of the car she threw up again. Her vomitting was not normal like how a dog usually heaves and you can see thier body move as they are about to throw up. Her’s was just straight out of the mouth in a split second and thin she would be dripping saliva for the next few mins. I took her into the vet where again she threw up in the waiting room. They did a few tests on her and bathed her twice. The vet came and talked to me. She said that this is not uncommon for people who use Sergent Gold -AND- Hartz. She said that some of the symptoms are vomitting (as in my case), diarrhea, or seizures. They had to give her a fluid injection because she was so dehydrated, and they gave her meds to make the vomitting stop. This product is dangerous! It cost me $185 for the emergency vet vist and even more it put my poor dog in un-necessary pain. My boyfriend and I are trying to everything we can to get this off the market. Or at least warn people about it so they don’t have to go through what I went through with Zoey.

Sergeant’s Gold Flea Treatment should be boycotted

On July 11th, 2008, I purchased Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick treatment from Wal-Mart to treat a beginning flea issue with my 13 month old Chihuahua Weezy.  Weezy is the sweetest, most submissive dog ever.  Within an hour and a half of applying the solution per the manufacturer directions, Weezy became extremely distressed.  He began to run around maniacal, whimpering and yelping.  He would drop at my feet rolling in the carpets, rubbing against anything he could drop his backside against.  I immediately called the 800# on the back of the box to report and seek aid.  The operator suggested he “maybe suffering a reaction to the treatment and advised to give him a bath with Dawn, Joy or Palmolive dish detergent.  Weezy’s right ear and eye were extremely swollen, red and feverish.  The Sergeant’s agent said ‘usually” removal of the product with the dish detergent would relieve symptoms and proceeded to give me a claim number regarding the complaint/call.  The CSR (Customer Service Rep) also suggested that if symptoms persisted to have my pet see his vet immediately.
My daughter and I washed Weezy 3 times in a head to toe bath of Palmolive, in which during that time he stood unusually tolerant in the sink as if to say “Thank You” while his glazed over, sad eyes looked into mine.
My heart beat in sheer panic and heavily affected in his distress.  After bathing, drying and attempting to comfort Weezy, I applied a drop of milk into his eye in hopes of neutralizing the irritation.  I suppose that in addition to the excessive bathing and rinsing helped and the ear and eye irritation went down a little.  By this time it was 11pm, approximately 4 hours since the initial application and Weezy was still extremely agitated and anxious due to constant twitching, trembling, scratching, and crying. All through the night, he tossed and turned never able to rest for more than 5 minute increments.  I did not sleep at all that night. After hours of both of us tossing and turning, him trying to find comfort, and me in duress of trying to comfort him, Weezy finally jumped off the bed and went into the bathroom to sleep which was totally out of his nature.  He stayed there for over 2 hours.  My heart just ached for him.

At 6:30 am the next morning, I continued to call for him and he just looked at me with his still glazed over eyes.  He would not come.  When I left from the same room he came and sat between my feet, still twitching in agonizing distress.   At this point I called Sargeant’s Customer Service back to rage further complaint.  I was in tears.  They again told me that his reaction was “unusual” and should be seen by a Vet.

I wish I had read these posts before trying to save a penny.  Though my dog is priceless in value to me, I was simply trying to save a few dollars from the high cost of Frontline, Advantage, etc.  I cannot express the immense guilt I felt that in trying to save money, I expended this ridiculous pain and suffering onto my sweet baby.  He had done nothing but love me unconditionally and without any reservation, and here I was being cheap!

Without further hesitation I took Weezy to his Vet.  Upon examination, she assured me I had done the right thing (as I couldn’t’t help but feel I basically applied a poison to kill fleas and damn near killed my own lovable dog). She explained these OTC Flea Treatments are nothing but ‘’chemicals” and are designed to seize the central nervous system of the flea killing it on contact, but at the same time can cause severe reaction and complications in the animal.  Weezy was suffering from chemical toxicity due to the single application of Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick Treatment.  Weezy had a temperature of over 103 degrees, he was dehydrated, and in distress.  The good news: his heart rate was slow/normal and his gums were still pink, which according to the Vet were good signs.  Weezy was given a shot of corticosteroids and subcutaneous fluids to help re-hydrate and bring the fever down.  About 3 hours after treatment we finally got a pee-pee and bowel movement from him after almost 12 hours of nothing.  He also ate and took some water as the Vet said the steroids would cause him to be hungry and thirsty.

It is now almost 48 hours since the initial application of this blasphemous poison, and Weezy is for the most part back to his active normal, loving self.  He is still suffering from twitching and is still scratching ridiculously.  I am also observing him to be chewing and biting at his paws incessantly and am now concerned this may cause Hot Spots.  I will be following up with the Vet tomorrow regarding these lingering issues.  My only hope is Weezy will not suffer permanent issues from this poisonous crap, as I will be devastated.

After taking Weezy to the Vet, I did follow up with Sergeant’s Customer Service.  I submitted a claim that I wanted to be reimbursed for Vet costs.  The CSR asked me a series of questions and told me a list of things I would have to submit by mail to the company for a claim to be considered for reimbursement.  I will follow up actively, without hesitation, and will not cease to spread the word on the effects of this product.  I am without words in how I feel violated as a consumer, as well as the risk I subjected my beloved dog too,  The ability of Companies to manufacture such product’s that have factual  and detrimental health risks to animals.

This is without a doubt, considered to be, by me; inhuman and unlawful!

Should Sergeant’s decide not to compensate reimbursement for my Vet’s bill, as there is no price on my dog’s suffering, I will seek further action.  I would love to see a Class Action Lawsuit brought upon this company; with the least action being removal of these harmful products from the shelves.

I cannot even began to express how utterly shocked I was to Google this product’s adverse reactions and witness how many stories read just like Weezy’s.  My Sweet dog has no voice but through me, and I shall not rest without speaking mine for him.

Sent with compassion…

A caring dog mom…

Beware! Hartz 2 in 1 Flea & Tick Cat Spray

My neighbor’s cat had kittens over 3 months ago. They were unwanted and living under a porch, being fed scraps of human food. My family adopted one over a month ago. On June 28th another was found dead in the street. I decided to go ask for the others, despite not being able to keep them, to ensure they would find good, safe homes. They were so infested with fleas that we could not bring them into our home. I tried bathing them in dish soap, but that didn’t do any good. They seemed to be suffering so bad that I bought Hartz 2 in 1 Flea & Tick Cat Spray. The bottle says to not spray on cats under 12 weeks. The vet has told me that these cats are definitely over 12 weeks. I did not spray on the full dosage of around 26 sprays. I sprayed 10 or less on each. I then rubbed them off with towels to get any excess off. Then, despite them acting normal, something inside told me this stuff wasn’t good. At that time, I hadn’t heard anything about how bad Hartz is. Our family has always used flea collars and flea shampoo, so we trusted the company. I gave the kittens baths less than an hour after spraying them. I scrubbed them thoroughly, but that didn’t get all of it off. It appeared that one had diarrhea-like symptoms, but it was not bad and I thought it might be due to their change in diet. They acted perfectly normal. On July 1 my sister and I went out to take them for a walk. We took one out and he was slipping on the porch as he walked, as if walking on ice. His legs were falling out from under him. We took him on the grass and the same thing happened. I immediately knew it must have to do with the flea spray. I called the vet and was told I had to get them there asap or they would die, because “that stuff is like poison in a bottle.” We raced there. The cat with the symptoms could not walk very well at all, as if it was on some sort of drug or alcohol. They also believe it might have gone blind. The kittens are still at the vet now. That kitten is still having trouble walking. I am not sure if it has or will regain site. There will likely be long-term effects. I believe the only reason it looks like they are going to pull through is because we were able to get them to the vet before further, more severe symptoms developed. The vet told me that every over-the-counter flea/tick treatment is unsafe and should be banned! This means that HARTZ is not the only evil! Never buy over-the-counter flea products. On top of this, it usually does not kill the bugs. If you have a flea collar on any of your animals, take it off immediately. These products are also unsafe for humans and should not be in our homes.